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Update: 1 year and 7 months
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Published: 8 years ago
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Update: 1 year and 7 months

Iíve been supplementing Iodine since the end of 2011. My other overview posts are:


So many symptoms have disappeared, and I find it hard to remember them once theyíre gone. Iíll mention the most important changes here.

During the first year my all over body pain had already gotten less, but I find itís still getting better. My body feels warm and fuzzy, comfortable. There is still a little pain left, but it is now very bearable. When I get tired the pain returns, but not back to its old intensity.

My short time memory is still very bad. I loose my train of thought during conversations. I cannot do two tasks at the same time. This is all very foreign to me, because I used to be able to do all kinds of things at the same time and still keep track of exactly what I had to do. My solution is to make notes of everything that needs my attention. Last week my mother gave me some new potatoes to eat (they have a big garden). I put them in the bag that hangs from my bike. When I was home (10 minutes on the bike), I had already completely forgotten about them and only remembered them two days later. Luckily they were still fine to eat. Also, still forget anything on the stove. So I carry alarm clocks around with me.

I have been dosing with super high dosages of SSKI since the start of June: 5 gram I- daily (6,7 ml of SSKI ). This brought on a whole new wave of detox. Major back pains, zits (on chin as well as on bum, lol), anxiety, fluid from the lungs (?), the works! Iíve been taking a lot of salt (I mix half Sea Salt , half potassium chloride) to fight this, I mean multiple tablespoons daily. Works well every time. As long as I drink a lot of water along with it, I have no problem with the salt. Sometimes the detox gets too bad and I stop for a day or two with the SSKI . I keep taking the salt though. I never used to pulse dose on the ďlowerĒ dosages, but now I see why people do that.

I started the high dosage because the hypo would still every now and then creep up on me: dry skin, hoarseness, cold, tired,... With the higher dosage of SSKI these symptoms have not shown themselves any more.

With this high dose, I can feel the lumps in my breasts dissolve faster. Which probably partly accounts for the brutal detox symptoms. My breast were rocks before I started iodine. The first 1,5 years on max 300 mg SSKI daily, the mass was already dissolving. After that they didnít feel like rocks any more, the mass also had split into two big masses in each breast that felt more like rubber than like rock. But with 5 gram I- daily, the lumps are dissolving much faster. Strangely enough, the lumps in my my left breast are going away faster then those in my right breast.

The high dose brought the clarity of my mind to a new level: I think faster now. And as long as I process my ideas immediately, this is sufficient for my daily tasks. A good short term memory would be nice though.

Also, on the high dosage, Iím re-revisiting old injuries. My left knee starting hurting again. Not bad, but something is definitely happening there. Same in some other places in my body.

Allergies are better on this high dose. Before the high dose I was already free of them most of the time, but now they are better still. When I stop the Iodine for a day to give my body a chance to get rid of excess debris, it sometimes flairs up again.

I still have some fat to loose. I find that when the detox gets too bad, I start gaining weight again. I assume thatís my body trying to rid the blood and lymph of bromide by stuffing it in my fat. Iím guessing this layer of fat will hold some nasty surprises yet. I was pretty young when I played with a broken mercury thermometer, so Iím thinking this sits in the deeper levels of fat (does it work that way?).

I have been reporting about a strange left side pain every now and then. Whenever this happened, the whole left side of my body would hurt. I mean: head, eye socket, jaw, shoulder, muscles, knee, .. Only on the left side of the body. Later I found out that the right side also hurt, only so much less than the left side that I didnít notice it at first. I would try to get rid of the pain with painkillers (diclofenac), but that would only work a little bit. Two weeks ago I found out that these pains were caused by my mayonnaise! One of the posts on the forum alerted me to bad fats. After reading that post, I let all the fats I was eating pass through my mind. When the mayonnaise popped into my head, I couldnít remember what kind of fat it was made of. I looked on the jar: rapeseed oil, which turned out to be canola oil. I read up on canola oil: not good. It causes inflammation, causes the thyroid to slow down, etc. At that moment I was in really bad pain from another bout of ďthe left side painĒ. I stopped the mayonnaise (I ate a lot of the stuff) and during the following hours the pain got slowly less. After two more days it was completely gone. Aaaaaaaah! What a relieve! Canola oil robs you of vitamin E. Eating saturated fats lessens the effect of canola oil.

Iím also still not eating wheat. Or peanut butter.

