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Re: The END of candida !!!!!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: The END of candida !!!!!

Do not wait for any useful medicines from manufacturer's to effectively kill candida over three distinct areas of infected body – and do it all at once! Also to administer medicines that kill candida in a three-step fashion, that would entail timely planning by doctor's cashing in on the Walking Dead Syndrome!

To kill candida, doctors would need to recommend over-the counter medicines that kill candida on a daily basis – then different medicines that could impact all three areas of body -- over the long-run -- until candida infection is truly dead (daily contact with a doctor -- that's mission impossible -- huge waiting rooms would be required)!

To disable (to make it really die) established candida colonies in the body is a difficult 'chasing after game' for the doctor. First round, kill candida colonies main base of operation -- the stomach and connected organs, which must be killed on a daily basis. Second round, kill candida within the urinary tract and connected organs, secondary base of operation, which must be killed on a daily basis. Then go after all other candida colonies LIVING OUTSIDE these two domains (digestive/urinary tracts), ending with REAL evidence that no other candida infections do exist elsewhere within patient's entire body (even the brain)!

In other words1, chasing/killing after all candida colony outposts in candida patient's body DOCTORS MUST DO MUCH MORE THEN -- we need further test results Dear to take action, so say the army of doctors in waiting. Even so, it is here that most doctors prefer to treat their 'walking dead' patients (via of medicines manufacturers say kill candida), but without ever maintaining a killing zone for candida living within the digestive/urinary tracts.

In other words2, to really kill candida in the body, would entail controlling/winning total control over three distinct infected areas of body for the long-run. The candida's favorite infestation locations are in order of preference (listed below).

Candida colonies that are fully developed (see pictures on google) are very damaging to any/all parts of the body in which they are attached to (candida is a saprophyte that lives off other living tissues). Colonies of candida grow via making open caves of sorts (body-liquid sores) within living organs of infected victim.

Candida caves expand via gas emissions from yeast feeding on Sugar on a cellular level. This permits easy linear expansion so thriving colonies can grow even bigger and then produce their fruiting bodies to further infect all living tissues within selected organs themselves (some doctors call these open sores only lesions)!

Established colonies are easily formed for all yeasts make their own gas and lots of it (breads and cakes use yeast). All these open sores (established candida colonies) are extremely difficult to repair by either the immune system within the body and outside the body by any medicine administered by doctors.

Well established candida colonies can live within any major organ in the body even live within the brain itself! Even so, some candida colonies do get impacted by immune system over time. The problem though is that many immune systems are non-functional for other reasons (between different persons), or ineffective at best (very sick patients) when encountering massive candida colony counts within infected body's. In other words, the repairing process, by the immune system, can be too slow or in-effective when closing up candida-based 'wound' in sickly patients.

And if the candida 'wound' is large and remains open under the immune system control -- it could force eventual movement of said infection site to the organ's outer surfaces. IF THIS HAPPENS, IT WILL BE LEAVING AN OPEN SORE OF CANDIDA TO GROW FURTHER! And in a short time be producing fruiting bodies with spores being released inside body cavity itself (Yep, candida puts big money into doctors' pocketbooks)!

Back to the three areas of importance:

1. The first area to be repaired is entire digestive tract and entire urinary tract combined. This is the first infection sight to be disabled. In other words, both tracts must be free of candida to got to next area of repair in the body.

2. The second area, and I do feel THE MOST DIFFICULT candida infection sight to get full repair is the mouth and it's salvia glands. It is here that the candida re-infects the digestive and urinary tracts on a daily basis.

3. The third area is the rest of the body, itself. In other words, once candida gets well established in areas of one and two first, it then saturates the rest of the body with spores -- until candida colonies are well established throughout!

Currently, I have successfully taken control of my entire digestive tract and urinary tracts with just one powerful herb called Blood Root (American sources only). I have discussed the makeup of the Blood Root doses within my letters at //
(keywords: beesting, candida).

