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Image Embedded White lady uses BLOWTORCH to torture & murder black child - WHERE IS THE PRESS???!!!!
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Published: 6 years ago

White lady uses BLOWTORCH to torture & murder black child - WHERE IS THE PRESS???!!!!

This is why there's no press and no media - becuase it's a BLACK ON WHITE CRIME!  Trayvon the assaulting criminal thug gets massive media attention slamming Whites for defending themselves and meanwhile support and protect this vile sow pig moster who gets nearly ZERO coverage in the media for TORTURING and burning alive a 12 year old White child with a BLOWTORCH!!! On Christmas Eve!!!  White people do not trust the media and arm yourselves and protect your children and grandchildren from vile sow pigs like this this monster and the media.  The term "White Priveledge" is a scam and a distraction - if you are White you are being manipulated and preyed upon by those who wish to slaughter you.  

Media is desperate to censor horrific hate crime torture murder of twelve year old Texas boy

The trial is underway right now for Mona Yevette Nelson. She is a black woman who allegedly kidnapped a white child and tortured him to death with a blowtorch in Houston. There has never been any serious media coverage of this case.

The trial started this week, and it has only registered a tiny blip in the local news. Only one local media affiliate, KTRK Houston Channel 13, even appears to be covering the trial. Other Houston media outlets only published tiny blurbs that the trial has started, but none of them even mentioned how the boy died.

If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest media event in the Western world. People in Finland would be hearing about the “racially motivated torture murder” in every gruesome detail. Scores of media vans would be lined up and down the street in front of the courthouse.

If you follow this website, you know that hundreds of media outlets now openly admit to having a policy of censoring black crime. The media bosses no longer deny that they manipulate the news to promote a political agenda. They are desperate to keep this crime a secret. It has received about one millionth of one percent of the coverage that Trayvon Martin received. If you think America should know what happened to Jonathon Foster on Christmas Eve 2010, then you need to help us get the word out.

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