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You can improve your odor!
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Published: 8 years ago

You can improve your odor!

Hey guys,
I haven't been here in a while but I thought I would give a quick update. I have been struggling with severe odor issue for a year it started after I gave birth. It was so bad people could smell it from far away and when I get my period forget about being in public.

Anyway at first I was trying everything one week I would try something and give up and try something else I did this for the past 8 month and no real improvement. I have been tested for Tmau several times and negative. By the way my family can't smell me at all.

Anyway for the past 3 month I decided that I need to get all the negative thoughts out of my head and just try something for a long time before giving up.

So I decided to start eating clean food like fresh organic fruits and vegetables and organic chicken. I actually smelled bad when I gave up meat maybe my body needed protein and amino acids. I also started taking probiotics , vitamin d3, magnesium citrate, liquid copper chlorophyll. I always wear panty liners and put powder in there. I use natural feminine wipes during my period and also after a bowel movement. And even though I don't have Tmau I do kind off follow a semi low choline diet things I avoid beans, whole eggs, red meat and most packaged foods and sweets.
When I wake up in the morning I scrape my tongue brush my teeth and floss. Then I take the probiotic now that my bowel is regulated I always have a bowel movement.

For breakfast I would eat: oatmeal with strawberries or sometimes just a fruit bowel. I always brush after I eat or at least rinse with water.
Lunch: lean chicken with vegetables like zucchini or sweet potato. Sometimes I eat chicken salad with half avocado and tomato. And I make my own salad dressing with olive oil and lemon and salt and pepper. I use to always use Sea Salt but since my thyroid level was low now I use
regular salt so I could get iodine.
Snack: apple
Dinner: pasta with homemade tomato sauce with a small salad.
I don't eat too much bread or pasta because I have wheat sensitivities.

My shower routine:
My shower well with a sponge and most of the time I use dove ANC sometimes I use a generic whole foods soap.
Dry off with a towel I only use my towel twice. After that I know it might seem weird but I spry my whole body with a liquid crystal deodorant including my underarms. I let that dry and put my deodorant right now I am using Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant this seems to work for me. I always wear a clean bra and underwear after I take a shower I take 2-3 showers a day. Always in the morning and night and when I have my period midday. I find this method works for me.

I am not 100% cured but 80-90% people are not couphing and sneezing around me and giving me dirty looks. I am able to go out with my family and eat out and do things. Even though I am doing a whole lot better in my head I still struggle do I smell and people are looking at me funny. The next step is to work on my positive outlook and not worry to much. Like I said I am doing a lot better but it didn't happen over night this is a year of up and down and trying and doing so many things. The key is to be patient and not give up and there are no quick fixes and it does take time. The key is to be healthy body and mind and have a positive outlook and try to enjoy life.

Good luck to everybody and sorry if I don't have a quick fix but there is no such thing. And one more thing drink plenty of water I do about 8 16oz bottle a day.

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