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Re: Testing for parasites
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Testing for parasites

My ND told me that you need 10 stool samples at different time to get a 100% accuaracy because parasites move around from organ to organ, they are smart at hiding. This is the reason why people that are sick, suffering never get diagnosed right because the parasite are hiding.

One might be better off buying a high powered microscope.slides and brushing up on your science.

I had six parasite checks I had FOUR western blot tests at different times within 15 months everythng was negative plus I saw a top notch ivy league Infectious disease doctor. tell me I did not have an infectious diesease or any parasites .
Another doctor told me, " doctors only check you for what they think of? So if they don't think of it you don't get tested for it."
I had Metametrix labs and Great Plain labs all run tests every single one was negative my MD said he was shocked that the tests came back negative, he believed 100% I had parasites that were hiding. I was deathly ill I know there can be other reasons... gland malfunction... hormonal imbalance and of course tooth or root canaled teeth infections or mercury/ silver filling poisoning can also make you deathly ill too.

Then I went another route I had two different machines analyze me. I think the disclaimer it is for pure entertainment ... the first machine SCIO outlawed in some states it was suggesting I had round worms. The second machine was the MORA this is totally cool and the standard in Europe so I hear... It tested me positive for parasitesz it also pinpointed with a 100% accuracy an infected wisdom tooth and its location!

In fact I became ill the same month that tooth was worked on apparently if the area was never cleaned, sterlized o a serious infection brewing. So went to holstic dentist

So the question is how the heck is someone supposed to get well if the testing methods are so screwed up? And how do you draw the parasites out from hiding before a test?

The labs in hospitals are far from perfect, I went to the labs SO often they knew me. One day I ask are the blood samples tested here in the Mega hospital? " Oh no they are sent out about thirty minutes away to a lab then I wondered if the temperature changes and handling could comprimise the specimens. I was also told all analysis is done By computers... yes basically a robot computer program is analyzing your samples they are not humans! Only if you are having a manuel diff test will a real human do that test. So if the robot does not see it, oh well too bad! LOL

I hired a real live biochemist and I'm getting a live blood analysis in five days and a stool test so I will post again.

Anyhow I think I will do the cayenne pepper test and Sea Salt test. Parasites hate Sea Salt !

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