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Re: I want medicine, not supplements

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I want medicine, not supplements

Hello all:

Here are some things to consider:

1. Even natural doctors take prescription medication at times and go to hospitals in emergency states....this is a FACT. Just as it is a fact that many medical docs use natural healing methods

2. we talk about the money that pharmaceutical companies make!!! well think of all of the money these natural docs make BILLIONS - when was the last time you went to a natural doc and didnt leave with out spending or being strongly encouraged to spend a tonne of money on supplements, extracts and so on..pretty gross actually

3. Do you know how many Naturopathic CANDIDA experts there are? hundreds! they all same thing: something like I have treated thousands of people with my methods and they work:

IRONICALLY they all claim to be experts who have lots of success BUT their diets are all different.... one says no fruit, the next says some says no cheese at..the other says this says no this / the other says yes to this..then they all have a different FORMULA of extracts that they swear will cure me....

4. why dont all of the naturopathic doctors finally agree on what works best? why cant they do some studies with comparison groups...? a little non-biased peer reviewed research is NEEDED!!!

Probably because they ALL have their OWN specific brand of supplement that they want to sell you...?

How DARE they argue that NATURAL health should cost so much money.....? why not simply tell us which natural product works best and lets us buy it cheaply

Look at Dr. Jeff's website the Candida Plan: I raw sourced his $600 program including READILY available and CHEAP 10 Undecenoic Acid if you simply order it.....for about $100.00!!!

Did you get that??? he is selling probiotics, vitamin C and 10 uncecenic acid AKA CALCIUM UNDECYCLENATE for $$600$$ when you and I for about $100 bucks shipping included can raw source it...ever wonder why he calls it 10 undecenoic acid? CUZ it is harder to find under its UNCOMMON name but simple search with other name shows you can get it CHEAP!!!

so his $600++++ package for about $100 BUCKS!!!!!!!!

Look into heavy metal cleanses!!! small fortune$$$$ and for what!!!????

and Dr. Jeff scoffs at the spit test for candida..other swear by it.. Colloidal Silver kills does bleach...did you know MINUTE amounts of bleach/ idone / peroxide etc.... work as well as safe as Colloidal Silver ? NO...? no money in it...

I have gone to three natural docs - all best money can buy around here and they all have different ideas.....WOW!!!!!!

ever wonder why so many people are suffering from either AF or Candida.....ITS THE WORLD stress pollution, bad food, technology, gama rays..pesticides...the world is sick and makes us sick too!!

Big Pharma is greedy / gross / evil etc but some Good has come from it and it has saved many people including natural doctors too!!.. many ND's are JUST as greedy and confused...

At least medical docs will run trials, studies and finally agree that medication X works least they will list all gross side effects....

why cant ND's admit that many of their combo supplement ideas can really hurt people and make them sick.....poison ivy is natural, unregulated, and can really hurt people and so on....alot of ND's like to play "lets mix this up"

so why cant natural docs finally agree? why are they all islands unto themselves and masters of private interpretation? why do they all disagree and BULLY you into buying their PERSONAL cure...?

ISNT nature free or at least relatively cheap...? leave the $$$ up to the pharma industry ...

seems like nature costs alot of money.....if you go the natural route...

In four years I can get a degree in Natural medicine!! no regulation -no nothing _ i can then bottle my proprietary blend of cure and then get rich!!! not a bad deal huh?

I know alot of natural docs who live in BIGGER homes than medical docs!! this is TRUE story!!!

Its getting really hard to take them seriously anymore as they dont even have the decency to run some research as a WHOLE and finally decide which extract really works best to kill Candida and then let us know so we can CHEAPLY eliminate Sugar and carbs and take a cheap supplement / extract....

sorry for the rant...just blown away by how much Candida cures and AF cures and leaky gut cures really cost!!!

you know my doc says my issue has no cure....NOT true

BUT I am sick of the Natural docs saying they can CURE me me..and when I dont get fixed they accuse me of cheating on my diet or not taking ENOUGH of their expensive supplement

Nature, hope, and God's guidance is FREE!!

if there was a simple CURE for AF the pharmaceutical companies would already be making HUGE money off of it...

dont you see this? if people are sick and there is a cure then BIG pharma has the money to make it cheaply and make it work.....

but major lifestyle changes are not easy to make in a pill natural docs love to make us work hard and spend a lot of money doing it....

so sorry for the rant...I am just hurt lately by what I see going on in the so called profit driven world of all natural

did you know that GLUTEN free products are more inexpensive to make from raw source but they know we will pay a premium so they jack it up and blame it on specialization or supply / demand laws.....

yes much of BIG pharma is evil - YES many med docs are horrible

BUT pharmacy has a LEGIT place in our crazy new world that we insisted on having......if we wanted to live from nature then we should have stayed natural - we cant go back and we cant have it both ways....TODAY's world of TOXIC is way MORE POWERFUL than yesterday's natural cures...

GET THAT? Cancer comes from our crazy new toxic world....yesterday's natural world was gentle and easy...AND YET natural is OUTCLASSED by this new complex beast we have created.....

trust me: when the infection gets bad enough you will see the natrual docs go on Antibiotics ...or simply die...TRUE FACT..

and natural cures for cancer!!!! come on!!!! rich powerful people die from cancer ALL the time!!!

do you not think Patrick Swayze would have just finally went to a health food store and got some Miracle-Mineral-Supplement or c. silver...?

do you think he was like "Nope...that stuff doesn't work so I would rather just die before I drink that harmless TOTALLY EFFECTIVE stuff...?" ...yeah that makes sense rich powerful people dying just to prove that natural products dont work....come on.....desperate people will do anything!!! let alone drink a few ounces of rather tasteless colloid silver....come on!!!

when I get vulnerable I get desperate - that is when I am most likely to buy a bottle of empty hope for BIG money....

so sorry for the rant

I like all of you guys and I am thankful natural DOES work so many times BUT lets be honest and keep rational

lets look at the big picture!!!

thanks friend!


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