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Re: why I'm i not dead yet?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: why I'm i not dead yet?

(go to this site under cleanse for order of cleanse and duration) Also, can search this site for more research on each supplement
colon cleanse to remove mucoid plaque and parasite cleanse under the directory
colon cleanse: organic whole psyllium husk with activated charcoal OR organic whole psyllium with terramin clay
6 to 8 months then 4 to 5X a week for life (if you want see what comes out do terramin clay)—after 8 months can intake less clay
organic whole psyllium from

activated charcoal from
Terramin clay from

parasite cleanse: fully ozonated hemp oil (3 hours away from food- usually take it before bed)- 1/4 teaspoon for 1 1/2 months, humaworm- 2 months supply (mix with honey then water), DE- 2 to 3 months, barefoot- 2 bottles (3 teaspoons- 3X a week), zymex II- 1 bottle, Coq10 (1 1/2 teaspoon in honey once a week- 1 powder bottle), L-cysteine (3 pills daily for one month) start all at once and T-Rex zapper- try to zap 24 hours for one month continuously--
Iodine drops--- 3 to 6 drops everyday for life
for maintenance: humaworm 2X a year- one month duration and take ozonated hemp oil when you feel you need it and take again for a month if you feel re-infested
fully ozonated hemp seed oil from

fully ozonated oil is great for under eye wrinkles
humaworm from delivery buy 3 months supply just in case you need more and you will most likely need more…
DE (1 Diatomaceous Earth 2.5 lb Gal Jug) from

barefoot= P/W Elimination "B" Tincture from

Standard Process Zymex II from amazon
Now brand Coq 10 powder & L-cysteine pills from amazon
T-rex zapper from

Iodine- Nascent Iodine from amazon or Lugol's brand
It is important to do this all at once to minimize scattering of worms, remember everyone has worms so don't freak out and eventually 90% will die, unfortunately one can never be completely without parasites b/c their eggs are everywhere including the air we breathe- our gov’t spray chemtrails which include various metals and parasite eggs…also remember the more you exercise the less infested you are…sweating (or infrared sauna) removes metals and pestitcides from your body
You will be very tired the month of the parasite cleanse, it is caused by toxins released from dead parasites
Wash vegetables and fruit with wash and then rinse with Iodine or ozonated water to kill parasites—can purchase ozonated machine or just use iodine
most important is taking fully ozonated hemp oil 1/4 teaspoon- for 1 1/2 months every night and take it when you feel it is needed as well-- it cured scattering for me-- small pets .12 cc/ml every night away from food for 1 1/2 months and then once a week ---when you feel they need another parasite cleansing for duration of one week (2X a year)—also give pets DE water
rub a mixture of the fully ozonated hemp oil with partially ozonated olive oil for pets on yourself and sunbath and then intake humaworm and DE--so the parasites will leave your skin and try to hid in the gut, the humaworm and DE will kill them in the gut
The best orgone and EVG

Orgone and EVG nullify EMF, EMR, RF, micro, Cell Phone waves and dissipates chemtrails—orgone transform negative energy (positive charge ions) into positive energy (negative charge ions)—if you purchase charge them in sunlight once a week and rinse it under water for 1 min every other day…
Ener-Chi Ionized Stones-

Ener-Chi ionized stone ionize your water and food and re-align your chakra—seems silly but it works—Native American Indian Stones—you can use your seed stone to charge other stones, your widows, wood floors, and any other natural objects—
I have lots of orgone and ionized stones and I don’t get any Cell Phone reception in my apartment at all so I know it works! My apartment is noxious electrical wave free…
Kidney Cleanse- between every 4 or 5 liver cleanse
watermelon seed tea-

Herbs for kidney cleanse works very well for lower back pain-

Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Cleanse- Liver flush! ----see attachment (I don't do the Epsom Salt part and don’t do enema before the liver flush--- can do ozonated water enema to kill parasites in lower colon but then need ozone machine—or can purchase Black-Walnut drops for enema)-- need at least 25 Liver Cleanses if you are over 30, at least 3 weeks apart ---can add phosfood drops by standard process to remove more stones-- can substitute malic acid for apple juice--- some people don’t release as much stones between their 10th and 20th liver cleanse then release a bunch at the 21st or 24th one so that is why we need to do 25 liver cleanses…it is harmful if you do just one or two Liver Cleanses and stop
Water filtration system-

Make sure to remove fluoride and glyphosate from your water and shower water as well, your skin absorb more fluoride than drinking the tap water
Fluoride decrease people’s IQ points by 15 points…

To remove metals and fluoride salts in your body takes 2 years- Make sure to replace all your metal fillings in your mouth before metal detox:

Eat lots of organic pineapple, cilantro, lemon water, and these supplements helps to remove metals from your brain:

---If you shave your face and neck upside down everyday (soapy water face- I use clay soap), prevent wrinkles. Also, Dr-roller is good for Acne scars and wrinkles -

Good supplements:

Best yogurt:

THE LAST RESORT FOR PARASITES: BLOODROOT very strong, not for sissies




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