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Re: How long to fast for good results??
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: How long to fast for good results??

Fasting for weight loss is a different mindset than for other benefits, so this might not interest you all that much. You might want to skip to the end of this and read The Pleasure Trap.)

Personally, I resonate with the concept of sevens in multiples. So- seven, fourteen, 21, 28. (And yet, i went against my intuitive knowing on my first 29 day fast--should have broken a day early, or kept on. Kept on, probably. But we do what we can, at the time. No one does less they they can, so there is no 'failure'!(Some theories say at least ten days minimum--this is mainly to cover that first seven, imv...) I'm quite sure there are multiple genuine "hard science" reasons to support the concept, but I'm not so interested in looking for agreement, there. That's just so much work, all the studying and remembering and quoting! :-) And this is why I always encourage listening to one's own body, with acceptance and detachment, and developing the intuitive powers--because anyone can know for themselves what they want to know, without even needing to know how they know.

EFT helps to sharpen the intuitive sense, and is a great re-balancer. ( We need re-balancing a LOT since we constantly undermine our balance with negative thought loops, and choices that do not support wholeness.) Water Fasting does, as well.(sharpens the intuitive sense) Learning simple applied kinesiology (if interested, there is a book called Power vs Force that some people might like, others might not)is REALLY good for sharpening the ability to ask good questions that give true Yes No answers. This can be used for determining which foods are best for one's self. . . so many things. One can eventually cut through needing to put one's health in others' hands. Of course a person might choose to do that, but the key is choice. Which is freedom. Perelandra teaches the applied kinesiology, in words and pictures, free, online. It is an aspect of "co-creative science", as they call it, and some people are suspicious and fearful of that, believing, incorrectly, that it means being "against God".

Life in balance with Itself and is almost too simple to be believed by the average person. But it does take a willingness to devote oneself to being truthful. And this is where when people talk about "cheating", on a water fast, they are really just saying, they are cheating themselves. As so many people do with food. Mouseclick, who
is a former forum member who moved on, (I think to study Natural Hygeiene),felt that a book called The Pleasure Trap was a great help to seeing through what a lot of people are doing all the time. One thing it notes is the power of a water fast, at cracking open the 'trap'.

3 days for some people is a very good length of water fast. It can change a person's mind, radically, and that might be enough for that person, until they operate comfortably at the new level, and then want to go further. I would never belittle the 1 or two or three days on water. After that, try seven days. (But not in a compulsive way--never being compulsive about water fasting: that is merely trading compulsive eating for compulsive non-eating; you see the trap?) It has so much more to do with mind, than body, really. And mind is more accurately located in the heart than in the head -- but that's another story. So, even saying "listen to your own body", is really saying, note how you are communicating WITH the body, better, when all the junk is cleared out. You are not the body, after all, though that knowledge can be something that only comes to a person after some days with water. Now there is not the false war set up and maintained by what that book calls 'the pleasure trap'. war inside, war outside. That was more than you asked to hear, but I hope it serves someone.


I would check in with myself at how I feel at 7 days. If good, then how at 14. Know that within a week there can be dips. There ARE peaks and troughs in the experience. There is LOTS to study on this forum by searching past posts. Please do some reading, read about the fasting process--do a search on Herbert Shelton and water fasting. . . read the online book(S)These are the old books. By the masters who fasted thousands on thousands. Read until you have some inner certainty to guide you, and you understand there are ups and downs, and that a low will be followed by an up.
Water fasting takes patience. It is not (primarily)
a way to lose weight. But it can break bad habits--it's all about the mind, and what you choose to do after.


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