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Re: Help me beat Candida?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Help me beat Candida?

Dear PM unionnothing,

I hope you have the time to work out this body skin rash. I further suggest that you follow up reading my few letters on candida relief at curezone. The sugar-jar test is number one task to do, to see if you are being infected with candida or bacteria. If it is candida so, it is attacking your skin membrane and its fatty tissue sub-base. I hope this is all the candida is doing to your body. If it is living within your organs of body, you are really infected.

Use the 6 percent MgCl solution, i have its makeup in my posted letters. Do a complete body wipes, and especially if in the infection is within the hair itself.

You will need to pre-study Magnesium Chloride uses online, so you do not fear its use. The body loves to take in the Mg ions, so this solution will easily go past your skin barrier, fatty layer and connective tissues below ( in the process it will disable candida colonies and the body will begin to close the wounds.

I suggest another help you with your back washings and other difficult parts of the body, and let the solution dry on your skin (do in the evenings, before going to bed). There will be a slight irritation or redness, after a few MgCl body washes, do not worry, this is common in most persons doing body washes with MgCl. Then n the morning take a good shower, not to open up the repairing sores, and finish with a hydrocortisone 1 percent cream.

If this is not fast enough of a repair for you, then add a skin etching cream at night -- but on top of the MgCl film. You will need to do a chewing on the rag routine (see my notes on removing plaque on teeth with MgCl) using MgCl to kill the candida in your mouth and gums. From there you need to kill the candida in your gut and urinary tracts with a herb called Blood Root Powder. It is not a weak indian medicine, be careful, and use only pure blood root powders grown in USA.

Finally, i have several letters posted on curezone about candida, and they could be worth your effort in reading them. key words are: beesting, curezone.


p.s.1. In regards to your spending of $700 worth of remedies posted online, I bet you will not use much of them. Why? I have already went through a disease called, peyronies. I confirmed it with doctors in the USA: Yep you have peyronies please pay your fee at the checkout counter. I did not think it was nice of the doctor, but money runs business! This was back in 1998.

I spent every living moment online to discover how to remove peyronies off my body. I soon discovered the internet is not so useful. In fact, I only gained an edge against terrible disease, when I signed off from the internet, and then began my own self-experimentations on myself (the story is posted at

Today, I look at the internet in another way: as a useful tool, if you can get into the right rabbit hole. Everyone that has been walking about on open land areas, discover there are holes in the ground to be found. Some are for foxes, others rabbits and yet others for rodent-type animals.

The largest most travelled rabbit holes (the internet) are the one-word search types. The two and three word search types (but with useful keywords) are much smaller and are the less traveled ones. The internet measures worth of each website based on number of hits and hits alone. So all one-word search types, on the internet, are the most traveled ones ( largest rabbit holes), and they usually get most of the browsers' action. It is here uninformed or easily mislead shoppers decide to buy from! If I am right, the $700 dollars of remedies you have bought will be of no use to you or anyone else for that matter!

In conclusion, the best items to buy online are often from well searched out efforts -, mainly 3-word searches. If all three key words are related to each other, say within published college documents (phDs for example), then any items mentioned within have been tested by these students extensively and with controls! In other words, with successful 3-word searches in motion, and college papers begin to show up within your searches, pay attention with all surrounding documents too! Doctor's with deep pockets are never within these more serious searches!

None of these restraints do exist within 'any one-word' search on the internet today. I know, for I spent 7 years looking for a peyronies cure (there are none), then with just one piece of truth – honeybee venom removes arthritic deposits, did I proceed with self experimentations of my own. It took 2 years to be free of peyronies, and am free of this disease today in 2013! No thanks to the doctors online, not one of them knew what they were talking about, only they needed something very badly – your money! For example, many of these so called peyronies specialists (doctors too) were selling various penis stretchers kits! Come on doctors! Don't use your patients, be useful to them!!

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