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Re: I want medicine, not supplements
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I want medicine, not supplements

Whew!, What an epistle! I love it, this is what forums are all about - debate.

Let's get a few things straightened out. :

"ever wonder why so many people are suffering from either AF or Candida.....ITS THE WORLD stress pollution, bad food, technology, gama rays..pesticides...the world is sick and makes us sick too!!"

- Well my take on this is that - wait for it - most folks make themselves sick. That's right, there are many people who live to 90+ even in this sick and polluted world, and many who end up in misery and die before 40 of an avoidable illness, I see them every day in my clinic. A LOT of AF and candida can be avoided (95% in fact) by making the right decisions in life. But who does that? Most end up with debt, drink booze, eat crap, etc. It's all about choices and habits. If you point a gun at your head and pull the trigger you are in trouble, and people do it every day when it comes to dietary and lifestyle choices. Sickness in most (but not every single case) can be avoided or mitigated, but conventional medicine would not like this. It would mean sure death to the industry, to the "sickness" industry, no such thing as "health-care" when it comes to drugs I agree on that, it's the "sickness maintenance" business.

"1. Even natural doctors take prescription medication at times and go to hospitals in emergency states....this is a FACT. Just as it is a fact that many medical docs use natural healing methods."

You are darn right we do! Only a fool would not embrace Science when it comes to an emergency. The stronger the problem (or more urgent) the stronger the treatment. Only an idiot would take echinacea and refuse medical help after a car crash or a gunshot wound. This is common sense, which is not that common these days, haha.

"2. we talk about the money that pharmaceutical companies make!!! well think of all of the money these natural docs make BILLIONS - when was the last time you went to a natural doc and didnt leave with out spending or being strongly encouraged to spend a tonne of money on supplements, extracts and so on..pretty gross actually"

Natural docs making "billions"??? Tell me which doc makes "billions", I'd love to know how they learned how to make and market pharma drugs and perform surgical procedures and didn't end up assassinated in the process. Good natural docs make good money like ALL good business folks do, some make more, some make less. Some deserve to make more than their medical counterparts because they actually help folks get and stay well. Others need to treat for free because they only create problems for their patients. But, the same goes for ANY professional occupation plumbers, builders, carpet layers, pilots, brain surgeons, etc. In saying that, I know some really good medical docs who are outstanding professionals and who deserve every penny, many save lives and are fantastic doctors, so we can't tar all docs (medical or natural) with the same brush. You need to know docs like I do before you can cast a judgement on them. A person should get the money they deserve in my opinion, if they perform great work, get great results, their clients are happy, etc, then why not charge?
However, if they are scammers, rip-off artists, and are in medicine ONLY for money they will hopefully soon be caught out, if not by their clients or their peers then by their self-effacing conscience. Only a "low life" doc will profess to help a person, give stupid advice and then charge like a wounded bull for it. I don't know any like that, at least not in my circle of friends.

"3. Do you know how many Naturopathic CANDIDA experts there are? hundreds! they all same thing: something like I have treated thousands of people with my methods and they work:"

Are you expert enough to differentiate between an "expert" and a "non expert"? I'm certainly not. A person who makes a claim and believes it to be a valid claim will want to be able to back up this claim. There are not "hundreds" of candida experts on Curezone as far as I can tell, maybe a handful. I've read some pretty amazing posts by folks which make me realize there are potentially LOTS of people with rather expert opinions on this forum however, but they would not consider themselves "experts" I have not read anybody (apart from me perhaps) who lays claim to treating thousands of candida patients. But I have, so why not be upfront? Have you? I've treated 5,000 + with Dr. Wilson's AF program, I am keeping records and at last count it was 5,221 patients since November 2006. Unfortunately, I have not kept detailed records of each and every single candida patient I've ever seen, but conservatively estimate it to be over 15,000 since I started actively seeing patients 24 years ago. Does this make me an expert? I guess not. But it does give me a distinct advantage in giving candida advice over somebody who has seen - not a single patient.

"IRONICALLY they all claim to be experts who have lots of success BUT their diets are all different.... one says no fruit, the next says some says no cheese at..the other says this says no this / the other says yes to this..then they all have a different FORMULA of extracts that they swear will cure me...."

Who said anything about "curing you"??, anybody who claims to "cure you" should not be in practice in my opinion. The fundamental dietary principles of candida diets are ALL THE SAME - NO sugar, no junk, etc, etc, etc. No secrets here, zilch. No magic potions, crystal balls, sleight of hand. It's up to YOU to get well, there is no "candida guru" who will "cure you". You get the right information, you act on it - you get well. Simple. No tricks. No gimmicks. About 40% of patients I see follow my advice, and after 4 - 6 months are all well. Notice this is not even half? That's because we are all humans and many don't like following a plan and seeing something through till the end. Many "blame" the pills, "blame" the doc, "blame" their partner, etc. This is another reason why so many folks don't recover from many ailments, lack of self control, poor self discipline, etc.

In defense of Dr. Jeff, I have read most all his posts and can say that he IS a candida expert, I like his approach and it is not dissimilar to my approach. His replies are intelligent and it is obvious that he has plenty of candida experience. A patient will need to make up their own mind regarding costs. Yes, some makes and models of automobiles, homes, computers, clothes, etc, are more expensive than others. Does this make the folks who make these items "greedy" as you make out? I paid BIG $$ for my Apple products and love them, you must remember this: there is a big difference between the cost of an item and it's relative value. And it is up to the individual to discern this difference for their own individual needs.

You CAN get well without a doc, without supplements, and just do it with food. But one last point I'd like to raise - please do it with humility, kindness in your heart and peace. Your hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and adrenals will go "aaaaah", your parasympathetic nervous system will be charged up and your healing will be that much faster.

"No true healing takes place without a change in outlook" - Dr. Edward Bach. I'm happy in charging you 500 dollars if you see me - as long as you get the "message" and true healing does takes place in your heart and mind, for it will mean a lot less misery, suffering and money saved well down the track.


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