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Passing along a new idea that I am trying, for a beloved pet cat suffering from an oral growth.
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Published: 6 years ago
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Passing along a new idea that I am trying, for a beloved pet cat suffering from an oral growth.

Hi everyone:

My husband and I are big cat lovers. Currently we have five, all rescues, three directly from the street.

They suffer from various ailments and in particular, my beloved Pun, who is 14 years old, hasn't been eating. I took her to my vet, a nice guy who is very honest and caring but isn't particularly holistic in outlook. He showed me a growth in her mouth.

He said it was hard to test cats because even with the biopsies the samples were sometimes too small, and cutting an invasive cancer would make it worse (if it is cancer - we are not sure).

I called the local vet college who has a good reputation for new therapies, and made an appointment. But I didn't feel good about it so I started researching on the web.

I found an article in which a homeopathic doctor recommended that the the cat be provided with an optional bowl of water with the recommended cancer - addressing homeopathic formulas (he used Natrum Muriaticum, Thuja Occidentalis, and Calcarea Carbonica).

He recommended the cat have access to fresh untreated water as well at all times, and the freedom to choose between.

I have another cat who has been suffering from a very deep ringworm infection (poor thing was thrown in a dumpster at 3 weeks old). He's getting better over time, and is healthy and vibrant, but there is still some infection. He had a bright red ring around his gums - his teeth are healthy and he is only 2 years old - when I adopted him. Now the red ring is faded on one side and is only pink in color on the other side. :)

So to make a long story short, I have now 4 bowls of water lined up for my babies that I change to be fresh daily. One is plain and untreated. One has a few sprays of Colloidal Silver . One has a tab of miconazole in it (this is medication used for internal ringworm infections - ringworm is actual a bacteria not a worm).

Finally, I have a bowl with the homeopathic medicines.

Well the reason I am writing is that it is 3 days later, and I am pretty much dumbfounded. The cat with the ringworm is the only one that has touched the miconazole water - he puts his paws in it. He's done this twice when I was there.

My baby Pun with the oral growth is the only one I have seen drinking the water treated with the homepathic remedies.

No one has touched the Colloidal Silver but I think I may have purchased an inferior brand. I'm replacing it with something better (sovereign silver).

My baby Pun is doing better. Her appetite is much, much better, although it does ebb and flow. I'm giving her PetAlive and also researching other options.

Just wanted to pass this along to other pet moms and dads - I'll keep you posted.

But I am amazed at how simple, easy and more importantly, validated this approach is !!

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