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Iodine reactions
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Published: 9 years ago

Iodine reactions

Hi everybody

I am confused about iodine, i read so many different wiews about the dosage of Iodine that i really cant say i would know the range of good dosage. Right now i been feeling bad also, i suspect it is becouse i was taking like 50 mg per day, one day even 75 mg when i got flu. I stopped taking Iodine becouse i feel i might had a poisoning from it, i was sweating in nights quite a lot ( ok it might be also the flu) and also have still now problem with a lot of mucus coming from nose and lungs

I also have been feeling generally "down" about a week, and have less energy ,and i dont know even how to express this feeling....i just feel odd and not normal, before it turn like this i was actually feeling the opposite, i was like i had extra energy,my mood was better than usual...just basically i was feeling much better than now.

Sorry if this all sounds so blurred, my mind is now a bit blurred itself.

What i wonder is like this:

1. did i really take overdose of iodine, i think the time that i did take Iodine was just like 2-3 weeks max, propably like 2 weeks, and i started on smaller dose 12.5 mg and slowly move it to 50mg /day, which i think i eat about a week,on one day i take 75mg when had flu.The last time i did take 2x 12.5 i had a sudden mental effect that was really scary, it was maybe something like delirium ...i feel like my mind was all the sudden acting very different,and i was afraid about the situation and taked some charcoil, extra vitamin c, zeoforce for trying to stop the iodine did gone away this feeling, but that was the last time i have take iodine.But was that odd effect from some other poison that iodine started to clean up ?? who knows..

2 .i have a history of a lot Depression and also add and i really assume that i been had a tryroid problem all my life, not having Depression anymore thought but the low energy/brain fog,mental dizzinys is still on.( i did feel better earlyer when taking iodine like 50 mg/day) So i wonder was i too fast to start with iodine ,getting the dosage too hight too soon so that my body could not adapt all that change and i started to feel bad.

3. From all that i have read about iodine dosing , some people can eat like 100mg a day and feels just good about it. Not to mention those 1900 early doctors who used much higher dosages back then...So is iodine really a substance that everybody can have very different dayly dosage ,like one person 12.5 max and other 50mg, some even 100mg ?? how can we know what is my dosage ??

4. I know iodine detox all kind of bad poisons,halogens i wonder from which my reactions were from, from too much iodine or just those halogens/heavy metals that started to move difficult to see ..

5. How long should i going to be withouth taking at all iodine ?? just to get back to basic level and maybe let the detox proces to normalize..?

6. Does anyone else have had same kind of experience with iodine like me ?

7. any advise what i shoud do, or what i should not do .

8. i used iodoral 12.5 mg ( in 2-3 weeks used about 50 tablets in all )

9 . What about those who say that the body will remove all excess iodine and the typical loading time is 3 months with 50mg /day , comparing to that my case was not so overdosed ?? ( i did sweat in night time, bit it could be also from flu)

I did used some seaweed from time to time before i switch to iodoral, but not regularly and the dosages of iodine from seaweed pre day were below 12.5 ...most likely max 6 mg .

So , is the time here now what will most likely make me feel back to normal me ? i know it is difficult question,but just want your opinion .



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