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Re: organic bedding stopped back ache!!!!
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: organic bedding stopped back ache!!!!

Wool, cotton, etc. have been long time favorites of many authors on health, they are all better than the synthetics...

I guess the manufactur wants the customer to believe his little sheepy are "organic".

The hair of the sheep and all animals contains the poisons of that sheep, all the heavy metals and things that sheep had to rid its self of if it wanted to be healthy and no matter what they do to that wool, the parasites are wanting to eat it up and wool is famous for being ate up "UNLESS" strong chemicals are sprayed on the wool to poison it enough to slow the dissolving process down.

Then you have the vibration thing? Your sleeping on a dead animal, the wool is vibrating like all live & dead things are vibrating and those vibrations are against your head 8 hours a night and possibley the reason your sleeping sounder.

I would have to choose cotton over a dead sheep, the sheep may be alive, but his hair is dead and you have the dead part in your bedroom. Dead cotton is a plant, we humans live in partnership with plants and the vibrations from cotton would be much healthier than the vibrations from an animal in my opinion based on what I have read.

No mater what, your still a step above sleeping on synthetics and hopefully the pillow case is made from pure cotton.......

This not a personal post, so don't take the comments personal, actually never take a post personal, we only chit chat here.

My guess'es why sleeping on "organic" dead sheep hair:

1. it was "organic" the mind believes it is better, there for it makes the body feel better.

2. it was expensive, if it cost more, there for it must be better!!!!

3. my guess is the advertiser was wise to use the mental sign of selling products and mentally the person is brain washed into believing and there for, they do have a better nights sleep.

An example: Clarkia, they play on the Dr. Hulda Clark name, they charge the most, they make claims that just a little will deworm an adult, the only thing they are lacking is "organic" and maybe I have missed that part.. The people buy it because they believe Dr. Clark indorses it, because it cost the most, so they believe in their $$$ and they got hooked on wrong advise about the dose to remove worms. This all makes zero differance to them, because they BELIEVE and the BELIEF has made them happy customers, to the tune of over 200 customers an hour or maybe thousands per hour world wide.

I could say my herbs used in my dewormer are all organic, they are in the truest sense, wildcrafted being better than organic raised. I can truthfully say the herbs I use are all reccomended by Dr. Hulda Clark herself, because they are all listed in her books, I could sell the formula as a Clark formula and charge more than Clarkia does and people would believe that because it cost more, my formula surely must be better and buy it!!!!

I would rathur just show the pictures of the worms that do come out when the dewormer herbs are consumed and state the large doses it takes to acheive such results and let the customer learn to make his own or if he wishes to purchase from us at a fraction of the price Clarkia charges for their stuff that taste badly compared to our formula. Our formula is so far superior to clarkia's; the info I use dates back before Clark was even born.

My only point being many things are all advertising hype and to date I have never seen anything advertised as "organic" that I have liked yet. When I see a sign that says stop by and eat fresh self-picked "ORGANIC" fruit, then I will be a happy camper and trust such a person selling REAL ORGANIC human foods.

The sad thing, I will presume when this company is done with their little happy organic raised sheep, they then sell their dead carcus as "organic" raised meat. I doubt they feel very happy when a steal bolt is shot through their heads or a little electric shock, etc. Who knows, maybe they organically kill them the old fashioned way with a sledge hammer???

Again, take nothing personal, I will say the same about anything "ORGANIC" because I think anyone using organic as a sell pitch is a rip off.


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