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Re: Still going.. just. (posted Dying from ME/CFS a year ago)
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Still going.. just. (posted Dying from ME/CFS a year ago)

I have recently read a book by Case Adams called "Increased Intestinal Permeability aka Leaky Gut Syndrome" which was quite enlightening. It could be the bacteria you have in your gut which causes your immune system to react the way it does to largish food molecules. My immune system is less favoured to fire at everything and anything due to the bacteria affecting my immune response. However chances are that your leaky gut is worse than mine by quite a large margin.

Your liver must be seriously overburdened. Are your eyes sore or red? Highly sensitive to light?

I noticed that I itched when I ate food and I somehow noticed that when I ate the same foods at the same time of day that I did not itch, was not exhausted and all symptoms practically disappeared! I think that I might of setup an allergic antibody IgE against the food due to repeatedly eating the same food at the same time of day which mopped up any food molecules which entered my blood stream. It takes a food diary of when I eat things and at what time. I occasionally alter my diet and get some symptoms returning briefly. My diet has varied far more recently, especially the times which I always tried to keep to within half an hour of when I ate the food the previous day. You do need to be very careful with such a restricted diet in case you are missing any important nutrients, even things like potassium. It works for me while I seek to solve the causes, your mileage might vary. It gives me the energy and clear mind that helps considerably. For me it's the difference to being practically bed ridden and active. Nothing I take comes even remotely close to the difference to what my diet and eating methods make. I've tried eating normally at my GP Doctors request and I felt so awful that I could not continue. Inflammation breeds inflammation and I don't want it getting to a level which is difficult to rein in.

With regard to Aloe Vera, I would recommend that you go very easy on it because it is very cold in energy and can cause very severe liver congestion if taken in large amounts. I did that and it was a good job that I am so grounded because otherwise I might of been locked up for murder. Such thoughts have never occurred before or since. Highly concentrated Aloe Vera and turmeric can be quite a nasty combination. However I am glad that I did it because it healed a strip in my kidney zone and my mood improved quite a bit because of that.

I purchased the Aloe Vera from GNC in the UK many years ago, 10 to 15 years ago. As I mentioned, they stopped selling it. It has been so long ago that I cannot remember the brand, it was not one of the big brand names with a fancy bottle, it was in large white plastic bottles with a printed label straight on the plastic, no paper label, I think it was 2 litres for the larger bottle and a smaller 1 litre bottle.

I have purchased some highly purified Aloe Vera capsules from the USA, cost a fortune, import duty and it did nothing! Not even close to what the Aloe from GNC did. That by the way looked very processed. A clear jelly consistency, it did have a thickener in the ingredients. Judging it I would say it was a low quality product but how it worked, if it didn't turn people into homicidal maniacs. lol

I think that you might benefit by getting your bowel working as well as possible. That opens an elimination channel which would assist your liver to detox. I use lots of fibre, pint glasses of the stuff such as psyllium husks and Glucomannan which helps assist my liver and keep things moving. If your constipated then I think that you should try and get your bowel moving as best as possible.

Also be aware that your body does need fat for maintenance and repair, it requires saturated fats, which can be produced in the liver with suitable resources, for the nervous system and organs such as the kidneys etc.

Take things slowly so there is no adverse reaction.

If you try the diet method, you could maybe combine it with natway's suggestion which would have a similar effect by a slightly different method as it is not eating to a clock. You could try the clock method and bananas for a few days to see if it helps but eat them at the same time to a diary to give it the best chance of success. Any relief would be helpful to your liver IMO.

Something which might be worth looking at is PepZinGI [Zinc carnosine complex] which helps protect the gut from inflammation. Inflammation makes the gut more permeable. I now take 2 capsules, 1 with each pint glass of fibre (approx 3/4 pint) of which I take 2 before each meal.

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