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Image Embedded need more powerful eyes to check this..
fungihomeworld Views: 3,097
Published: 6 years ago
This is a reply to # 2,059,062 need more powerful eyes to check this..

until the day that you can no longer see the
morg structures in ANY part of the's not
a cure.

Having the skin clear of craters/lesions/blisters/fibers a good indicator of some progress...but
the skin damage tends to be cyclical... herd of lesions fades..only to be replaced
by another...[over and over..etc..]

The "signs"/symptoms visible on the skin is really
only the "tip of the iceberg".
Most of the activity is..."under the water"/"under the surface".

...the machinery that drives production of the morg
articles/items/crap appears to be embedded in the
gut. The normal gut flora appears to be severely
contaminated/compromised/changed by the morg pathogens
genetic "blueprint"/DNA "programming". Whatever is
growing in the gut..has easy access to the rest of the
body via the same blood system that moves nutrients
from the gut. Just as the mycelial form of candida can
drill thru the gut wall and enter the blood system..
so also can the morg pathogens enter "Red Route 1".
As the gut wall suffers increasing damage from morg
plaques/structures/fibers..the amount of morg crap in
the blood increases..and is carried everywhere.

*I have pics of morg fibers..whose tips are so sharp..they
make a sewing needle look like a baseball bat in comparison.


I have no doubt that intestinal damage is being done by
these ultra sharp morg "harpoons". any can't see most of this activity
with the Mk 1 Mod 0 human eyeball. By the time the
fibers are large enough to be obvious on the skin surface,
the situation is pretty much out of control..the morg
pathogens are running "hawg wild".

You need a microscope to see what is going on...whether
on the the
stool..wherever. Until you can no longer find a trace
of morg activity...anywhere..with a sharp eyed microscope..
....well pard' ain't "cured". Not by a long shot.

example: this sort of activity is not visible to
the unaided eye. Just one pic of thousands of morg
structures growing in the gut. The lumen [lining of the gut
wall] appears to be a popular home for billions of morg
particles to grow into...things. The slime coat that
adheres to the stool as it slides thru the plumbing is
utterly loaded with objects like this:


..once infected with the morg...the "stuff" that leaves
your body ain't necessarily..."yours". A lot of it is
"alien technology" is not a product of normal
human biology. And until the gut is cleared of the
bacteria/vifungeria*/whatever it is..the war is not over.

*vifungeria [virus fungus bacteria hybrids/blends..whatever.

...which raises the next challenge. Even if it is
possible to totaly remove all traces of the morg pathogen
from the body [good luck with that..] does one keep from endless reinfection when the
entire biosphere is full of the pathogen?
The stuff is in the water/air/


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