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Published: 7 years ago
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Candida is only one of the many saprophytes that can overwhelm any body, specially with some/any compromise within immune system. If not put into immediate check, candida over run the entire body --over the long-run! If not partially put under control, other communal invaders of the blood-traveling types could easy take up permanent residency within any major organ in the body! To agree with any medical “incompetence types" or just neglect such aggressive INVADERS within infected body, said persons will soon be joining AMERICA'S WALKING DEAD (People that have lost all sense of Well Being).


This is an update about taking blood root for the long-run! The immediate results are a 90% self-cure from candida without collecting a list of doctors and their billings in the mailbox. There is enough free “ how to” information below to accomplish the same 90% freedom from candida yourself!


I have been taking 2 doses of blood root 450mg each day, for 8 months. I changed the dosage to taking 3 doses each day just 5 months ago. I am now taking 4 pills, daily, for the next 5 months. Why? Well i got such a low count of candida in my last sugar-jar test, that it makes sense to increase one more pill of blood root daily. I have lost most of my fear of taking blood root the long-run now, for i have been taking it daily for over a year (see latest beesting,candida letters at curezone on how I will kill candida in my entire body with just one more herbal powder called, artemisia annu!).

inserted dec 2013 update regarding taking blood root long term [see below]

I took the sugar-jar test via mouth wash technique 15 September2013 and again 31 October 2013 and now December 2013. The reading for candida was positive three times, but Oct 31 and Dec 23 even less. The last was so small amount of spore/colony formation that i could hardly witness the test being DE CLARED a failure.

All my sugar-jar tests are repeated the same way-- for complete instructions check //

beesting, candida letters if this information is of interest. Even so, the three tests were positive for candida just the same!

In other words, I had white cloudy masses floating at base of jar after little stirring. Yep, proof I still continue with candida within my saliva glands (the 10% of candida infection not cured yet).

1. The good news: candida does not have MAJOR CONTROL within any other organs attached to my digestive tract (for complete instructions about piss-in-bottle testing procedure keywords are: beesting,candida letters within //!

1A. Currently my mouth's saliva glands are with living colonies of candida. I am hoping to win a final victory or “total kill” of candida living within body soon. To make this claim I must prove it, by getting two negative tests at the same time: a negative sugar-jar test (no living spores being produced within saliva glands), and a negative two-fold test results with a piss-in bottle procedure: that urine must be clear (not cloudy) and that no gas is released after tightened lid is opened -- the very next day early!

Yes, it is true I am still infected with candida within my saliva glands, which means saliva outflows going inwards (down throat) and outwards onto my facial skin (during sleeping hours) are still occurring!

More great news here: none of these nightly out-pourings of candida spores within my saliva can take physical “steadfast” within body. Nor develop into thriving full grown colonies within my body! Nor establish long-term “steadfast” outside my body! Why? For I am taking encapsulated blood root daily for one reason! Second, I am taking MgCl internally to kept my digestive tract whistle clean (free of clinging unprocessed animal greases within). And finally, I am performing daily “facial wipes” (or body wipes) of a mixture MgCl and Blood Root, an liquid infusion! For instruction of the latter process see below:

1B. It appears the use of Magnesium chloride internally (15ml to 20ml nightly) and outwardly in the form of facial wipes of 6% concentration -- PLUS NIGHTLY FACIAL CREAM (ANY WOMEN'S OLD SKIN TISSUE REMOVING SYSTEM) gives me added protection from aggressive candida spores out-floatings taking hold (see its makeup keywords: beesting,curezone,candida.


1.C.To complement this MgCl 6% solution (used for many years) I am now adding blood root to this infusion -- as facial/body wipe to disable resistant saprophyte holding “steadfast” to skin barrier surfaces (reddening spots).

