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Re: Diet

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Diet

Vesely: That is pretty much along the lines of the Peat Diet..

The best thing I did initially was put myself on the Failsafe diet. It really gave my poor adrenals a break and I was able to figure out my salicylate/phenols and Histamine Intolerance s.

Personally I feel fantastic with starches and sugars, as well as full fat dairy and eggs. White Potatoes are the cornerstone of my diet. I've cut back on the meat to moderate portions (like one meal a day chicken or fish). Paleo had me doing way too much meat and feeling like death without carbs. I don't eat any cruciferous vegetables other than the occasional few leaves of iceberg lettuce and my thyroid is loving me for it. As far as veggies go I stick to roots and tubers as well as celery. I don't eat anything raw. Maple syrup is my sweetener. I also salt the hell out of everything, but no longer need salt water.

I would love to incorporate more fruit but I'm still having allergy issues with it. I really love OJ and apple juice! Today I'm experimenting with a baked banana...yum!

I also am very careful about my water intake. I probably drink on average a glass a day (maybe a little more if I'm outside for awhile in the Florida heat!) . More than that and my body temp plummets.

I've done quite a bit of research on grass fed milk and it really is a superfood. It has all the same nutrients in it as the green veggies do, but the best part is that the cows filter out all the hard to digest fibers and the damaging chemicals like salicylates first, so we get the pure stuff. Milk has gotten a bad reputation because of all the extra processing and additives that the commercial industry has done to it, but if you can find good quality grass fed milk then it is a wonderful healing food. It doesn't necessarily have to be raw either- I rotate between raw and an unhomogenized brand called natural by nature.

I think that Peat goes a little overboard with the PUFAs. Yes, I do agree to not over consume them in processed foods, but PUFAS (or omega 3s) exist in so many foods cutting them out completely would be just too restrictive. I personally aim to keep a good balance by eating generous amounts of butter, milk, and the occasional piece of fish- all of which are high in omega 6's.

I cook with butter, ghee, or beef tallow (I don't eat any pork). I would love to use coconut oil but unfortunately its too high in sals for me at this point. I only consume the vegetable oil in my potato chips, which is expeller pressed, non hydrogenated sunflower/safflower oil.

As far as grains go I've been eating long grain white rice, and just today was able to add brown back in with no problems :)

I am also consuming an average of 3000 kcal a day and feeling TONS better.

I've recently been able to add back foods like yogurt, brown rice, and egg whites- all of which are non failsafe foods so I know that what I'm doing is definitely working. I can't believe that just 3 months ago I couldn't tolerate anything but boiled potatoes with salt.

I really think the best thing to do is to experiment and monitor what makes YOU feel good. The failsafe diet was wonderful for me because it allowed me to pretty much start from scratch. I cleared my body of everything and then began to experiment. I learned some great stuff from Paleo and the WAPF camp that worked out good for me (like all the grassfed butter), but my personal metabolic needs call for more carbs. The fruitatarians taught me how important Sugar is, and discovering RRARFing and Matt Stone showed me how important it is to get enough calories. After looking into Peat I found that I naturally eat this way on my own impulsions. I love dairy and fruit, and cod is my favorite fish. And even when I was a vegan I really lived on fruits, grains, and tubers (and unfortunately soy for the protein).I've never cared much for cruciferous vegetables. I can recall many fights with my mom to eat my brocolli! LOL

I really think that our miraculous bodies are built with the natural abilities to tell us what we need, which is why we all have different tastes. Some of us love milk, and some of us think its gross, for example. Its when we try to start forcing things and toying with it in the name of "health" that everything gets screwed up!

Ditch the processed stuff and the GMOS/pesticides..I'm all for that. We were made to eat real food from nature.

I've followed so many fad diets, then after getting sick so many "healing" diets, and the main thing I've learned is that I've got to follow the "shannon diet", unique to my own blueprint.


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