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Re: OT - MTHFR: ~60% of the population has condition - cause chronic illnesses
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: OT - MTHFR: ~60% of the population has condition - cause chronic illnesses head hurts, so long story :)

Very infromative, i dont much understand about genetic`s thought,in fact i dont understand nothing on genetics.

I have been using long time this Optimized B-Complex :

And i am happy with it, before that i used allways the basic b complex that are all cheap rubbish, and now when i read this about MTHFR issue it seems that this Jarrow b-righ was a good choise.

I just yesterday visited this site:

There was also something about glutathione and genetics

According to Dr. Shade, effective detoxification is highly dependent on your glutathione and sulfur metabolism. For example, when your glutathione and sulfur levels increase, you’ll typically see higher levels of mercury coming out of your hair. It’s important to realize, however, that detoxing cannot be achieved overnight. Or even in a few weeks. According to Dr. Shade, most people will typically need an entire year to detox, depending on how sick you are. The sicker you are, the longer it will take, simply because you have to go slower when you’re ill.”

“The core of the detoxification system is the glutathione system. Notice that I don’t say, “it’s glutathione.” No, it’s the glutathione system. Glutathione binds to metals and can move them out of your body, but it doesn’t do that alone.”

"If we look at what the requirements for resistance to metals and effective detoxification (meaning not only the resistance but shuttling them out), you need healthy levels of glutathione in your cells. You [also] need activity of... a phase II detoxification enzyme called glutathione S-transferase."

“We use a lot of this liposomal glutathione. We have recently taken on the manufacturing of that that’s making a very small, high integrity liposome. But aside from liposomes, whey protein is my favorite way to get those precursors into the body.”

“According to Dr. Shade, if your body is making glutathione well, then just taking whey protein should be sufficient. But if your detoxification system is severely compromised, the liposomal glutathione can serve an important function as it can offer immediate relief against the oxidative stress caused by the mercury. He typically recommends using both for people who are ill.”

“It’s an interesting fact that some people with high mercury exposure don’t become toxic, yet others with relatively low exposure do. Why is this? Why does one person get really sick from her Amalgams while another is perfectly fine? The difference lies in your ability to detoxify naturally. You already have a system in place for removing mercury and other heavy metals from your body. Mercury’s half-life can range from 40 to 120 days, and the faster you can clear it out, the less you’ll be affected.”

“It’s important to realize that people are either slow detoxifiers or fast detoxifiers, and a small genetic subset are super slow detoxifiers. If you are in the super slow group, your detox system is significantly impaired and the result can be mercury overload. How quickly you detoxify on your own depends on a several factors, such as your exposure level, genetic makeup, genetic expression, and overall health. For example, if your progesterone levels are low, you can’t detoxify as well, and unfortunately, decreased progesterone levels are common today.”

“It is important to realize that any mercury detoxification is a marathon and NOT a sprint. You do NOT want to do this quickly. Even if you believe you are healthy you want to start this process SLOWLY as you could easily cause severe flare ups. I am one of the healthiest people I know and when I did my program I did it over six months. Some people may need to do it far more slowly and may need a few years to effectively eliminate the mercury safely.”

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