1D. This is the makeup formula:
a. I mix blood root powder, about ½ teaspoon in a normal coffee cup sized container (1/2 full of purest water possible).
b. Add both above to pan to be boiled for about 2 minutes. Turn heat off!
c. Pour heated above mixture into a much larger plastic beaker with coffee filter attached via rubber band (to hold filter covering entire beakers opening)
d. note: the filter must be placed in jar deeply, so entire content of blood root/hot water mixture can be held within).
e. Wait several hours, to next day, until filter mud-like solids of blood root, then transfer beaker's content to a smaller clean glass container with lid.
d. Before closing container's lid, add equal volume of 6% MgCl liquid and place into refrigerator (consume within 10 days).
f. When taking prepared infusion from container, take only small amounts placed into open hand. Always use clean plastic spoons (no metal spoons) to drop liquids into palm of hand. Close lid and return to refrigerator.

1E. This is how I apply MgCl/Blood Root infusion mixture to my outer-skin barrier:
a. With a small amount of liquid dropping into my opened hand, I apply immediately to body parts. In the case of facial wipes: upon my entire upper skull zone (hair zone).
b. To frontal facial zone and neck and then both entire arms (later on to my entire outer skin barrier)!

Why do I add equal amounts of MgCl to herbal tincture? The Magnesium particle is most wanted by the body, and will take it into body even through the skin! Also, MgCl is inorganic and herbals are organic collectively: thus one helps the group enter into the skin barrier together!

Please note: when you add equal amounts by volume, the 6% MgCl goes down to 3%. I have used this before, but prefer a final 6% content when making this infusion. I prefer not to boil MgCl in the infusion, so I need to add MgCl crystals to the final infusion mixture in plastic container, but after filtering process has been completed! Here is how to do that: buy MgCl crystals (human grade) and Blood Root from or other favorite herb online seller. You will need a scale of 0.1 accuracy such as PRO-20A (ebay for about $20). If 30 grams in 500ml of water equal 6% MgCl concentration, Then in 100ml of infusion liquids of blood root powders, I should put 1/5 of 30 grams to get my 6% concentration (therefore 6 grams is added to 100ml).


1F. I do not get many outbreaks of candida on face these days, even so, sometimes aggressive candida spores do take hold – form their “steadfast” on my outer skin (evidence is redden patches developing with single layers dead tissues peeling off skin). Therefore, I need to first scrub clean these “steadfast” zones or areas with aggressive rubbing! The redden surfaces always stick out!


They will grow into larger colonies, once established these infestations will burrow down deep into all connective tissues below. In a few days the resulting are huge outer-skin eruptions with very deep and most painful open -type sores!

I have stopped these infestations in the past, but never studied the procedure for the long-run. I think the below facial/body mask is the best answer for my needs! I have only been with this procedure a month or so, but the results are very encouraging! After only 3 nightly of applications, in a roll, I got rid of all my persisting reddened facial spots, and even older injured-type tissues on my face. I seem to be back in control for the long-run.


The mask mixture is blood root with aloe vera plant liquids (plant pulp is shredded via a cheese grater fine cut to separate the liquids from pulp) brushed on top. I believe this mud-pie mask disables even the most aggressive candida outbursts upon any outer skin surfaces of said victim.

Here is how I make/apply it:
1. Put onto a small dish (side of plate) a spatula or tiny spoon worth of blood root powder.
2. Then in center of plate (lower level to blood root on side of dish) I put the the liquid part of the aloe vera plant.
3. Remember, I have washed face before. Now onto redden dry skin apply a finger mixing of both dry blood root powder and aloe vera liquid (about mud pie consistency).
4. Rub the mixture onto face until your face looks like a “mask of mud” was applied on it! Let it dry.
5. Then with a fine brush, paint onto face (avoid eye zones) clear liquid of aloe vera. Let dry.
6. Repeat a few times so blood root gets moved about and thinned out too over reddened zones. Please note: I am doing entire face to test out, over the long run, how useful this process really is for my situation!
7. Let the mixture stay on face for 2 hours for 3 times per week.
8. then wash "mud-pie" mixture off and allow to dry.