I have been working with Blood Root for about a year now. Unfortunately, I am still infected with candida of the mouth. I have a sugar-jar test to allow measuring of candida in the mouth! The tests are always positive (candida colony buildup at base of jar). I have been 'chewing on rags' with MgCl solutions (keywords, beesting, dental plaque remove) with questionable results, but i am getting smaller candida colony buildups at jar's base of Sugar tests to date!

To disable candida of the mouth is my main concern right now. I suspect candida is living within my salvia glands, and I am very upset over this infection problem. I do hope to find a second/third strong herb on the market or at least a useful process-type treatment that can directly impact the mouth zone, itself – success would only be via evidence proving candida is not present in my saliva glands.

The great news is that I REMAIN FREE TODAY of candida colonies and their ever generating offspring (live spores) in both my digestive and urinary tracts. Why am I so happy? Well, I can prove it via a set of controls on a monthly basis.

To further the great news above, within my digestive and my urinary tracts there are a series of important organs attached. All these upstream-organs attached to the urine bladder and colon, if any organs were infected upstream, I would get a POSITIVE TEST RESULT (from urine-in-the-bottle test) -- proving candida colonies are present upstream too.

In other words, if no candida colonies are present upstream my urine-in-bottle should always be a NEGATIVE TEST (clear urine with no gas being produced within a closed container)! Yep, a negative test result proves all upstream organs (attached to digestive and urinary tracts) are free of well established colonies and their living spores outflows –- for the moment.

Currently, I can not prove if my colon is actually free of candida yet, for i do not have a useful test for colon, itself. Even so, I have accepted the idea of dumping my colon content on a daily basis (see MgCl makeup at peyronies,beesting, candida). I am fortunate here for I have been doing this daily dumping of colon content for many years, but for other reasons!

In conclusion, I do believe blood root is actually doing the disabling/killing of all candida established colonies and their living spores within digestive and urinary tracts -- the dose i am taking is (250mg) per day.

The awful news is that re-infection of one's body is too easy! Even a wet kiss or other liquid-type encounter with another person – other candida infected person – it will get you reinfected at once!

It has been reported 3 out of 4 persons in America are already infected with advanced stages of candida. And with candida living 'longterm in these infected bodies' -- in any living body -- inflammation becomes part of the infection process (more money to doctor's pocketbooks) and even other invaders could take hold in the meantime! In other words, major candida colonies living within important organs of infected body can easily generate HUGE INFLAMMATION ZONES FOR THE LONGTERM – possibly inviting cancerous growths (blood cousins) easy entry to join in the fest!


p.s.1. Please note: All yeasts love Sugar (alcohol is the shortest sugar chain). Like rats, yeast colonies live closest to their major food sources. The digestive tract contains the most food (processed and unprocessed) in the body. Some of these food stuffs get processed but other food stuffs do not – leaving lots of unprocessed oils and greases and chemicals all about the digestive tract (from mouth to colon), often establishing layers upon layers clinging to the insides of intestines (for example).

The urinary tract is a little different, but all said liquids within tract do contain saturated/processed/unprocessed/chemical type tails (layers) inside all upstream organs to urinary bladder. Therefore, yeasts, especially cellular yeasts get spread and grow within this saturated sugar source (food stuffs) all moving downstream and always ending up in colon and urinary bladder!

The digestive/urinary zones are the least protected within the body, for immune systems live within all body organs and their respective body fluids within said organs. At the cellular level, all living cells get exposed to energy (short-chain sugars) floating within the body fluids of each living organ in body, this is not true for floating masses of food stuffs. For there are no defensive immune system present within the digesting process where candida colonies can co-exist. On the other hand, each organ has its food abundance free floating about (sugar/energy) within the body fluids, but the immune system is always present to protect both food and living cells.

In conclusion, the easiest sugar source for candida to take hold of – with no immune defenses nearby -- are the digestive/urinary tracts – especially the colon! I am going to get very specific here: the invaders within body love to live within the layers upon layers of unprocessed oils and animal tissues clinging to inner linings (living tissues and bowel waste) of digestive/urinary tracts themselves. It is here the immune system can not get into quickly and make repairs or even defend against any invaders living within, thus allowing huge colony infestations to exist for the longterm (Note: all this can be avoided with daily bowel movement)!

