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Scary fungus facts. and some cures.
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Published: 17 years ago

Scary fungus facts. and some cures.

fungus are round, boat shaped, spherical, spiral and rod shaped, fungus create huge colonies and shed spores that migrate everywhere. Fungus are underlying cause of many skin, organ, tissue, energy diseases, ie, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other toxic diseases, they start with rapidly growing migratory and highly contagious fungus spore shedding colonies. Fungus colonies liquify the humans skin, tissues and organs they invade and liquify to drink humans as food and fungus then deficate thier fecal waste as toxic waste back into the humans body, organs and skin. think how fast fungus mold grows on stale bread, decomposing it, fungus does same to the human body. Fungus sheds spores all over, grows tentacles and spits a poison into tissues and organs and skin to liquify the skin organ and tissues so the fungus can drink the liquified human. Much like some spiders inject a venom that liquifies the internal organs of its prey so the spider can then suck and drink the then liquified internals and exoskelital of its prey. FUNGUS does the same to the human body. ringworm is not a parasite but a FUNGUS that causes jock itch, althletes foot, round skin sores, etc. Candida, another fungus is more dangerous and even more deadly then ringworm fungus. these fungus grow into huge colonies, and shed spores everywhere to infect and start new colonies, molds are same. some scary fungus facts and info:
Variable cures for fungus infection are lifestyle & maitenance daily diet:
2 -3 cloves garlic chopped, minced, put in teaspoon and swallow quickly with water before bed every night for 2 weeks at a time, no need to chew the minced garlic and you will not taste it if you swallow it quickly with water.
fruitarian diet. fresh fruit every morning for breakfast, pineapple, orange, pear, berries, peaches, etc. add flax and oatmeal if you want.
Lunch: Can be fish, 2-3 times a week and greens. ie.,
halibut and spinich
cod and spinach
salmon and zucchini
other days eat a baked sweet potato and a vegetable for lunch, ie., red pepper, green pepper, yellow squash, light steam with olive oil and sea salt. use coconut milk and almond milk instead of dairy. use apple cidar vingar, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and herbs as dressing.
vegetarian diet. daily green. drink a green drink daily for dinner, example: 3 leaves kale, handful wheatgrass, 2 stalks celery, spoon of blue green algae, 1/4 bunch cilantro, handful of spinach, 1/2 beet, 1 carrot, an apple to sweeten, juiced, or blended and strained, drink daily for dinner.
no chicken, beef or pork.
The above diet is a 4 to 6 month cure diet to be rid of fungus diseases.
For advanced, chronic and acute fungus cases, these medical and natural remedies will get fungus under control by immediately reducing fungus and spore colonies and killing fungus, shed spores and fungus colony populations quickly.
From an md: take selsun blue shampoo cover upper body with selsun blue from waist up to chin, leave on about 10 minutes, shower and rinse off, do this three days in a row to reduce fungus colonies and spores to zero. selsun blue has an extremely effective fungus killing effect. Do this for 3 days only as an acute home medical treatment and cure. do 1x a month to keep colony population and spore population down until diet kicks in. the risk to body from selsun blue is less threatening then allowing exponentally multiplying damaging fungus colonies to live in and on, invade, liquify and eat healthy human tissue and deficate thier toxic to human (mycotoxin) waste into the human body. risk/reward ratio is good in the case of selsun blue as an immediate emergency fungus colony killer and fungus spore killer. Use Lamasil short term, tolnaftate 1% in lamasil is an effective OTC fungus killer, use all over affected areas except near eyes.
Shower once a day with povidone iodine, (2 dollars a bottle at wal-mart), cover affected areas after shower with apple cidar vinegar or cheap white vinegar if no acv is available, it is the acid mantle you want from the vinegar as fungus thrives in alkaline environments and is killed on contact in vinegar's acid. if vinegar burns that means it is killing the fungus, fungus spores and fungus colonies. acv only burns skin that has fungus spores and fungus colonies growing on and in it. If you can not handle acv on skin, rinse off acv and use selsun blue OTC cure first for 3 days. use the selsun blue OTC medical application for 3 days, then after the fungus, fungus spores and fungus colonies are killed, you will tolerate acv on skin as the fungus, colonies and spores will be dead. To make sure you do not reinfect with previously shedded spores, wash everything, towels, clothes, bedding after each use to stop fungus spore reinfection and recontamination.
ACV keeps skin acidic, fungus colonies grow in alkaline environments, that is why acv kills fungus, fungus colonies and fungus spores.
Drink herb tea as beverages for next few months, add slices of ginger to each cup of herb tea, let tea simmer 5 minutes.
Vaccumn daily everywhere, clean your home and treat ALL pets and thier bedding to make sure the fungus and spores are killed on them also. treat surface areas, use acv or clorox bleach to clean surfaces, wash combs and brushes,use clorox to kill fungus spores on surfaces, clorox kills fungus on contact as does acv, selsun blue and Lamasil 1% tolnaftate, in varying time degrees. search internet for other effective fungus killers.
Wash your clothes and bed linen and towels every day or after every use until danger of fungus spore reinfestation is eradicated and reinfection risk from spores is gone. Skin will be clear, & health restored as fungus colonies and spores are eliminated from body, pets, surfaces and environments.
FUNGUS is at the bottom of many many diseases, ERADICATE IT with diet, hygiene and effective fungicides and you eradicate the fungus and fungus spore and fungus colony based diseases they create, ie, cancers, tumors, necrosis, acnes, ringworm, jock itch, infections, chronic fatigue, organ damage, vascular damage, skin disease, tissue damage, boils, ulcers, immune diseases-(fungus elimination, toxic waste, in the body suppress the immune system) cardiac problems, etc.,etc. FUNGUS are bad disease, root organisms, and you do not want to host them. Fungus are at the core of many diseases.
Drink lots of Olive leaf tea as part of herb diet, as olive leaf has fungus killing properties.
Good Luck and stay fungus, fungus spore and fungus colony free.


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