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Well, There Are Other Fully Unvarnished & Totally veracious Truths About Botox Medications, Blepharospasms & Involuntary Muscle Contractions
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Published: 10 years ago
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Well, There Are Other Fully Unvarnished & Totally veracious Truths About Botox Medications, Blepharospasms & Involuntary Muscle Contractions

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Quote [When Botox and medications don’t work, surgery to make the eye stop twitching, called myectomy, removes some of the muscles around the eye. This can be effective but is usually only used as a last resort. Physicians try Botox and medications first before recommending surgery.] End Quote


Actually, the fully veracious and totally unvarnished truth about Botox are such that :

A) Disadvantages of Botox medications as a solution to Blepharospasm / chronic eyelid twitching / eye blinking :

With all due respects and I totally mean no offences, truthfully, Botox injections are actually composed mainly of Botulinum toxin that are in fact medical derivatives from Clostridium botulinum bacterium (which causes botulism) that have been intentionally abused before for the purpose of chemical warfare owing to its intense toxicity.

Hence, please consider the excerpts below :

"Botulinum toxin is among the most poisonous substances known. The toxin, which can be ingested or inhaled, and which disrupts transmission of nerve impulses to muscles, is naturally produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Certain strains of C. baratii and C. butyricum can also be capable of producing the toxin.

Botulinum toxin has become well known in recent years for two reasons. First, the toxin has become a weapon in the arsenal of terrorists. Contamination of food is one route for infection with the toxin. The toxin can also be released into the air, which was attempted on at least three occasions between 1990 and 1995 by the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo. The government of Iraq admitted to United Nations inspectors following the 1991 Persian Gulf War that tens of thousands of liters of botulism toxin had been produced and loaded into weapons. The toxin was the most numerous of all the biological weapons then developed by Iraq.

Paradoxically, the other reason for the toxin's fame is the use of the toxin as a cosmetic enhancement (i.e., "botox")."

quoted from :

Whilst in terms of Botox injections for chronic Blepharospasm / rapid involuntary uncontrollable & seriously unmitigated non-stop eyelid twitchings / eye blinkings, that's also a troblesome solution as one would need to take "necessary" and perpetually continual periodical Botox injections of which each injections session would last for 3 - 6 months each, and one would need to take such syringe injections of Botox medications persistently and successively for the rest of one's life to mitigate and deal with one's chronic Blepharospasm disorder.

Besides, the most important point remains that given that
the ones suffering from chronic Blepharospasm / rapid, involuntary, uncontrollable, purposeless eyelid twitching / eye blinking disorders who choose to take perpetually periodical syringe injections of Botox medications that are administered continually and periodically to their chronically twitching / blinking eyelids, well, they are actually and continually fed with such 100 % purely poisonous chemical substances from time to time in reality for the rest of their lives.

Next, it is worthy to take note that human bodies would tend to get immune to any medications especially the ones fed to them repeatedly from time to time, including Botox, particularly the ones composed of the identical chemical components as explained above / of the same version, and that's most probably the very reason why at certain times it didn't or fail to work.

In such a connection, Botox medications with different mixtures of chemical components and ingredients are often "invented", launched and promoted from time to time as new and latest cosmetic enhancement and medical-treatment products with one of the largely unknown purposes of overcoming such a problem of immunity.

Nevertheless, since such medications are all 100 % poisonous substances themselves, naturally no one would be able to tell or predict the consequences and the risks needed to be incurred, largely unknowingly, especially by the regular users of Botox medications of different brands and versions which are composed of different mix of chemical substances & ingredients over the long term.

And as such, this category of persons are thus highly and potentially exposed to, taking & running the extremely higher and higher risks from time to time of getting the related unavoidable, and possibly hardly reversible side effects of droopy, ruffled eyelids, other facial distortions etc in the end. which are quoted from :

- Botox and Surgical Solutions For Chronic Blepharospasm ? Are they reasonably really sensible, rational and practical under most of the circumstances ?

And well, since nothing is really 100% fully perfect in this world, which includes mainstream medicines, probably due to their potentially underlying theoretical and methodological inadequacy and limitations, and as such, in certain cases, much more effective cures under certain circumstances may be available from alternative medicines for certain disorders.

