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Bacterial infection treated with with CDS and DMSO...
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Published: 6 years ago

Bacterial infection treated with with CDS and DMSO...

I was using a pair of scissors to try and pry out a plastic thread insert from a broom head(I know, it was a terribly stupid thing to do), but it fit perfectly inside the thread insert and so I decided to use it to try and pry out the broken piece from the broom head. Needless to say, as karma would have it, the scissors slipped and jumped out from the insert and I ended-up stabbing myself in the muscle spanning between the thumb and finger. And though the entire thing happened very quickly, I'd seen enough to know it was a rather pretty deep wound. - Which turned out to excruciatingly painful to say the least.

Strange thing about all this, was that while I was sweating bullets trying not to pass out from the pain, I couldn't help but think of how fake the movies are, when they portrait people fighting after being stabbed etc. Anyways, it was a weird thing to think about, but that's what kept going through my mind as I was fighting passing out from the pain of such a nonlethal injury. Anyways, I guess I shouldn't rule out that I could just as well be a a wimp also.

At any rate, after some ice and a little recovery time, I was able to tend to the wound to the best of my abilities. Though I knew that the scissors were pretty bad in terms of cleanliness as they were in my toolbox for the past year and that I'd used them for pretty much everything under the sun. And so I was pretty confident that the wound was anything but clean. But since it was so deep, I really didn't see how I could clean it beyond that of running water on it, in hopes of flushing out whatever dirt was left on the outside.

Following this, I wrapped a bandaged with a compress soaked in Colloidal Silver on the wound just to be safe and went to bed. The next morning, my hand was severely swollen and I really couldn't move it at all. And whenever I did move it(forgetting), it caused a pain that was very reminiscent of the initial injury. And so there weren't many instance of that happening throughout the day. By day three the swelling was beginning to subside though there was quite a bit of redness around the top area of my hand surrounding the impact site. I figured it was normal as this was likely localized bruising and so I continued to apply fresh dressings with Colloidal Silver compresses throughout the day and evenings. By day 5 most all of the swelling at the sight area was gone, though the top of my hand remained quite red and swollen and feeling hot. I figured this was likely part of the healing as the remainder of the swelling in my hand had subsided and so I changed the dressing that night and went to bed.

By morning, I examined my hand and found that the redness on the top of my hand had spread and that the edges near my fingers was turning black. Needless to say, this was very distressing to see as I've witnessed a very similar looking infections with someone in the past who ended-up loosing part of his fingers in amputation. And so I felt this was a very serious situation.

After showing my wife, she recommended that we go to the hospital. But I told her that I wanted to try one thing throughout the day and that if things didn't improve that I would go to the hospital that evening. And so I took a pen and outlined the red area so as to monitor any changes over the course of the day.

At this point, I knew that if anything could fight this it would be Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . And so, I decided to soak my hand in CDS along with DMSO to ensure rapid absorption. I prepared a plastic container large enough to soak my entire hand in, and filled it with distilled water. I then microwaved the water to raise the temperature of the water slightly above body temp. I then added three cap fulls of DMSO and 250ml of CDS. The DMSO would act as a transdermal transport to help get the CDS/chlorine dioxide as quickly and as deeply as possible into my hand. I then proceeded to soak my entire hand in the solution for about 30 mins. - I redrew the pain outline as it had faded.

Later that day around noon, I repeated the same procedure, redrew the outline, and then one more time at 6pm. At which point, I redrew the outline.

At this point, the most outstanding thing was that my hand had completely turned a sort of bronze color(lol). Even the hairs on my hand were bronze coloured. It was quite obvious that the CDS/DMSO mixture had some sort of discoloration effect on my skin which sort of made it tough to gauge whether or the redness had gone away or not. Though we were able to see that the black at the base of my fingertips had gone away and so I concluded that the treatment had some positive effects on the infection. And so, I wrapped my hand in a gauze with a Colloidal Silver compress and turned in for the night.

The next morning, I was happy to see that my hand looked quite good. The swelling on the top had gone down and all of the areas looked even in terms coloration. My hand was still bronze coloured mind you, though I could tell it was very even throughout. And so I decided to soak my hand in a much weaker solution for another day. I wouldn't use DMSO this time as I felt that the CDS alone would be sufficient promote healing. And so I soaked my hand in a weaker solution in water and CDS one last time as a precautionary measure.

In the three days that would follow, I did not soak or take anything other than colloidal silver. Though I'm happy to report that my hand has nearly regained all of it's normal colour and that there are no signs of swelling or redness anywhere other than a very small area around the point of entry. Which I suspect to be nothing more than the normal healing process as a wound closes up.

And so this is my testimonial on the use of CDS and DMSO to treat what I would call a very serious infection.

Hope this helps.

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