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Candida, depression and vitamin c part 2
kim elizabeth Views: 5,581
Published: 10 years ago

Candida, depression and vitamin c part 2

I posted a while back about how I felt that St. John's Wort was helping my son's Depression (caused by candida). Now I am pretty sure that although perhaps the St. John's Wort was helping, the main help was really vitamin C that he took with the St. John's Wort.

Checking old posts I have found two other people who have found that vitamin c taken to or nearly to bowel tolerance is helpful in reducing certain symptoms of candida.

“The other night I decided to up my dose of vitamin c. ... My stomach was grumbling like I was hungry...a sensation I have not felt for a while. The next morning I got up and my bowels moved easily ans thoroughly. ...Oddly after taking the mega doses I told my hubby I feel better. I am cured , but this fog around myhead lifted substanbtially. “sic.

“I am currently experimenting with high dose vitamin C. I am taking around 10g/day, divided into hourly doses. I am not certain yet, but it seems my anxiety seems to go away when I take a certain threshold amount of vitamin C. I don't seem to benefit unless I'm taking around the bowel tolerance level. “

Notice that the symptoms that are helped are what might be called "brain symptoms" such as anxiety and brain fog, and in the case of my son, depression. I don't have any evidence that this would help digestive symptoms.

I try to keep his vitamin C levels up near bowel tolerance, but when he is having a lot of die off he can slip in and out of Depression very rapidly. One example (when I was about 3 days into a round of oil of oregano) of a specific incidence was a time when I found him sitting on his bed staring at the wall and gave him about 15 grams of vitamin c and tried to get him to stand up and he was unresponsive so I left him and half an hour later he was at the computer working on his school work. If his stomach is full it takes longer and I have to give him a couple of 10 gram doses for it to work so I try to give it to him as soon as his stomach stops rumbling. When he isn't having much die off he needs less, less often, and the Depression is much less.

Since it works so quickly, it is my theory that the vitamin C is detoxifying toxins that the candida produces that causes these symptoms, but perhaps it works by some other mechanism. When he has severe die off the vitamin C bring him to a point where he feels somewhat depressed but he can still do things rather than staring into space. When the die off isn't too bad and he is only somewhat depressed before the vitamin C then the vitamin C takes him to the point where he feels quite well. If a person has candida and has not been taking measures to overcome it then I don't know if the vitamin C would help, but for those who have any "brain" or "mental" symptoms who are on some kind of candida diet and trying to reduce the candida toxin load I think this is worth trying. Just remember that you have to keep close to bowel tolerance, which usually means your stomach will be rumbling a lot of the time. This treatment might help some to keep the symptoms more tolerable while they are treating the candida.

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