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Antipsychotics & Neuroleptics - Striking a Fine Balance for Such Double-edge Swords
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Published: 10 years ago
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Antipsychotics & Neuroleptics - Striking a Fine Balance for Such Double-edge Swords

Antipsychotics & Neuroleptics - Striking a Fine Balance for Such Double-edge Swords


Well, about schizophrenia disorders which are mostly treated with antipsychotics / neuroleptics medications, please consider the excerpts below:

{Positive Schizophrenia Symptoms Positive symptoms of the disorder are easy-to-spot behaviors not seen in healthy people and usually involve a loss of contact with reality. These positive symptoms can include:

• Hallucinations

• Delusions

• Thought disorder

• Disorders of movement.}


as quoted from :


Next, in regard of the antipsychotics and neuroleptics meant for treatments of schizophrenia, please refer to the excerpts as follows:


{Extrapyramidal Symptoms People taking antipsychotic drugs are at risk of developing certain side effects known as extrapyramidal symptoms. These symptoms can include things such as repetitive, involuntary muscle movements (such as lip smacking) or an undeniable urge to be moving constantly. Extrapyramidal symptoms are usually divided into different categories. Dyskinesia’s are movement disorders, while dystonias are muscle tension disorders. "Tardive" symptoms are those that appear during long-term treatment (often after several years). Unlike earlier symptoms, tardive symptoms are more likely to be permanent even after the medication is stopped. Dyskinesias are movement disorders and can include any of a number of repetitive, involuntary, and purposeless body or facial movements. They can include:

• Tongue movements, such as "tongue thrusts" or "fly-catching" movements

• Lip smacking

• Finger movements

• Eye blinking

• Movements of the arms or legs.

An individual may or may not be aware of these movements. These movements are usually quite recognizable. Tardive dyskinesia is a dyskinesia that occurs after long-term treatment with an antipsychotic medication. Sometimes, this condition may become permanent.

Akathisia is closely related to dyskinesia. Akathisia is an extreme form of internal or external restlessness. It may be a complete inability to sit still, with an undeniable urge to be moving constantly. Or it may be an entirely inner feeling of jitteriness or shakiness. Akathisia can be exhausting and debilitating. In fact, severe akathisia may put an individual at risk for suicide, simply because it can be so unbearable.

Tardive akathisia refers to akathisia that occurs after long-term medication use, and may become permanent. Dystonia is a muscle tension disorder involving very strong muscle contractions. These uncontrollable muscle contractions can cause unusual twisting of parts of the body, especially the neck. The condition can be extremely painful and can affect any part of the body, including the eyes. If it appears after several years of medication use, it is called "tardive dystonia," and may become permanent. Other Extrapyramidal Symptoms There are many more kinds of extrapyramidal symptoms. Sometimes, they resemble Parkinson's disease, with shuffling-type walking and unusual hand or finger movements. This is called "parkinsonism." Sometimes, the symptoms affect a person's ability to speak or may cause vocal tics (uncontrollable speech or other vocal sounds).} as quoted from :



Next, it’s thus very obvious that the antipsychotics / neuroleptics medications, well, although they remain unquestionably essential in treating Schizophrenia, but nevertheless, the manifestations of their inherent neurological & neurodegenerative side effects as pointed out above,are however, overwhelmingly & potentially and undeniably far dire, if not, deadly than the Schizophrenia disorders itself.


And in all cases, for miscellaneous precautionary purposes, such dopamine antagonist medications ( ) of antipsychotics / neuroleptics simply should not be overly relied or fed upon to the point of sheer abuses. In short, it is simply undisputed that antipsychotics / neuroleptics alone are simply not the perfect or the only one & single solution to any cognitive disorders.



Whilst as far as antipsychotics / neuroleptics medications are concerned, well, given the very undisputed fact that since most of them are of dopamine antagonist nature ( ) with a variety of simply inevitable serious side effects ( ), there thus have been in fact a great variety of other far better medications with greater curative effects and far lesser harmful side effects getting invented from time to time nowadays by the modern medical science in order to overcome this problem. Thus, please refer to: / -

Additional Information About Modern And Outdated Neurological-related Medications



As such, their treatments would definitely involve psychotherapies to complement the usages of such medications for holistic healings.


Next, since different types of non-medication psychotherapy treatments undeniably applies to different individuals needing psychiatric treatments given their respectively different temperaments, characters, traits, personalities etc. that simply vary from one another, then these duly certified professionals thus would need to be tactful and attentive to all the emotional & psychological needs and patterns of the ones they treat and attend to so as to effectively deliver genuinely & progressively better and better reliefs, cures and healings to these people.



Whilst generally & objectively, surely under whatsoever circumstances, anyone would certainly & positively expect any fully certified and licensed medical practitioners to simply ensure that the medical conditions of the ones or anyone they treat and attend to just get better and better from time to time rather than from bad to worse.

Next, objectively and reasonably , surely anyone would never expect and simply could never accept that for the related persons seeking treatments and getting treated, well, after getting treated and attended to by all the related fully certified & licensed professionals, well, rather than getting their original medical conditions gradually & progressively mitigated and improved better and better in a fully genuine way from time to time, as reasonably expected by anyone, well, just fully & on the contrary or the other way round, have their medical conditions ending up to be far worse off than the ones before getting treated, for example, by developing & contracting all these extra far worse neurological and neurodegenerative disorders of Extrapyramidal Symptoms, Dystonia, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Parkinsonism, Alzheimer's disease etc. as explained & elaborated through the points above.


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