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Iodine protocols
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Published: 8 years ago
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Iodine protocols

- Are good; as one has a list to follow of what to do and take.
But if they become the stress factor of taking iodine, I would think twice.
It is like if you are on a diet, and dont manage to follow it, then feel bad about it, etc. Even worse if you say so to the "guru" that made the protocol, and he/she say "you failed, and have to take the consequenses; weight gain. "Or with iodine; symptoms that we call the detox"

First of all, know that all the veterans here, Trapper, Vulcanel, Wombat, me, High on Water, Newport, Grizz etc.
-have done a successful use of iodine; but with totally different approaches, different dosages, co supplements.

Still worked for us all.

What we advice at this forum are merely suggestions; different routes you may follow. Take the advices you feel most comfortable with; whats most right for your situation.
- But never think that the detox is bad, or that you did something wrong, even in the middle of it. (we can, by our experiences help you though)

It is better with a reactive body, than a non reactive one; or what Trapper says "better out than in", and remember that a tumor can grow without any symptoms for years. A fever or nausea or pains; are great; as the body is talking to you, still... Communicating with its owner, so to speak:)

"In the infectious stage the energy of the person organizes everything to overcome the disease: high fever which enhances the metabolism of the body enormously, an increase of white blood cells, acceleration of blood circulation, vascular dilatation in the affected area or all over the body, loss of appetite to give our digestive system the possibility to concentrate on the elimination of toxins, diarrhea, sweating, a running nose and eruptions, all elimination mechanisms. These kinds of elimination processes occur frequently after the administration of a homeopathic remedy. But also an infection can be a sign of a curing process.

It is not by coincidence that children go through a certain number of eruptive diseases, as Rubella, German measles, Scarlatina, fifth or sixth disease, etc. and that they have easily a running nose or infections with high fever. Everybody who is aware of these facts knows that vaccinations, antipyretics, Antibiotics and other suppressive drugs that are so largely used in routine modern medicine practice have also their reverse. It pushes the human being already at a very premature age in the direction of the tumoral stage.
- Therefore it is not surprising that we have to face cancer and all kind of internal diseases as one of the most wide spread diseases on this earth and that the number of cancer patients increases still every year.

The tumoral stage is a low reactivity stage. There is not a acute phase, no fever, no eruption, no accelerated or enhanced evacuation of toxins. There is no acute outbreak followed by a restoration of balance as in the infectious stage. There is a chronic unbalance sometimes even without any visible or noticeable physical expression. Cancer can grow without any perceptible sign that something is wrong. Sure, for the holistic doctor there are already a lot of symptoms not only on the mental and emotional plane but also on the physical plane, which he can interpret as a precancerous stage. He is able to help his patient to return from this insidious tumoral stage to the infectious stage and can prevent that his patient slips down to chronic internal diseases as heart diseases, cancer, etc. In But such preventive treatments are still more exception than daily practice. The majority of patients are suddenly confronted with cancer and often wondering that this happened to them, because they were almost never ill, had no influenza, no fever, no major health problems for decades and believed to be in excellent health. It is as if cancer manifested suddenly in the body, but we know that tumors grow slowly for years, even decades before they attain sufficient volume and invasive power to become a major health problem."


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