In regards to organs with immune defense systems present, the saliva glands get infected first! For this is the closest independent organ (outside the digestive and urinary tracts) that allow candida colonies and spores to fest on food stuffs within the mouth!

As candida progresses further (deeper into body mass) it begins to attack the skin and it layers of fatty tissues underneath (a sort of warm blanket to the body). Often it is the skin tissues on the face that get attacked first via saliva nightly outflows. If this does happen, candida spores quickly burrow deeply into tissues (itching occurs) thus penetrating sores within face zone in just a few days. Over time, though, some of thee sores do return to skin's surfaces (via successful immune system attacks) to form open redden sores, even open bleeding type sores! -- all of these are candida type sores (in stress), and they are very difficult to close with any medicines administered (see last paragraph of this letter for a good example)!

I have given the above example for a reason: for sores on face did happen to me (I witnessed it and got a corrective treatment confirmed via using MgCl washes on my face), and the even was most painful and for many months before discovering a useful solution (I used MgCl 6 percent solutions and face wags on a daily basis).

Even so, this very same process (facial open/closed sores) could easily happen within the digestive/urinary tracts or any independent living organ within the infected body. Therefore, one could these facial-sore experiences to hel envision or picture what candida colonies could do inside infected body, itself -- dig down deeper and deeper and deeper leaving opens sore everywhere within body!

As candida continues to mature (third level of attack to entire body) it spreads into all major organs possible, but at the cellular level! Once attacking body on the cellular level, it begins to capture huge resources of fatty tissues of the over weight patients (a destructive diet) for example. Even though the immune system is everywhere, in these over-weight patients, spore and colony counts just get higher and higher over time -- much too high to effectively allow immune system to defend the entire body all at once!!!!

Over time, successful candida populations (feeding off sugar at the cellular level) just explode -- taking over the entire body via using the blood stream to get about.

Why is this happening? For masses of candida spores get there first and consume all free-floating sugar at the cellular level of each infected organ! The best the immune system can do is feed the body's remaining living cells, despite the candida spore counts in the area! The immune system just continues to burst more fat cells in all areas of need (see google: fat cells pictures) to feed the localized living body cellular tissues in need of energy to stay alive!

I witnessed a candida patient's suffering recently! She was spending thousands to get well she told me! These doctors are not helping me, i have insurance. She further stated, I have went through 6 of them useless doctor types and even a dentist. Why the dentist I asked her? The gums of my teeth were infected with candida too! I looked at her teeth, and sure enough i could see the off-white colony growths between teeth and gums in here mouth!

As I suspected, 6 useless doctors and one useless dentist at work (doing their so called best on her), but not much help to anyone except their pocketbooks were stuffed full -- was I witness to feeding frenzy off the insurance industry?

When I first saw her arms I was shocked. So much so, that I became worried for her life -- she was extremely thin, and something strange was happening to her skin organ.

I finally raised her sleeves up -- both arms! Yep, no fatty-tissue layers below her skin surfaces! In other words, her skin was completely transparent to me -- for I could see her blood vessels and connective tissues and muscles structures underneath!

Hello doctors, are you really helping much The Walking Dead or just feeding off them for a fee -- as candida colonies are doing for free?

p.s.2. Well I can finally prove getting useful medicines into third area of the body (herbs delivered to the cellular tissues level in body) is possible. I could not believe it so, but the evidence has now revealed itself twice to me. By accident I stopped Blood Root dosage for three days. The immediate result was aggressive itching and a corner of mouth sore developing. I immediately resumed the taking of low dosages of Blood Root to get immediate relief within one week. This is great news to me, and I will experiment further with increased dosages of 500mg of Blood Root, taken in half doses within two major meals each day for 60 days. Then take a sugar-jar test to see if candida is present, weakened or less of it at base of jar.

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