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Published: 8 years ago
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I had never seen the video of Weir talking about the BG....
I have never really researched the BG much.
But I will say.
If Weir is knocking drinks back - then it isn't very exclusive. Beyond what some people may say.

The interview with Kesey is interesting.
Robert Hunter - the main lyricist of the Dead - was also part of those early 60's LSD experiments/tests. By the Government.

In my opinion.......
The Gov gave up on this stuff relatively early.
It is too unpredictable.
And they didn't invent it.
Ultimately they outlawed it.

Should it be illegal?

Should people be thrown in jail for taking heroin, coke, LSD etc.?

The drug war has obviously failed.
But LSD is a very powerful drug.
Not addictive.
But the dose is everything and when you are dealing with micrograms it is very......unknown.

People can create a sheet of blotter in a lab and some of the doses may be very potent while others not.

I was always incredibely careful when I took the stuff.
When buddies were taking two hits I was taking a half of one and waiting an hour to see the effects.

That is the great thing and also the scary thing about it.
It is very powerful.
And ultimately you are in someone elses hands when you do it.

You aren't taking clinical doses. Just something you buy from a dude. That you don't know. And if you do know him - well he got it from someone you don't know.

It is a very interesting drug.
I was just reading a few days ago about Synesthesia.

The mixing of the senses. It seems to hit artists more.
And some have indentified it to be like being on a LSD trip without the high.
Pretty incredible brain stuff.
Billy Joel has it.

But LSD is powerful.
And the Government realized early on that it was not usable for any of their purposes.
Powerful and unpredictable.
Whether it was banned because pretty much all other mind altering drugs were also illegal at the time......
Or other reasons. Well who knows.

It had a major impact on artists and culture in the 60's.
Once you do it. Well you never forget it.

(The Dead trippin' out in front of Giza in 78')


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