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Image Embedded Video Embedded The Annunaki Plan? - Or - The Human Plan? by Chris Thomas
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Published: 7 years ago
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The Annunaki Plan? - Or - The Human Plan? by Chris Thomas

Re: An Update On Our Evolution by Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas wrote:
We have been fed fabrications and lies to make us more compliant and fearful. Fortunately, as we progress through our change of consciousness, these kinds of lies can be spotted much more easily and hence, the rise in the number of people speaking out against these atrocities.

Actions Taken to Specifically Promote the Annunaki Plan

Let us start with the use of technology such as HAARP which stands for "High-energy Active Auroral Research Program". The first HAARP station was built in Alaska but there are now several others dotted around the planet. The Military claim that it is not a military project but was set up for the use by the military for "over the horizon" radar and communications. It might very well be used for these purposes but its two main uses are weather modification, mainly to cause droughts and famines but more recently, it has been used to flood the Earth with Extra Low Frequency waves.

These ELF waves are intended to slow down the Earth's rising frequencies (from 7.56 Hz to 3.5 kHz) as well as to slow down our own consciousness reintegration. These are very deliberate acts and have caused some disruption to our process of change.

UFO Discloser

We are also likely to see, in the very near future, a general disclosure of the UFO contact information held by the United States. This massive cover up has been going on since 1947 and the Roswell crash. However, this will be a limited disclosure of evidence as it will be geared towards making us believe that the Annunaki are our makers and the "gods" of the Old Testament. This Annunaki disclosure will be linked into the Human Genome Project, indicating that the 'elite' carry Annunaki genes. (See the latest Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot article, Shell Game (excerpt below), on the many of the elite being Annunaki hybrids) This disclosure is also designed to destroy current religious beliefs.
QuoteIt is also important to recognize that the Anunnaki are fighting with a number of more recently arrived races of beings and not only the reptilians running the Vatican.

From everything I have been able to decipher, the Anunnaki of the "Sitchin variety" that is Enki/Enlil and their relations are if anything humanoid/reptilian hybrids (one-half reptilian and one-half Anunnaki humanoid) while the full blooded Reps beneath the Vatican are just that... Draco/Reps who believe this planet is theirs and have been trying to take it back for centuries.

It is worth noting that humans such as the Illuminati bloodline are more like 1/12th reptilian."
Whilst there have been many sightings of UFOs, or NTVs as they are now officially called - Non Terrestrial Vehicles, over many years, many of which are genuine, in more recent years, the vast majority of sightings of NTVs have been of secret military craft that have been built using technology copied from downed NTVs.

At the same time as these "human UFOs" are appearing, there is also the emergence of a new technology, namely hologram projectors. This hologram technology has been developed over a number of years by the military and the filmmakers of Hollywood working together. This technology is now so advanced that holograms of NTVs hung over the cities of Moscow and Peking in early 2010. I have researched the Akashic to try to find a race who have built pyramid shaped craft - and there are none. The only source of this design of craft appears to be the Hollywood movie crowd, and subsequent TV series called "Stargate".

Not only is this technology capable of projecting massive moving craft, it has also been refined to project religious figures. The lates advances in this technology indicate that the holographic projections can be made to appear to speak. This gives a great potential for religious-type figures to appear in our skies and speak to the people gathered below.

SOURCE: The Annunaki Plan? - Or - The Human Plan? by Chris Thomas (pages 61-63)


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