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Dr. Cahill's Office....WOW
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Published: 10 years ago
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Dr. Cahill's Office....WOW I just got back from my visit with Dr. Cahill and I have to say that it is the MOST disgusting building/office/habitat that I have ever been in in my life. Yes, I said it. I have been to the most remote regions of the world and the teaching hospital in Kathmandu was much nicer and more modern than this. There are probably more pathogens in this guy's office alone than any other place on the planet.

YES - He (or someone) smokes in this office and the stench is OVERWHELMING.

YES - There is a coat of black soot/slime/dust on EVERYTHING (It was stifling and extremely difficult to breathe in due to the sickening smell).

YES - The people who work there look like prison escapees (one woman had a HUGE black eye).

YES - You will need to boil yourself and your clothes after you leave and may need Antibiotics .

NO - I cannot believe that this place is located on 5th avenue amongst some of the most prime realestate on the planet. How is this possible?

NO - There is NO computer in sight in the whole place.

NO - It is, in no way, considered charming.

If you want to imagine what it is like. Close your eyes, think of a Stephen King insane asylum that was closed about 150 years dilapidated that no one wanted to risk their health to go in and move out the rest of the furniture even......go to the basement....sit on a chair with a cowhide skin from 1940...and voila. There you have it.

The guy seems nice enough until he starts in on the books he wrote and the 65 countries he went to. The only question he asks of you is where you have been and this is only to provide a segway in which to talk about himself.

For $495.00 here is what you get:

1. 5 minutes with the doctor (one or two questions MAYBE - see above - NO general exam - vitals taken, etc).

2. Two tubes of blood drawn that will be going to "the hospital" for checking (included in the 5 minutes)

3. An anal swab (also included in the 5 minutes)

Imagine how stupid I feel after getting a rectal swab and then writing a check for $495??? Not good.

Oh wait....that does NOT cover the cost of the bloodwork so hope your insurance will pay for it otherwise you're out another good bit.

He told me he thinks I have parasites from the "redness" that he saw and to call tomorrow and walked out.

Whether he finds something or not I don't really care at this point. There is no excuse for running an operation in total squalor. What does it say that this man who is supposed to be an expert on germs exposes his patients to utter filth?

Surely I will call tomorrow and find out I have E.H. and that my husband now has to come in and pay the same amount of money to get "treated". God I hope not so I can just go on with my life and pretend I never saw that place.

Sorry to say this but if you think you have parasites and really want to see a doctor go somewhere else. Because if you didn't have parasites BEFORE you went to this doc you WILL after you leave!!!


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