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Re: Home remedy for cysts/abscesses
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Home remedy for cysts/abscesses

I have never written a post, review or reply for anything like this. I'm not the kind of person who likes to go through the hassle of creating password and username for every website. So, needless to say, here I am telling you all that this is the worst pain I have ever experienced, and Pheobe's method is absolutely genius!!! Now because I was so skeptic, I will give you the details that I wish I had read somewhere in these earlier posts.

Back in 2010 I had developed my first Bartholin gland cyst/abscess. Not to my knowledge I thought it was just some odd pain that would go away. Until the pain grew to a lump the size of a grape which I discovered after sex. I remember laying on the floor next to my boyfried at the time (now husband) in pain and knew although I had no insurance at the time, I needed to make my first Gyno visit ever. So naturally I was nervous but didnt care what had to be done as long as my Gyno could do something. She knew exactly what it was, an infected Bartholin gland abscess. I was scheduled for emergency surgery the next day to perform marsupialization to the gland. I was terrified having never been to the Gyno let alone never having surgery. Well the procedure went great, experienced no pain and was so relieved immediately after just took the pain pills and Antibiotics given post op. the word catheter fell out on its own oh about 4-5 days after. 3 years later and I still have had no problem with the left side Bartholin gland after the marsupialization.

Now this time, my right gland has been effected. It has been 11 days since I felt the pain. I am 25, and one evening I was laying in bed with my husband saying how it felt like my vagina was bruised. The sensation as if I had rough sex although I didn't and it had been 3 days. The next morning I felt around and noticed a small bump that still felt bruise like. It was more of an internal bump, nothing visible. I hoped it was something that would go away but I became more worried and thought it was a vaginal lump. The days went on and on day 5 the lump was grape size. I called my Gyno to realize she had just left for vacation and wouldn't be back for another week. I didn't know what to do and at that point knew it was a Bartholin abscess and knowing my previous occurance, I didn't want to develop further inflammation or cellulitis from the lingering infection. My Gyno office told me to contact my family doctor or urgent care. After reading previous posts about urgent care horror stories of lancing and further infection I wasn't about to go. I now have insurance but still not the best for a visit to urgent care.

I called my family doctor whom is a family friend and I trust very well, she told me that it was something that really couldn't be taken care of in the office and it was a procedure my Gyno would have to do. She was able to steer me n the right direction, put me on Antibiotics and had me do hot compresses until I could see my Gyno ( in one week).

So here I am... Day 11. My appointment with my Gyno is on day 14. All week I have been reading this chain of posts and articles and remedies trying to find any cure possible. My pain tolerance is high and when my gland grew today to the size of a golf ball maybe bigger, my pain was a 10/10. Like the rest of you, sitting hurt as well as walking and even laying in bed. I have avoided sex for nearly 2 weeks. It is my anniversary today and I can't have sex with my husband :( he has been so patient and helpful, listening to my rants, running to the store and giving me massages. On top of the Bartholin gland pain, I developed a yeast infection from the Antibiotics I am on. Inflammation station, pain and itching. Now I have taken monistat, naproxen for pain, and my antibiotics. I am not a person who likes to take medication unless I have to, hence trying to find a natural remedy. But one person can only take so much pain!!!!!!!! So the remedies began as follows:

Since day 5, I started antibiotics have taken 2-3 shallow baths(sitz bath in a tub) each day and added one cup Epsom Salts and several drops of pure lavender oil since it is also a natural disinfectant. I started hot compresses at night. I have also been using dial antibacterial soap morning and night gently down there.

Day 7, I read Pheobes natural method. I have applied 2-3x a day for several hours a cotton round soaked in 1oz calamine lotion, 1 tsp pure tea tree oil, and 1 TSP witch hazel. I had better hopes and although I didn't notice much of a difference I knew I was being proactive and hoped for the best. I want sure where to apply the solution so I applied it directly to the inside of the labia where the entrance to the gland can be found. I will also mention that this time around, the gland was swollen more internally than the last time when it was on the opposite side. A lump was not actually visible until yesterday. The whole right side of my lady parts are swollen. After several days of the solution things were feeling a bit dry down there from the tea tree oil so I thought today I would give it a break. Well at 2 in the morning I'm laying In bed and still can't get comfortable in excruciating pain. So I got up and took a bath. Before hopping in the tub I took a mirror and inspected, to which my surprise a head had formed on duct of the infected gland. I had read this happening before so took the bath and added the slightest bit of pressure for 10 seconds because that was all I could stand. Afterwards I laid down on my bed with a towel and mirror hoping to see it better and maybe get the darn thing to drain. As I pulled the inflammed skin back, the abcess finally drained nd burst on its own. THERE IS HOPE THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR POSTING ADVICE!!!! It has given me hope for the times I had my head resting on the edge of the tub crying in pain. That is why I had to post as well. So I drained and applied more pressure just a little bit ago, took a shower to clean up, and the warm water helped because it began to drain more. So I had to shower again. It has slowed down and I have soaked a cotton round in the phoebes famous solution and left it tucked again the gland opening with a sanitary pad on. The abscess is now a tad smaller than a grape and it feels great to not have as much pain. I will keep applying the solution for 3 more days until my Gyno appointment to keep the duct open and free of bacteria. I am assuming I will have to do another marsup procedure and actually look foward to I as I never want to experience this pain again. Best wishes to you all reading this. Be persistant, IT WILL PAY OFF!:)

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