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more off-topic brix...+ tomato story and honey tangerine...
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Published: 6 years ago
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more off-topic brix...+ tomato story and honey tangerine...

Hi Lili, and whomever else might find this useful

Here is a simple brix chart, so you can see quickly what the values are for "poor, good, and excellent" food.

You might be able to re-write that charts; through careful soil-building--but in any case, these values are a good start.

Tomato story:
Yesterday someone gave us a big juicy tomato, grown in an "organic garden", etc. . . There was much hype and anticipation surrounding it.

I was a bit skeptical, since it looked a little rough, not that all food should look beautiful, as organic often doesn't; but, low-minerals (also do) add up to blemishes. Then too, I'm not a huge fan of the big beefstake variety. They are best imv for the old-fashioned white bread sandwhich with mayonnaise, that I have long ago given up eating. The tomato melts into the mayonnaise. . . But it is not really an eating tomato, otherwise. (imv)

Anyway, I tested it, with my refractometer (highly recommend this tool! Get a 0-32 % model. I got mine for about 40 dollars form Ebay. Once you have used it for a while, you won't really need it, anymore; then you can pass it on to someone else, who can get re-acquainted with childlike wonder. Most people have no trust in themselves to 'know' or discern what is what. And this little tool can change that! End soapboxing.)

The tomato-
It registered 4 and not really fuzzy. Fuzzy is good, as it denotes a more 'complexed' mineral profile. A sharp reading can be somewhat 'forced', or 'sharp-tasting'. Anyway, this 4 translates to poor, and as the Brix Book says, "your tastebuds will prove the charts are truthful". Yup. You taste this, and despite lots of enthusiasm for the gift, it is just blah. Which suggests most people who "don't like vegetables" or "...fruit" are only getting (or have tried) poor-quality. I didn't have much interest in eating it.

Another story, related:

Have been eating a salad of late, for my main meal. Lots of greens and japaleono and whatever, and avocado, and little delicious grape tomatos
-Wait, I'll go test one of the current pak: okay- seven and fuzzy. Not great, but a LOT better than the big tomato. And I've had much better, from among the grapes. They are usually very good. The salad has a dressing that makes you just want to eat more and more salad. That's not what I meant: I mean, it makes you want more fresh food, only, and less of anything cooked. Here it is:

1/2 lemon 1/2 honey tangerine. 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar. Tiny amount raw honey. Celtic salt, a pinch. Olive oil, a T or so. pinch of coconut oil. mmm. Dijon, a spoonful. 2 cloves garlic. To this you can add a handful of cilantro, or parsley, or a whole green onion, or leave all that out, and put it in the salad. So good!

But the secret is, high brix. Esp for the tangerine. Last night's was a little sharp-tasting--but the day before, divine. So, once you know what numbers equate to good, you can test at the store, to see which of the many being offered is a 'ten', or whatever. I've been just asking to be shown the best that's there, and have been doing pretty well. If you can use the (applied kinesiology) muscle testing that Perelandra freely diagrams, on the educational part of their site -and do it unobtrusively- then all the better.

When the food is good, it satiates, and does not make a body acidic. When it's not, you have to use up your own mineral stores to buffer and quickly dispose of it. And, you stay hungry--because in fact, you are looking for more minerals.

You probably know all this, but I'm mainly writing it because someone out there doesn't. And it's pretty exciting to learn this stuff, well, --- imv. :-)

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