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Re: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Inhibits Hyphal Growth in Candida
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Inhibits Hyphal Growth in Candida

When your cutting off sugar your experiencing more of a virulence syptom than die-off. I know your feeling all too well. I have to eat something by 10:30 am or I start to get that feeling. What happens is when someone has too much fungal candida and it goes too long without food it starts to search for food and it will start to degrade intestinal tissue in order to start to feed itself.  

I deal with a similiar issue where I can't eat just fat+protein for an extended period or it causes "fungal" candida to be too virulent and starts to aggravate my gut too much with its inflamming protease and lipase enzymes. Eating some carbs/sugar helps to keep it more in its yeast form. With the yeast form you get less destructive enzymes+ammonia, but you still get the acetaldehyde. Its a constant battle of  gut inflammation+head fog. Both forms are a pain in the a**.

This is one of the best links to really understand the hyphal form of candida. In part of the study it explains how candida that was in a solution with some glucose can help to keep it from going hyphal. Probably because the yeast form is more designed for the breakdown of sugars/carbs. Whereas the hyphal form(fungal) is more designed for the breakdown of protein+fats / living tissue.
For those that have little to no beneficial bacteria this product might help. So far I've found it to be more efffective than anything I've tried. But I have only taken it for 2 weeks. If it can be effective for a month or longer than I might start to give it more praise.

NutraSilver® is a natural, safe holistic treatment for Candida. In FDA-certified independent in-vitro lab tests, the findings were astonishing; NutraSilver® killed over 7.8 billion cells of Candida Albicans in under 60 minutes. Imagine how NutraSilver might react in your body; nano-sized silver particles seeking out the harmful Candida yeast infection throughout your body and killing them, allowing your body’s bacteria balance to normalize and your symptoms to melt away.

This is just a lab test so i'm not going to get excited unless it can actually work long-term. After 2 weeks I had to stop because the brain fog/disorientation was too much. I'm going to start up again today. This product might not be for everyone,but for people that have severe dysbiosis or fungal candida it might be worth a try. What I like about this product is that it does not give the severe die-off, anxiety, or gut irritation that just about every anti-fungal out there has given me. But the head fog/disorientation got to be a Little too much after 2 weeks---need to adjust accordingly and hopefully it will keep working.



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