I added cottage cheese to my menu. This is because I have been concentrating more on the building blocks my body needs to repair any (a lot) of damage that has been done in the past. When I started eating this, I would feel an energy burst half an hour after eating the stuff. That effect is not so big any more, but I can still tell if I didnít eat enough protein during the day. I will have less energy and I will feel less well. In my youth I hated eating meat. I hardly touched the stuff when I went to live on my own. But I also didnít replace it with other protein. Sometimes I take a whey protein isolate in stead of the cottage cheese. This is handy to take along on trips.

It has been much smoother sailing than in the beginning. I recognise the detox symptoms when they come and I can deal with them. That doesnít mean that it is easier or painless: the detox is still major. Itís just that I donít panic about it any more.

Also, the staggering pile of symptoms is slowly getting smaller. This makes the remaining symptoms easier to ďstripĒ to their bare essentials: itís easier to find the underlying cause.

My immune system is getting stronger by the month. I still got sick this winter, but I beat it in a few days in stead of in a few weeks. And it took much less time to really recover.

My periods now vary immensely in length and severity. Sometimes they take only three days, but mostly they take a whole week. They can be mild, but mostly they will be heavy. I started using natural progesterone cream for this in the two weeks before getting my period to balance my estrogen levels. Also started to use DIM to lessen the action of my estrogen. This does help. Progesterone also makes the week before menstruation a breeze. PMS is now almost a thing of the past. I did notice that on the higher level of SSKI, my periods seem to be shorter, but it is too soon to tell. As soon as the Iodine has repaired my hormonal system, Iím quitting the progesterone and DIM. Better let the body take care of this itself.

Other thing about my periods is that Iím still spotting between periods.

Iím still taking Betaine HCl (stomach acid) with my meals, because when I donít my belly gets extended. Food is not fully digested and is fermented in the colon which results in gas. Digestion of protein and absorbing certain minerals and vitamins requires a certain acidity in the stomach. My stomach is not yet acidic enough by itself. This is a direct result of being iodine deficient for so long. I also take enzymes with meals. All this to help optimise absorption of nutrients until my body can take over.

Iím still taking B12 with DMSO through the skin. This is also because my stomach is not acidic enough yet to absorb the B12, the intrinsic factor is not produced in the presence of low acidity.

My adrenals are much better. Sometimes though, I feel faint when standing up quickly. Then I take extra B5 and a salt push to help my adrenals. This usually works pretty quickly. Also sleeping well is very important for your adrenals, as is stress management.

This year I tan so easily. And when a white piece of skin does get red in the sun, it will not peel but will slowly turn into bronze over two days time. At the most I will peel a very thin layer, but underneath I will still be tanned, not white. I used to not be able to sit in the sun at all. I never tanned, I just burned horribly, peeled horribly and was white again afterwards. I use Aloe Vera mixed with potassium Iodide on my skin before I go into the sun and also afterwards. I want to try the coconut oil with Lugols too, haven't done that yet.

Almost forgot that I havenít had a single outbreak of cold sores this year. Not even when I was ill. Sometimes though my lip tingles at the spot were the cold sore used to appear. I put Lugols 5% on it when it does.

I have been taking basically a good multivitamin+mineral (I take it in its separate parts, because thatís easier to manipulate, but put together itís basically a really complete multivitamin+mineral). On top of this I take: Sea Salt + potassium chloride, real fish oil (vit A as retinol + D), Q10, B2/B3, magnesium malate and taurate, Astaxanthin (antioxidant), lysine, B5 (for the adrenals), dessicated adrenal , liver support, vit C, boron, DIM, vit K2 MK4, Omega-3, extra selenium.

Still havenít figured out how much selenium to take on different levels of SSKI. Can anyone advise on this? How much should you take on 5 grams I-? Sometimes Iíve been taking quite high dosages of selenium (800 mcg) for weeks on end, but Iíve never experienced toxicity yet. I take the yeast bound, the elemental. I tried L-selenomethionine, but it doesn't have the same soothing effect on my brain.

I have been taking a little (mostly one grain) of natural dessicated hormone every now and then to help my struggling thyroid. But since I've been on the high dose SSKI, I haven't found the need to. Maybe I will need some in the winter though, we'll see.

I started using magnesium taurate, because I am always looking for a magnesium that doesn't upset my tummy. I find that I tolerate magnesium taurate extremely well. I take it together with my vitamin C at mealtime, to offset the alkalinity of the magnesium (Gina's tip I believe).

Good health everybody!

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