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Root Canal Infected Symptoms

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Published: 7 years ago
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Root Canal Infected Symptoms

My Dental infection caused: dizziness nausea, blurred vision, shortness of breath, heart palpitations , stiff neck & shoulders, fatigue, dry heaves rash, weight loss, and pressure feeling in my stomach, wheezing, major brain fog and major weight loss. I was in wheel chair for two day and one day my foot swelled up.

Dental issues maybe related to sinus infection so that had to be ruled out . I saw over 50 doctors and they could not find out the cause.

I had non contrast two head MRIs, panoramic, high resolution Cat scan and dental x-ray all negative they saw nothing. I know that a MRI with contrast make things stand out more, and I do know that the radiologist called my doctor from imaging and had it out for not using contrast. The reason my doctor refrains
is that that radioactive tracer have been found to remain in the brain, but when your super ill well you might take your chances. Some studies have shown that this is safe.

Anyhow, the infection causes inflammation and the inflammation puts pressure on the nerves of the whole face ear, and the optic nerves may be involved .I've even read of someone that was slurring their words when they spoke from an root canal infection due to nerve pressure. The other thing I was told is that the nerves of your teeth can wrap over the top of your head so that is why it tooth ache really hurts like hell besides the infection itself.
Find an expert cavitation dentist or at the least consider EAV
Some people that cannot afford dental care here a friend of mine when to Mexico GRAND HOTEL
4558 Agua Caliente Blvd
Tijuana, Mexico
(Located in the Atrium in front of the main dining room.they have a cab that will pick you up and take at the border

Here is the thing when I was in a clinic in Mexico for immune boast all these people from the states were there in fact they are used to clinic are accustom to having drivers running people across to the border to pick up patients it is really quite a thing to see. How sad the medical care is priced out of the stratosphere or you want a treatment that is not done here

After extraction of the root canals a few weeks later I had big fistula on the gum at the site of root canal extraction. One dentist says, it no big deal the other dentist say it is an possible infection with pus leaking into the system so low grade sepsis.

Daily sauna's really brought the infections to the surface I really felt the pain of the effected areas when I began using the sauna. Heat always brings poisons to the surface.

Most MD's typically give Antibiotics /IV .
My MD ordered vitamin C intravenous IV

Still I was still not getting well we hired a dental cavitation expert had them go in and clean out all extraction sites, and they found a big wad of gauze left behind from when I had wisdom teeth removed. The dentist said, that was the source of infection, One MD told me that was the cause the other MD told me it wasn't! I have decided that medicine is somewhat of a guess-estimation of a cause. I had to have surgery twice to have all the infected bone removed, then I saw light at the end of the tunnel

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