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Duly Licensed & Certified Professional Psychiatrists & Their Compulsory Medical Professionalism of Modern-day 21St Century
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Published: 10 years ago
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Duly Licensed & Certified Professional Psychiatrists & Their Compulsory Medical Professionalism of Modern-day 21St Century


Duly Licensed & Certified Professional Psychiatrists & Their Compulsory Medical Professionalism of Modern-day 21St Century - With Videos Included


Well, for the professional psychiatrists seeking fees from their patients for their services, well, rather than getting their original medical conditions improved as expected, but just simply on the other way round, turning their medical conditions progressively from bad to worse, then naturally these fees-paying patients simply have all the undisputed rights to take whatsoever remedial actions anytime or immediately to seek damages & compensations from these fully licensed & certified medical professionals, and in the worst case scenario, just have their medical practicing licenses getting fully revoked on the fully valid grounds of gross negligence, miscellaneous breaches of professional conducts, any medical malpractices, non-feasance, malfeasance, gross misrepresentations (outright lyings - such as this particular example - )etc. by their respective professional medical bodies and associations which certify these licensed professionals in the first place.


Whilst the key point remains that, for such victims suffering ignorantly, gullibly & fully unknowingly from all these various permanently grievous & definitely irreversibly incapacitating bodily harms as the very results of the miscellaneous medical malpractices frivolously inflicted by the completely profit and-money-oriented medical personnel, well, could or would these victims just simply acquiesce & connive with such blatant injustices so as to just simply take such purposely inflicted misfortunes lying down & just simply "accept the realities" that nothing injustices or nothing wrong / wrongful have happened to them at all ?

Follow-up -  - Untold & Deliberately Concealed Disastrous Hazards & Side Effects of Dopamine Antagonist / Antipsychotics / Neuroleptics

Related illustration of the worst-case disastrous scenarios mentioned above


Note : Existing matching examples of the related disastrous scenarios described & explained above can be fully seen, witnessed, traced, observed, studied, examined & verified anywhere in the real life.

Next, please consider the quotation below about the other totally different scenario which is quoted from the other third-party under other different topic of other forum:

[QUOTE]i remember been on the employment training i moved this guys bag so they could put a video there he starts threatening me after they showed the video they have a discussion and he's on about been a spunk and sperm man, the guy looking back had personality issues, he left a trail ending up housed as a neighbour

I have to say my present ex girlfriend is hurting and lashing out at those around her and all the mental health lot do is come round and stick a needle in her, she's on a community treatment order, i feel angry about that but what can i do?[/QUOTE]

Well, in the case of any deliberately errant and yet recidivistic duly certified psychiatric professionals who are fully licensed and yet who simply wilfully refuse to take and bear whatever obligations and responsibilities at all for the health cares of the ones they treat and attend to, and yet could still always take the law into their own hands and then always can just simply get away totally scot-free from such malpractices, oh, well, objectively and reasonably surely anyone could never ever tolerate, acquiesce and condone at all such or the like-uncivilized scenario and phenomena, such as the ones which are nevertheless commonplace centuries ago, to happen , take place and recur in the modern-day 21st century of this highly-civilized world, communities and societies.

Next such “Professional practices” would just simply & inevitably cast smudge and smear from time to time onto the generally & supposedly highly regarded modern-day professional psychiatry profession of this 21st century by bringing nothing but merely more on more shames & humiliations to it from time to time.

However, oh well, about all these blatant and brazen abuses and of these related fully certified & licensed medical professionals, and well, if these errant deeds and actions just simply can fully be tolerated, accepted, acquiesced and totally condoned by, and simply mean nothing at all, to the related professional medical bodies & associations which duly and fully certify and license these medical professionals in the first place, then in such a scenario, there would hardly be anything that anyone can do.

Whilst the key issue here is that, well, about all these blatant and brazen abuses and of these related fully certified & licensed medical professionals, well are these deeds and actions really can be deemed and defined in the eyes & thoughts of anyone as really & fully medically ethical & professional in line with the officially & ubiquitously proclaimed & codified professionalism and medically ethical rules & regulations of the modern-day psychiatric profession such as the ones laid down by the related professional medical bodies & associations in the first place?

Whilst the key point to ponder over here is such that, well, about all the basic principles & sanctity of humanities and humanitarianisms which inseparably and indispensably involve health cares of the people, well, do they actually and really mean anything or totally nothing at all in reality to these professional medical bodies & associations?

Lastly, it is simply the very much undisputed fact that the health cares issues of every single individual are unquestionably a totally inseparable and indispensable part of humanity and humanitarianism afterall.


Whilst as a follow-up, please refer to the real-life examples as included below for the scenarios of such deliberate abuses as described above :


Related Videos & Other Details : - Care Homes : CCTV 'could be considered', Secret filming by BBC Panorama shows some residents being taunted, roughly handled and one being slapped etc. (please refer to the relevant video clips) - Care Homes : The known and the unknown

How would you react to the hard evidences that would incriminate the ones deliberately brutalizing, maltreating and physically abusing mentally-ill people ?


Whilst certainly and naturally, anyone would generally, objectively and reasonably agree and believe that the real-life cases of deliberate abuses as pointed out above is obviously and merely a small and tiny tip of the whole big iceberg of the topic elaborated in this and the prior post above.


as excerpted from:

(Please refer to post # 32) - Issues on Secret Filmings (In Any Forms) In Relation to the BBC Videoed Documentary Above - Follow-up : Other Ugly Truths About Cost-cutting Policy of The Public Psychiatric Medical Facility  - Follow-up from the preceding article above - Antipsychotics & Neuroleptics - Striking a Fine Balance for Such Double-edge Swords -Follow-up from the preceding 2 articles above - Extrapyramidal Symptoms - Various forms of abnormal body movements - Official Information In Relation to the prior 3 posts above - More Related Videos




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