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For those Who are Not in (quite) Good State of Health..
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Published: 6 years ago

For those Who are Not in (quite) Good State of Health..

For Those who are Already in a Bad state of Health…

IF you are Already in a Bad state of Health - Do NOT give up and do Not be discouraged! Because Always there is a Chance to get Better! Yes, body Does have a particular Reserves to Recover in Particular cases. And it is Not always 100% recovery even if you improve your diet a Big time! BUT... Even if, by turning to a Healthy eating (in My understanding of it) you Improve your health on 50% or 80... and it will be Only YOUR Achievement!

If you really in need to be on medication then I can't advise you to give up on them at this stage. Rather take them when you need BUT at the same time keep improving your diet Gradually but Surely by Keeping ADDING good and healthy food to it (ask Alternative medicine doctor about Healthier versions of it and then discuss it with your main doctor). Drink Fresh juices, and have healthy breakfast (for instance, fruits). And by Improving your meals (with Alive food) stay in touch with your doctor and I am pretty sure some time soon he/she will Decrease your medication and one day Most probably for good. Even Cancer is CURABLE in very many cases without chemo.. so why You can't give it a Go too?..

Set of Mind is VERY Important! POSITIVE thinking and Belief in Recovery are Not the last things which Truly Do Miracles! So Pick Up Yourself and Move Forward.. And Whatever they say, whatever they predict... DO your things, Eat WELL.. and See what happens!

Do Not give up on Good health.. Mother Nature has Powers which are Far Greater than we were permited to think!


To make it all happen you need to eat Plant Based Diet (I talk a lot about it here plus adding RAW fruits (as a breakfast at times), vegetables, and greens! The More you eat RAW food the Faster you cleanse you body. Following Right Combining of food is also of Vital importance (whenever possible)..

HEALTHY eating is a MUST too in this case! You DO need to follow Plant Based Diet with adding Raw foods like fruits (for breakfasts), vegetables and Greens gradually but surely (make sure eventually it should be 50% raw salads and 50% cooked (you can eat more raw food if you want).

Reduce or avoid Refined oils coz they contribute to Heart and stomach disease and not only!

LESS Junk food! Try to avoid it or at least eat it in Very moderations... especially If you ate it often... Change your eating habbits Gradually! No Need to jump into healthy life style quick! Let your body ADJUST to it! It is Not a race! If you really want, eat your pizza or some junk Occasionally but eat it with Raw salads at least! But.. i am pretty Sure when you start Realizing How Great it is to Feel GOOD and Healthy then you will Not strive for those junk foods at all!

Eat BROWN/ wild rice whenever you can instead of white option.

Meat in Very Moderations If any!

Be well,

Nadia :)


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