In the meantime, given that my related eye conditions are fully ok now ever since numerous years back in the distant past, and thus by making the previous posts above, I just merely wish to share with the intended related others about the great therapeutic & curative benefits that me and the numerous others on an ongoing basis from time to time, have derived & obtained from this particular acupressure cure : /

as reflected through the fully unbiased third-party comments, of whom I totally do not know and have never ever met before as follows:

"I think Actually these persons distributed nearly the identical sore know-how as me from such debilitating sickness and for your data, there were numerous of them who were not so well-to-do, and therefore they could not pay for such costly health accounts of glimpsing the health experts or to get Botox injections / surgical remedy to deal with their non-stop eyelid-twitching problems. Therefore, when I suggested such an acupuncture method to them, I did it out of benevolent humanity, understanding and compassion, and express gratitude God that it worked on each and every individual of them."

quoted from : (Please refer to Post No : 49) / / /


For your additional information, I have also appear throughout quite a few people in my real lifestyle annoyed by this type of the non-stop eyelid twitching trouble of distinctive prospects to and degrees of severity, and accordingly, I just propose the method as pointed out above to them and within of weeks, they just knowledge significant improvements to their problems shortly after applying this therapy, and shortly after a amount of weeks , they just recover completely from this sickness. .
And I wish that by contributing this product of article to you, it will somehow enable one to in no much lower than receiving a clue about this sickness.

quoted from :


“I’ve been twitching for five days and just tried the acupressure technique on myself, and it stopped! thank you!” - anon101160 (16) quoted from:


Well, the key issue remains that, why spending so much time & money persistently & endlessly from time to time for the rest of one's life on such perpetually continual Botox injection cure which is obviously fraught with numerous known and fully unexpected side effects, (Botox and Surgical Solutions For Chronic Blepharospasm ? Are they reasonably really sensible, rational and practical under most of the circumstances ?), whilst at the same time it can actually be fully cured once-and-for-all within several weeks / months by the fully free-of-charge, simple, painless & totally harmless method of alternative medicine? /

So, certainly anyone would rationally & wisely choose anything that would surely best serve their related curative and therapeutic purposes.

Quote [Twitching that occurs with other involuntary contractions of facial muscles may suggest several other conditions. These include Tourette Syndrome, and other disorders of the facial muscles. If you notice pronounced involuntary muscle contractions of the face that don't resolve, do see a doctor for diagnosis.] End Quote



Well, it's very much worthy to take note that for the related muscle contractions of the bodily parts, particularly in the facial muscles, that could also be caused by post-birth causes such as the very obvious scenario of the neuromuscular & neurological side effects of Extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) which are potentiallly inherent in the dopamine antagonists antipsychotics / neuroleptics medications. As such please consider the excerpts below :


Extrapyramidal symptoms, often known as EPS is a neurological side effect of antipsychotic medication, also known as major tranquilizers. Antipsychotics are used to control psychoses such as schizophrenia but can also be used to treat behavioral disturbances associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Antipsychotic medications include chlorpromazine (Thorazine), thioridazine (Melleril) and haloperidol (Haldol).
Extrapyramidal symptoms can begin within a few hours, days or weeks or even years after commencing treatment with an antipsychotic medication.

Extrapyramidal symptoms are most common with the older conventional antipsychotics medications such as chlorpromazine (Thorazine), thioridazine (Melleril), haloperidol (Haldol). Symptoms of Extrapyramidal side effects
Common signs and symptoms include
• involuntary movements
• Tremors and rigidity
• Body restlessness
• {Muscle contractions}
• {Mask like face}......
as quoted from :

- Dire & Deadly Effects of Medicational Antipsychotics / neuroleptics-caused Extrapyramidal Symptoms (EPS)



Quote [Since one of the main causes is stress, addressing the underlying causes of stress might also help a long-term twitch. People with panic disorder report a high rate of eye twitching, and sometimes before big events people report eye twitching occurring. Once the event is over or panic disorder is under control, the eye stops twitching.] End Quote


As a matter of fact, there are a great variety of causes leading to eye twitching / eye blinking, and as such, please consider the excerpts as follows :


However, under rare circumstances when the eye twitch symptom just get progressively and chronically and seriously unmitigated from bad to worse as well as seem to last permanently even when all sorts of related treatments are adminstered upon such illness to deal with it, such non-stop eye twitching symptom may then simply just manifest as one of the serious neuromuscular / neurological symptoms of :

# Tardive Dyskinesia (rapid involuntary uncontrollable eye blinking / eye twitching), which in most cases are caused by the neuromuscular / neurological side effects of certain powerful mind-altering medications and other neurological complications. Whilst the underlying mechanism of such a disease is such that the normal functionings of the neurotransmitters chemical dopamine which co-ordinates the miscellaneous human body movements in this case are disturbed, antagonized and disrupted in this case resulting in one's loss of control of human body movements, and in this case, one's eye / eyelids organ.


as quoted from :

- Various Possible Medical Causes of Unusual Eyelid Twitching / Eye Blinking - Brief Explanations


Lastly, I hope that the information given above will serve as useful references to the related intended persons.



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