Please note: This part of experiment is very new to me, and it will take a few months to prove-out its useful! Currently, I am measuring the “sensitivity” of blood root powder “mud-pie” mixtures upon facial tissues.

a. time frame is important: apply for 2 hours maximum
b. once mask is removed with soap and water, the infusion mixture of blood root and MgCl is applied.
c. If the stinging sensation upon skin surfaces is for about 20 minutes and sensation is evenly distributed throughout applied mask zone, this is all good news!
d. In reality the mud-pie mask is acting more like an old facial skin remover, as in facial skin removal cream system. But I suspect it is doing much more – it is killing the saprophytes within the skin barrier itself!

The bad news: candida is still living within my saliva glands (less in force, but still breeding yeast cells for easy entry into digestive tract on a nightly basis). This can not continue much longer for candida is too close to other major tissues living within my skull!

Even though I feel much better in taking blood root encapsulated powder, I continue to test with other herbs! Besides blood root powders (450mg capsule size #0 full three times a day). I am taking these herbs to prove prostate enlargement ITS REDUCTION is possible over the long-run. I am taking these doses three times a day too:

1. Fo-ti root powder (560mg full) X 2,
2. Dandelion root powder (350mg full) X 1,
3. Passion flower powder (250mg full) X 1,
4. Nettle root powder (350mg full) X 1

It is important to understand I am taking these additional powders for another reason! To prove I can reduce size of my enlarge prostate gland (stage 2) without the presence of any doctor and his cutting and blood letting ways!

Also, please note I have been taking passion flower capsules for well over 1 year already. I added nettle root powder to prove or dis-prove its benefit to the reduction of prostate gland enlargements. I am taking dandelion root powder to hopefully help in getting rid of older tissue cells that are hanging onto their life-cycle too long. Finally, Fo-ti has its own history online, and i hope it too can give my body some help over the long-run. Please do your own searches to be sure for your situation, regarding these listed herbs!

My next step, to help empower blood root with more force in the blood stream, is barberry root powder (another strong herb like blood root)! I will order barberry powders soon ( I must be careful on its use along with blood root), and hope to get most useful results against my remaining candida infection.

In conclusion, once candida infection over whelms the body defenses it gets a whole lot worse for the person to live a normal life. For example, other invaders begin to work on the body called lichens (another type of saprophyte). Eating away both outer skin layers and mucus membranes throughout the entire digestive tract. Basically, saprophytes live off their victims without killing them [at least that is their initial plan (apart) when consuming both living and dying tissues]!

But when several saprophytes are put into competition with each others' available sugar-based energies (BODY FLUIDS) and even other incoming-type invaders begin attacking the body (liken to a shark feast surrounding a floating whale body for example), the story does change to a greedy position for all are saying “I was here first.” In other words, the victim becomes just another limited energy source to feed on – even till death doeth we part!

This is why candida and other saprophyte invaders must be put under control or killed on the spot! It is much better to take control of these invaders, so other invaders (especially the blood consuming type invaders) do not gain easy access into the “infected” body, then just wait for some dreaming doctors' quick fixes for a fee! Yes, you have money, insurance, but you have only one body.

Letting doctors experiment with saprophyte-infected patients will only allow these doctors an experimental benefit – if they are even capable of useful benefits towards their candida infected patients!

I was with such a patient being experimented on by three doctors and a dentist no less, in January 2013! I called her two days ago -- her reply to my comments: but my doctors are all licensed you are only an old retired engineer!

I told her i have two proven tests and can prove my entire body is free of candida or even lichenoids (fungus and algae groups living together). Except for the saliva glands (my remaining infection site on body), I do have major control over these types of invaders impacting my body parts: within and outside.

