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Need MH's guidance: parasite cleansing and overall body cleansing.
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Published: 10 years ago

Need MH's guidance: parasite cleansing and overall body cleansing.

I am new to this forum so please forgive me because I have posted this in the parasite sections. I did not realize that I could specifically post it in MH's "Ask Barefoot" section. I really feel as though I need MH's help and guidance because of his knowledge. Everyone on this forum is amazing.

Let me give you a background: I'm only 20. I have MTHFR (genetic mutation, dont make methionine, glutathione, SAM-e) and 4G/5G allele mutation, pilonidal cyst, cyst in the middle of my chest, horrible cystic acne, depression, anxiety, "IBS" (ha thanks america doctors you're a huge help), constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, Epstein Barr Virus, constant STYES in my eyes (mostly left), terrible bloating 24/7, easy weight gain, lethargy, exhaustion, and I'm sure a hormone imbalance. All my life I've eaten the SAD, and when I was younger I was largely overweight and would binge-eat Quaker Chewy Bars and frozen TV dinners along with anything else that gave me a rush. Last year when I got EBV my LFT's were through the roof and usually are elevated. I was so sick because of a friend's really dirty house (fleas, mold, never cleaned in many years, HORRIBLE.) grandma had a brain tumor(possible parasite?) and leukemia, everyone in fam dies from cancer, mom has terrible psychological problems and many parasites I'm sure. I was born with a cataract and asthma and was colicky all my childhood with horrible gas. she gave me soy formula. lovely. 2 years ago I took birth control and doxycycline (don't ask, I was still the puppet of my doctor) and got Erythema Nodosum all over my legs and "needed" steroids but didnt take em.

I have knocked the supplements I usually take to keep me going to only 400mg of SAM-e. I need it for methylation (my MTHFR defect) and depression, at least until I can repair some of the DNA that the fluoride I've been drinking for years has ripped apart and fix my methylation cycle in my brain. (First question: can I still take my 400mg dose of SAM-e while I cleanse? I have been...)

I need some serious guidance on my parasite cleanse. I have done The Master Cleanse about 5-6 months ago and although it is supposed to be a bowel/colon cleanse, I felt as though I had a blockage and not enough was coming out. Most of it was black sludge or would just come out in small spurts of mucus. I did not have any "aha" moments, and though I lost a lost of weight, my acne remained almost worse and my digestion was still off.

Then, about 2 weeks ago from reading the posts here I began to learn about DISTILLED WATER (thanks to MH and thanks to Andrew Norton Webber via his website and youtube.) THEN I learned about PARASITES. Everything started to make sense.

On my third day of drinking distilled water, without even trying a parasite cleanse yet, I had small kidney bean shaped off white egg-looking things in my stool. Some would float to the top. Hello eggs! Andrew Norton Webber says distilled water will pull out pathogens/parasites/any bacteria etc because those are all positively charged beings and the water is negatively charged. Sure, to a certain extent it definitely pulled out the eggs and showed me I had a problem but after discovering MH's writing and Hulda's book I understand I need to undergo a full-body organ cleanse.

I ordered the green black walnut hull tincture, Wormwood capsules, and clove capsules from (I now regret that and wish I had gone with Humaworm or Clarkia but oh well.) Fortunately, it is working, because I have had HEAVY LARGE stools even though I'm not eating much, and have found more eggs, larvae, some really tiny skinny worms (REALLY tiny) and LOTS of orangey red tomato skin liver flukes. Hooray. I'm only on Day 4, which is 1 tsp of GBWalnutHull tincture, 2 wormwood capsules, and 3 sets of 3 clove capsules. I also take L-Ornithine at night and when I wake up at 6 am from not being able to sleep. The ammonia headaches are KILLING ME! I drink at least 4 liters of distilled water a day.

I am also wearing Don and Carol Croft's terminator II zapper 24 hrs a day (since October 5th, a day after I started the parasite cleanse).

Here's my questions:
1) Am I doing enough? Should I be doing a Bowel Cleanse alongside the parasite cleanse?
2) Instead of a full-on bowel cleanse, should I help my colon facilitate parasite removal by doing Salt Water Flushes every morning (when I can?)
3) Should I do enemas? (scared, never done it)

and my most important question:

4) I was feeling great until yesterday. I developed a HUGE stye in my left eye, and severe acne all over my face, scalp even, back, etc. Is this die-off?? Is this OK? Is the stye a sign of the toxins leaving? When will this go away? Also having non-stop nightmares.

If you read all of this, THANK YOU. If you can answer my questions and give me ANY OTHER ADVICE and guidance please, please do so. Thank you again so much.

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