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Obozocare Is Unconstitutional And Void
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Published: 9 years ago

Obozocare Is Unconstitutional And Void

I don't know if you know, but obozocare was written by the senate. You can go right here to the "government" site and see for yourself and click the first "read more" link you come to.

After clicking the read more link, you'll it says: "This is the Senate's health care bill. The bill started off with text regarding an unrelated matter but the Senate is co-opted this bill as a vehicle for passage of their reform and changed the text in whole to the health care bill. They do this because the Constitution requires all revenue bills to start in the House, and their health reform plan involves revenue. So they have chosen to work off of a bill that started in the House, even if that bill is unrelated."

So what these crooks did was take a unrelated House bill and "changed the text in whole to the health care bill." The house allowed this and passed it, so they are no better. This is like me writing a book about worms and the senate taking it and completely re-writing it and saying I wrote it since I wrote the book on worms. They think that upholds the Constitution since the bill started out in the House was completely changed into another bill by the senate. They fail to acknowledge the fact that the bill was no longer the bill the originated in the House and was originated in the Senate.

So anybody who voted yes on obozocare violated their oath to uphold the Constitution that says ALL revenue generating bills must originate in the House. And so did obozo when he signed it. This shows how there is no difference between dems and reps, and shows how they are all criminals. It is treason to impose or support another form of government.

Now this isn't all that's wrong with obozocare. There is a group called the North American Law Group who are ready to go after all these crooks and they have written up a 13 page brief on all the things they have found about obozocare that is illegal. You can read it at:

If you truly believe in and use natural healthcare, you need to support this group. They have dealt with the supreme court before. And the supreme court said these crooks can be sued over this if people are harmed, which everyone will at least be financially harmed by this. You can read the supreme court's ruling on obozocare at:

This whole thing is nothing more than an criminal extortion racket trying to control 1/7th of the economy for their gain & profit. It's time to stop these crooks! If you don't participate in this, you can't complain about this country going down the drain from this. There is the remedy.

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