Remember the skin barrier is just one big organ of the body. This means there are lots of places to attack, dig in and set up festering colonies (as if attacked victims are trees, rocks and other stuff like "the walking dead" or laying-down dead types corpuses still worth consuming off of)!

I hope she takes my comments more seriously, for she has been infected for many years now, and no relief in site, except $1000 dollar billings (out of her pocket), each visit, from her licensed saprophytic-type doctors!

After hanging up with her (our phone call together), I did feel a little shell shocked over the event. Was she fair in her judgement, were my after thoughts? After all I only have two degrees, both stuffed somewhere in a drawer! Whereas doctors often have their degrees "dripping" off their office walls everywhere. If I did weight my two degrees, maybe the scale would weigh out a total of 20 grams of educated wisdom. YES, Obviously she was right – doctors degrees and misc papers "hanging about" must weight in at 1 pound an half of medical "paperwork" in total weight! Maybe I had better write her next time.


p.s.1. Update to taking blood root powders in #0 sized capsules. I have been taking blood root for the long run and continuously, for I can not find anything more useful in killing misc.-types of invaders of the saprophytic kind! This herb is powerful and not to be taken internally without caution (please do your own reading up online regarding blood root)!

If one does try to read online, useful reports about taking blood root -- for the long run, well there is very little information period. The really bad advice regarding the taking of blood root is with liquids, say orange juice etc. This is not advisable by any standard of safety, and I do consider this type information more mis-information coming from third parties types of all kinds! Blood root must be taken with caution!

Blood root powders in dry form will kill on contact all mucus-membranes tissues encountered, and it is serious business if this happens even once within mouth or downstream within digestive tract! I have been taking blood root powers in pill form, and within the middle of eating each major meal of the day! This is still useful method of taking blood root powders in capsule form (never take blood root powers within any liquids without being pre-packaged within capsules).

Because I am taking encapsulated blood root three times a day, I often need to take blood root outside a regular meal of the day. Of course, I have discussed the morning meals of oatmeal for example as being the best! It is still the case. But I have stumbled upon a special version of the oatmeal breakfast: oatmeal soaked in milk over night stored within refrigerator! What a great option to cooking oatmeal, and I can eat this prepared meal anytime in the day. In fact, this is how I take blood root encapsulated pills I make myself! I am currently, taking in blood root three times a day, and the morning and evening events are with milk soaked oatmeal prepared over night!

1. I fill the glass cup with oatmeal and add ample milk and then store in refrigerator for use next day!
2. I put soaked oatmeal (not cooked) into a small bowl and add a flavored yogurt (about 200 grams).
3. I then add a little more cold milk to mixture, sometimes real fruit, and mix lightly and eat.
4. I take the pills (misc. herbs and blood root all encapsulated) in the middle of this tiny meal.

In conclusion, often people DE CLARE they are writing based from their own experiences. Believe me, most are just paste ups of stuff online or just made up. all my letters at curezone are my first-person reports.

I have "taken not" nor "pasted not" any online stuff here. Please consider these letters serious and useful, as coming from one who is "wishing not" to "suffer not."

Finally, I have been posting misc. information at //
for many years and over the internet since 2006 (see keywords: beesting, curezone, peyronies).

p.s.2. It is best here I discuss the taking of blood root daily , and soon be its co-partner herb-root powder (barberry) in my quest to killing candida within entire body! Blood root has limits to amounts taken the long run, and that “useful” information does not exit anywhere online! The doctors do not know either, for they are limited to manufactured medicines, due to lawsuits from patients and insurance companies.

A perfect example is a lawsuit involving a truck driver with advanced Arthritis (claw hand), blaming a well known brand of truck makers, that the steering wheel did cause his claw hand and extreme arthritic deformed hands to develop aggressively. So it is difficult for doctors, even with herbal experience, to help their patients for the long-run. I say “long-run” repairing is often just that – little results for the long-run to both the doctors' services and their patients wear and tear!

