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Desperate need of guidance from anyone with knowledge on toxins.

Clarkia Tincture
Hulda Clark Parasites Cleansing Tincture, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

Clarkia Tincture
Hulda Clark Parasites Cleansing Tincture, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

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kathy0816 Views: 1,561
Published: 10 years ago

Desperate need of guidance from anyone with knowledge on toxins.

Hello everyone, I feel very grateful to have found this sight. After reading several of your stories, my heart goes out to you for your pain and suffering and am thankful for all of your insight that has aided in your recovery.
I am going to write my story as briefly as I can in hopes that by the grace of god someone may be able to share some guidance.

I am a 42 year old woman who has a long history of allergies to sulpha drugs beginning at the age of9. I recovered within a months time. When starting university at the age of 22, I was prescribed Bactrim which is a sulpha drug for a UTI. Within 24 hours I became very ill. Severe diarrhea, joint pain, headaches behind the eyes. Progressed over the years to food sensitivities , chronic fatigue etc. I was still able to maintain some quality of life ex.worked full time, got married etc.

In 2009, I was blessed with my first child Noah. We were overwhelmed with joy. 2 weeks following, I was given Bactrim without my consent and as listed as severe allergy on file (has leaded to an ongoing medical malpractice)
within 24 hours I was rushed into the emergency dept by ambulance. I awoke with severe burning throughout my entire body, a pain that is difficult to describe. I became very ill bedridden for the first six months, relying on my parents to care for my new born son.
SYMPTOMS EXPERIENCED: Burning throughout body WORST UPON WAKENING AND WHEN STILL FOR TOO LONG, brain jolts, muscle jolts, intertistinal cystitis of the bladder, chronic diarrhea, profuse sweating,poisoned feeling.
TO DATE: 14 specialists,and 5 naturalpathics later, I suffer debilitating symptoms with no know cause.
I was put on Neurontin 6 months following onset which helped me cope through the pain however; there are terrible side effects, negative thoughts, brain fog, irritability. I do not feel le the same person on the drug, however; I would be incapacitated without it

Every medication metabolized through the liver causes an increase in symptoms and two severe ones. Applecider vinegar
caused hepatitis in the hospital for a week.
I know there is a candida problem that was never fixed from
my second exposure to the drug.
Every natural product I have tried has caused an intolerable increase in symptoms.
Liver?Lymphatic?worse when still and heat.
I know the diarrhea is food sensitivities , I have become sensitive to most foods and meds. A homeopathic's theory is that I react to everything due to the livers dysfunction. When I star a new product it stirs things up ending back into my bloodstream and organs
I am fighting CPP and the lawsuit when all I really want is to heal.
WHERE TO START? I am a mother of a beautiful 4 yr old boy and I feel like giving up.
MY INTUITION: I feel that the burning is coming from liver or lymphatic system as when I awake I have terrible burning through entire body until circulation gets moving. Diarrhea is following every meal, esophagitis from hernia, unable to tolerate PPI to heal lining causing severe pain in chest throat, breathing difficulties
CD4 CD8 ratio test revealed immunity working 3 times the normal level. C-Dimer test always really high
Would a Colon Cleanse such as Dr. Schulz or Colonix make make things worst due to chronic diarrhea? Formula #2? Juicing? Should I start with liver first and if so how if everything just circulates and makes me more ill?
Any feedback would be so appreciated


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