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Re: Infected Root Canal Symptoms I experienced
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Infected Root Canal Symptoms I experienced

Linda, your symptoms were so similar to the ones I sufferered. I sympathize with you, and I can so relate to your story more than you know . I suffered physically, and emotionally way beyond what I ever thought in my life I would be able to endure. The physical suffering is so far beyond, what anyone can imagine. Everyday of your life becomes focused on the overwhelming physical symptoms, and trying to figure out ways to decrease or eliminate the symptoms. As your doing this new symptoms arise, so require medical attention. Your life soon becomes consumed with finding the cause. The symptoms are acute and relentless, you weaken on every level as time moves forward. Everyday I wished I would not wake up and that God would show me mercy by allowing a peaceful ending.

If I could back to the beginning of this illness I would of taken the fastest track to understanding the cause and going straight to the cure. I would cut through, all the ER an urgency care visits, all the waste of time, money, energy seeking answers from 70 or so doctors that were totally clueless. All the specialist I saw seemed dumbfounded. I even flew out of the country seeking answers. I'm a pretty strong type of person and I knew what I had was very real. I literally had hundreds of tests I had the LYME test seven times, always negative one band was positive it reflected peridontal disease, but how come the MD did not put that together. Dental issues infections , can look like Lyme, Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and many other illnesses .

I was offered all types of pills to sedate me along the way , but I refused their silly pills. I wanted to be clear headed as possible to find the cause and cure for what was going on we did hire a investigative biochemist scientist who pointed us in the direction of cavitation expert. .

I did take naturopathic meds, and chinese herbs to help decrease some of my symptoms . Chinese herbs were the most helpful for me.

According, to Weston Prices root canals are slowly dripping virulents strains, into your body and in my case this dripping was making me death bed sick, and it was eating at my jaw bone and all the toxins were going into the body effecting other organs it generally goes for your heart. I was having heart issues. Anyhow, Price has well documented cases about 3000 please read, root canal Coverup it is a great book

There is also a case of a women in Korea, she had a cardiac diagnose, Congestive Heart Failure the symptoms are pretty intense she had this for 10 years. She was sent to doctors to try to figure out the cause, they did a direct resonace test and found an infected site from her wisdom tooth extraction 10 years ago this person was almost totally disabled by this. The dental site was cleaned out and she was put on Antibiotics and within a few weeks all her symptoms were gone, she was cured after 10 years! The irony is she was married to a dentist.

How many people are suffering with serious health issues that could easily be cured by seeing the right dental specialist? I wonder that now.

If you are suffering from and illness and the cause is unknown I would look at dental

root canal infections made me death bed sick, I'm living proof that root canal can make you sick, The ER could not help me , so don't count on receiving medical help from medical doctors, the reason this is the case is because they are NOT educated in how to recognize the sign and symptoms of this or even test for it. I actually felt sorry for them I knew all those specialist and all those MD wanted to have answer, but the poor doctors did not have any answers. This is a multiple organ, multiple symptoms and systemic infection. It is low level sepsis . There is a specialized toxicity level test that is available that you can request so MD may not have heard of it . Doctors really need to be educated in this right away to help people end their suffering.

BONE INFECTION ARE MEDICAL EMERGENCIES the MD's know that, except when it is in hidden in your jaw . I had necrotic jaw bone NOT, captured on MRI, ultrasound, digital x-ray, high powered panoraminic x-ray and thermagraphy all of these tests were useless. I saw three holistic dentists an three oral pathologist they found nothing wrong.

If I had this knowledge when I first got sick my first appointment would of be a cavitat ultrasound or 3-D micro magnification test , IR Laser Infrared Digital Thermometer can see them on on Ebay for reasonable cost, A bio- meridan or dermal skin testing. I guess another way is just to pinch the area along the jaw line, but who knows is this is accuarate way to access .

I think I might just forget the test and just pay to hire a cavitation specialist dentist which took a micro magnified digital x ray which helped the x-ray showed gutta percha left behind from a procedure which I had problems with after a bone graft. I had fistula develope at the site, three dentist believed it was fine, my MD knew it was an infection the body was pulling the infection away to release pressure .An oral surgeon opened up the site and it was infected. But again the x-ray still did not show the infection. So this story illustrates hat bone grafts may cause infection and three dentist were wrong in their opinions.

The cavitation specialist is aware that jaw bone infections and other infections may not be detected on x-ray . I consulted with cavitations expert and then Each extraction site was opened up and NOW you can visibly see the source of the problem. He can see if the bone graft is infected and see if your jaw bone is infected.
I had two bone grafts that my body was rejecting both were infected and I had a jaw bone infection, my jaw bone was mushy, the infected part was grinded away and the bone was scrape clean of the infection, and sterlized .

After going through this for 2 1/2 years I had been working with an integrative MD and nautropathic doctor to help me drain my organs of toxins, attack the infection , and also help rebuild and restore the systems back to full and complete health. I also found a seasoned person at the health store that has been a wealth of knowledge.

IMPORTANT, I also made sure that they sent all the infected dental stuff that is removed to a pathology lab this will identify what type of specific strains that are now loose in the body or effecting the organs. This information is very crucial in helping the doctor prescribe the right medications to decimate the toxic strains. I also choose a natural anti-biotic it is gentler on your system. I had be sure that they used a pathology lab that is covered by my insurance.

I certainly hope that this information helps someone.


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