With above said, for this reason I am doing some experimenting. on myself, but as cautiously as possible. I am not saying herbal medicines are with little effect or weak and not with danger! For all the herbs listed in this letter, only blood root is to be taken with caution, and soon barberry root powders will need to be taken with caution too.

I began taking blood root in liquids and had a very bad time with my stomach for doing so. I changed to taking blood root in #0 sized capsule of blood root (only one per day). Then months later I began taking 3 blood root pills each day, but and with daily caution. It appears my body has become accustomed to taking larger doses of blood root on a daily basis.

At this point I do not want to take more blood root into the body. Why? Well, my piss in the bottle test proved negative at just one #0 capsule of blood root per day. Which means all organs attached to digestive tract are free of established candida colonies within. Only spores are being released/passed through the digestive system (on a daily basis) via the still infected saliva glands. So it is very possible to be 90 percent free of candida in the body with just the taking of one #0 capsuled blood root pill per day. That is three times less, then I am taking right now!

So why am I taking 3 pills of blood root daily? Well I still believe that over time the candida in my saliva glands will give up their established colonies within, or at least get sick enough for the immune system to go into the glands and kill them all within gland!

Also, I prefer my healthy living tissues reproducing, their own kinds within body, and not allow “graveyard-type" feeding organisms of any kind to consume any part of my body -- before my time to be put under!

p.s.3. My inserted blood root “good news” for Jan 2014 here: I have discovered, yep by accident, a better use of blood root doses taken each day and for the long-run. Yes I have been taking blood root pills (450mg each) for well over 15 months continually. The doses have been increasing over this same time frame; 1 per day first 4 months or so, then increased to 2 per day for several months further and so on. If I look backwards at this “increased dosage” timeframe, [looking backwards] I have for the last 2 months taken been taking 4 pills per day, and 3 pills per day for about 8 months earlier.

The “sad news” there is no first-person reports about taking blood root for the longterm. So I basically have done the testing on myself. I actually feel much better, for doing so. Why? For I am at a new level or state of “well being,'” due to my self-experiencing!

The “good news” is that I have been taking 2 pills (2 X 450mg) in the morning and another 2 pills late night time – and I feel much better for doing so. The taking of 4 pills was not an easy choice, for I have a little fear of taking blood root for such a long timeframe. Even so all has been worth it.

Because facial eruptions of candida has been a side problem for me I developed a facial wiping system using blood root in an infusion form (1 teaspoon of blood root in 2 minute boiling water, then used coffee filter to remove the solids from infusion) adding 6 percent Magnesium Chloride crystals to infusion (see details in latest letters at curezone: beesting,candida). The facial wiping process did offset any candida eruptions or reddening on facial skin, quickly.

The very exciting news here is that these facial wipes basically stopped, or were not a night “cleaning” event for me anymore. On top of this good news, my recent sugar-jar testing for candida in saliva glands and mouth practically failed!

This has never happened before, for always my saliva glands have been infected over the years. But now the story is changing – saliva glands are beginning to clear up – be free of candida colony formations.

I suspect, this new state of 'well being' is being experienced within me, only due to the taking of a larger dose of blood root, two times a day.

This is only explantation I can come up with. If true it proves blood root's half-life, it timeframe in blood system/body fluids is now staying much longer-then when I was taking smaller doses! 1 gram of it at a time seems to be the answer to impacting candida in the body, but over the long-run! Even so, the taking of 2 pills each ( 1 gram at a time), seems to be about my limit for the next many months.

Also, remember I make my own blood root pills from pure blood root powders bought from herbal sellers in America only. I put the powder in capsules, size “o” and by a "the pill machine" I bought on The filled pills are and stored in tighten jars and put in a very dry place!

Never buy any form of black salves from anyone, on this planet, no matter how much indian dancing they pitch you online! Blood root is a very powerful medicine [just keep the medicine men out] so be careful, and study up before putting blood root in your body for the long-run!

Be safe.


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