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Some Causes Dizziness, Vertigo, Nausea
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Published: 7 years ago

Some Causes Dizziness, Vertigo, Nausea

This is just an a few causes of dizziness it may be caused by many things: vitamin defiencies, diabetes, low blood pressure, heart issues, SALT may cause dizzines in 80%-90% of cases, Stop salt and see. Dizziness may be caused by low thyroid. GI issues ( SIBO GERDS, CROHNS) hormones, parasites, inner ear infection, sinus infections, and blocked artery if this is the case please run now to the ER. Statisically 20% of people are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed, personally I think the number is much higher than this. Viruses may cause dizziness . For viruses seek out a specialist to help you kill it. There are some specialized clinics thoughout the world that know how to kill viruses and some ND/integrative MD specialized also may be skilled in this area. The newest causes of dizziness is computers,called the Computer Vision Syndrome. Cell phones, cell phone towers and smart meters have been proven to disrupt energy fields, since all living creatures have an energy field there is a energetic reactions going on. Computers, lab tops cell phones cell phone towers may be making some sick, dizzy nauseaus.. I think it is way more dangerous than we even know. Stay away from them and see if you feel better. I think in the future we will wear hazmat suits or sit behind a shield of some sort to protect ourselves while sitting in front of computer. A few other reasons for dizziness is a sinus infection you do not have to be congested to have something living in your sinuses that is making you sick! I prefer to skip the spendy ENT doctors! Also many ENT doctors now know that rounds of antibiotics may not really work on sinus infections and some antibiotics literally contribute to the growth of more fungus. I just skipped the whole pricey ENT doctor scene and just headed straight for a more natural, effective and fast approach to sinus infections. I Found an ND that is specialized in ozone I got ozone injections directly into sinus cavity for fast effective results and did this for few weeks. Dizziness may be caused by tiny crystals, or ear rocks, in the inner ear help us to balance. In a sensitive ear canal, they can cause dizziness. Parasites may be living in your body and releasing endotoxins or ectoxins which may cause dizziness, wheezing and shortness of breath, asthma like symptoms... these repulsive creatures are releasing byproducts that is contributing to shortness of breath, brain fog/dizziness. Do a parasite cleanse . Dizziness can be caused by infected teeth. Of course the deadly root canaled teeth all need to be extracted by holistic or biological dentist. Get the mercury /silver filling out and get take the mercury challege test to see if you have mercury poisoning. My dentist says, Porcelain is nonreactive meaning it is safe. Dizziness may be caused by a compressed nerve or bone spur. The solution may be in simple visit to spine doctor, an osteopathic/ND or a simple laser surgery can fix the problem. Another solutions may be in Steroids which decrease inflammation. Since I detest synthetics. Prolone would be my choice it is natural and is 62% effective with little to no side effects I would go that route. Steriods are 42% effective with lots of side effects, but insurance companies will pay for them. My MSOM/ ND would ask me what happen in the months or surrounding months the illness Did you travel? Did you have any surgeries at all? Dental procedures? Were you in any accidents? Do you have fillers, or your hair dyes or processed in anyway? Does you car or office make you feel sick? Is there new constuction in your neighborhood or new towers? Is the water fluoridated? Change shampoos, makeup, soaps, laundry detergents to something nonreactive and natural. Eat organic, NO GMO, no dyes, no additives, no perservatives and MSG should be outlawed. Skip sugar altogether. NO COFFEE . Wear cotton Drink bottle water if the water is flurodated. Do not eat our of plastic containers, or drink our of plastic coated cups. Go raw vegan or vegetarian for a while. Evaluate how you feel in a couple months. My good friend was allergic to vitamin D her body could not break it down so she was feeling sick , dizzy, light & sound sensitive this went on for a year. Her roomate figured it out that she was allergic to vitamin D. My other friend had dizzy spells and migraines. She did some research had all the mercury removed her migraines and dizzy spell disappeared. Finally, dizziness may be an emotional response to the enviroment where you react with fear, anxiety, panic and have inner turmoil. The nervous pacing back fourth types would need anti-anxiety meds.

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