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Re: Please comment on Dr. Mercola's Iodine article
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Please comment on Dr. Mercola's Iodine article

Mercola, and people here live in confusion.

Everything works together maintaining a checks and balance system within the body... too much of one thing or another over too long of a time period will cause issues. Other things to consider is that a supplement of one thing or another can, and will mask a deficiency of something else to a point as living systems do have a way to use one substance in place of another if need be for specific metabolic function.

The metabolic function may not operate ideally under these circumstances, however, it will allow the organism to buy some time until such time as the organism can rectify the deficiency - or end up dying of some disease if not.

In addition, while some people *may* require a large dose for one reason or another, a smaller maintenance/preventive dose or none at all for others may be more appropriate, dependent upon the individuals dietary habits, especially when one is using some form of *supplement* as opposed to a whole food.

IMO Mercola does not ever put all the pieces together in his posts about a particular nutrient... and to be honest, even though I strive to do this for myself, it is very difficult and dare I say impossible because we do not know everything and there is likely many other unknown key players in nutrition that we are overlooking and/or missing... one may simply be the light waves from the sun, that due to man's activities have, affected, in one wavelength or another, their intensity, more or less, due to the air pollution, weather modification/chemtrails, etc.

Enter vitamin K for example which has been brought up on this board before. One should not talk D without K as Mercola seems to here... and in terms of source, K1 from properly grown, harvested and processed plants, and K2 from animals correctly raised on free pasture, eating the food that they were meant to eat such as grasses for cattle, bugs, grubs and worms for chickens, etc. Then there is the *raw* unpasteurized, non-homogenized aspect that must be heeded as well... so in short, animal sources of many vital nutrients have been compromised, made metabolically unavailable due to being bound to toxins in the food, and/or entirely eliminated from our foods through factory farming and processing practices.

Perhaps this was addressed years ago, however, again vitamin K1 can reverse and prevent sodium fluoride induced skeletal fluorosis - new studies have shown K2 can resolve fractures and sustain bone mineral density in osteoporosis. Vitamin K2 and its derivatives induce apoptosis in leukemia cells and enhance the effect of all-trans retinoic acid and has promise as a therapy for lung cancer.

K has also been found promising in Alzheimer's, Dementia, ALL connective tissue diseases, nerve regeneration, de-calcifying soft body tissues, arteries, etc.

If you study the proteins (and hormones - but that is another story) that K is essential in order to to form, you will come to understand why...

all that to say that Mercola left K out of that story among other things (Weston Price didn't)... and one who is sufficient in K, likely needs far less Iodine than someone on the deficient side of K. Perhaps this is why things like cod liver oil and skate fish oil seems to work to decalcify the pineal gland and other glands and soft tissue within the body - improving circulation, etc... perhaps it is why vitamin K rich sea vegetables work so well among those who partake - the synergistic action of the iodine, minerals and K in the sea vegetables... among other things.

Most everything that Newport states that is wrong with D could be reversed/rectified by balancing it out with adequate K... BTW both vitamin E and A are K antagonists... or if you will - part of the K checks and balances system in a living organism.

As a bit of an aside, *Greek* coffee was found to have heart protecting *superpowers* as some articles proclaimed and a part of this is the protective mechanism for all the blood vessels with this coffee... the secret is to not use a *filter* which filters out all of the oils/fats in the coffee beans which is rich in vitamin K... you filter out the K.

K may actually be *the* key player, or at least one of the key players in coffee's antioxidant activity... as long as it is unfiltered by using a French press, or making cowboy or *Greek coffee*.

I would bet that someone with sufficient Iodine along with a K deficiency would have problems even if they were taking mega doses of Iodine a day.

And now we know why people throughout the ages have stated *eat your greens*... but, keep in mind that some people process and convert plant nutrition better than others into the forms needed for animals... so while many may be able to do the *greens* others may have to depend upon animal foods for theirs in adequate amounts.

Oh.. and eat the greens with some fat or you will not absorb the K - that is not a problem with *whole* animal foods... as with any fat soluble nutrient... and keep your gut flora happy and make at least some K2 for yourself.

just saying...



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