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Update/and history for new comers how good I am doing after NB

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Marie64 Views: 1,511
Published: 9 years ago

Update/and history for new comers how good I am doing after NB

Hi Guys,

I know most of you know my story but I would like to share this for those who are new and don't know .

In 1997 I got a 4 tooth metal bridge placed in my mouth that had a lot of mercury fillings already. I had no clue what would happen to me next.

I was born 1964 to a very bad environment, one of my first memories was of my dad killing our pet bunnies..he was an alcoholic and when he drank he was a mad man, when he didn't most loving man. Sad to say this was not often that he did not drink. So this childhood put much stress emotionally on me and I was always tired as a child. My mom was not a caring loving person. So I am sure I was not tend to like my children were/are. (I am happy to say I am over this part of my life...I was able to let go of that inner child a few months back and what a free feeling inside).

I started to get really ill after 1997 (already suffered fatigue/migraines before this). I started to get low blood Sugar severely. Menstrual cycle got so messed up on 40 days heavy, off 12 days then back to the 40 days. Was put on low hormones for almost 5 years . WHile on the hormones I suffered anger/depression/anxieties of the charts/arthritis in my back, neck and fingers...still had no clue of any connection to the teeth and even the horomones pills. I was lucky I went to a new OB/GYN and he said, no to the hormones for me. Do to the migraines I suffered. He was concerned I would stroke out for how my migraines came on. So Depression subsided :) But the anger anxieties and Arthritis did not.
Well it gets to late 2008 and I got to my family Dr and complained again to him how bad I am feel and he just dismissed it. Took blood work everthing seem to come back fine. At this time I could hardly push through the 6 hours a day of house cleaning I did for a living. I had severe pains in my arms. My bones in my upper arms were burning so bad with pain. Went back to my family Dr and new OB/Gyn and nothing was found with what I was going through/ even with the heavy long periods.
March 2009 my menstrual cycle stopped, I went to my family Dr to have a blood test done to make sure I was not pregnant...he laughed like you are to old..I was 44 at the time...not to old if you get your menstrual cycle yet..He did the test and did other blood work...this is when I was getting really bad. Turns out I was not pregnant...but later on I found out after ending up in the hospital the 1st time with low sodium level where I almost died. (That the test my DR. ran showed low sodium and he never picked up on it :(.
April 2009 I was off a day from work (started to work less)
I went to the bank then to the store around 10 am. I was rear ended by a guy going 50 miles and hour and I was stopped at a red light...totalled my car and I passed out and I did not hear the full impact just the ending part of it thinking OK I am ok. Went to the ER my throat started to feel funny they said I have a twisted neck..well from that day on my life changed to the worse (already low sodium which I still had no clue). I thought I was going to die..I could not even get a lawyer to fight for me to get soemthing out of the accident..I felt like I was going to die..DR's had no clue why...I was so dizzy could hardly walk. It was June 1: I went for a electrical test on my arm and when the Dr was performing it, he saw my whole body was reacting to this when it should only be my arm to react...I have over active nervous system. (sorry don't remember test name).

June 2. I start to vomit/more aches worse weakness/ diahhrea. I thought I had the flu. COuld not eat. June 3 home all day by myself and got even worse/passed out could hardly walk...Thankfully my daughter came home around 7 pm from work, she saw me I was laboring for my breath I could not walk, vomiting up nothings, dry heaves...she made me go to the ER.(If she didn't I am sure I would have passed in the night). BY the time I got to the ER I was having all over body seizures. I was treated like a drug attack. They had no clue. I was going in and out of conscious. I had no ability to lift my legs or body. I had about 7 Dr's all puzzled thinking I was a drug addicted...I have never toughed a drug in my life..hardly ever took over the counter or presciption meds.
My oxygen was so low..they got me on oxygen. Put an IV in me and I started to come back to life a little..I was not able to walk for 4 days...I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the time. My sodium was at 119 and I was in the hospital for 4 days until they broguht the sodium up to 130. I was so weak when I got home...all I good do was was bad.

Well this happened again to me in August, not as bad but I did not wait a round. Another 4 days in the hospital with high heart rate/dizziness to the point that I could not walk). This is when I had a bunch of specialists..heart Dr(had no clue why such a high heart rate of 140 per minute), my chest was killing me. Kidney Dr (Kidneys fine) Endo..who asked if I had a scar and if it was darkened...he was embarrassed when I showed him the scar on my stomach ;) weird...a Dr embarrassed :(. It was the Kidney Dr who finally thought to test me for Addison's disease. Bingo I have Addison. Put on Hydrocortisone 30-50 mg daily. (night mare how I felt on this).

2 more times in the hospital and my3 rd Endo in 7 months/ she realized I was loosing my sodium do to the Addison's disease and gave me Fludrocortisone...felt like bugs under my skin when I was on it. But atleast I was staying out ot the hospital.

Hubby did tons of research why I got so ill...this is when we made the connection. My adrenals must have been weakend by my childhood an the two metals caused more havack in my system.. Had all metal removed out of my mouth. Still not feeling well.

2011 we found Nutritional Balancing...started in May with my supplements. I was able to get off my Thyroid meds by July and my Fludrocortisone by October and I was starting to wean off Hydrocortisone by off for 1 week In december to realize I need this medicine for my life to continue. NB I had lots of ups and downs the 1st year but I had to look for every little improvement to keep me moving forwards with the protocol. I tried both Sauna adn Coffee enemas, those where not for me, made me feel worse..and the Coffee-Enema I could not hold long enough and was to exhuasted to go throw it.

May 2012 I went on a trip with my hubby and daughter,,,I took my supplements with me. But I would forget to take them having a good time to bother..Realized I was feeling better then ever in my life and took a break from NB.
I had to restart NB in October 2012 i felt I was slipping this time I was and I am still on 10 mg daily of hydrocortisone(under extreme stress I do need to up my dose) do to the Addison Disease.

In Novemeber/December I was ridding my dody of lots of aluaminum. I had strong oder of Aluminum when I went to the bathroom. SInce then I have been able to hold onto my sodium with out and meds or salt to help me. This is a big improvement for me.

I am now working with TEI Labs through Rick Malter and on a low dose of supplements that I feel are helping me day by day.
Oday, I suffer no dpression, no pains in my body or bones. Arthritis is all cleared up. I have no more insulin resistance. I do get a little fatigued here and there but no where close to what i was...somedays I will take a short nap and other days I am fine to go the whole day. I am still working on improving my health. I am afraid not too, I have seen many with Addison's only get worse. SO for me NB has be a blessing :)

WIsh you all the Best :)
PS: when I kept going to my family Dr He blamed all my illness on Ebstein Barr Virus.
Please any comments please keep them positive, I would love to answer all questions. I have found being positive for me helps in healing.


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