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Re: What is your fasting kit?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: What is your fasting kit?

I can feel the difference in blood pressure changes. But as the masters say,the bp can go through lots of shifts, including even get kind of throbbing for periods. And then it passes. Chris is taking about a sudden extreme shift...
Obviously, best is supervision, but this is why reading is SO important:if you read enough about it, you saturate your mind with it, from all angles, and then you can tell your mind to let you know if anything serious is going on.

Short answer--You might want to get one, if you can afford it. If it would ease your mind. If you feel you need it to relax, that is. then why not? If I started to feel fearful, I'd probably get one. I would be wary though, of getting into checking it all the time--because that could actually create high bp.

i never had one, on my 29 day water fast. Or my 21 days.
I still don't have one. But then, my blood pressure used to be what was called low, normally. ( The norms have been increased, btw, over time; as have most readings, internal, and environmental.) Mine used to be 80/100, pretty much consistently, and this was called low, through my childhood, and young adulthood. I'm almost 56 now. Haven't been to a doctor for almost ten years. In that ten years I've been consistently getting healthier than I've been in my life. sorry--I'm going into a missive here. :-) Getting sidetracked.

interesting thing about blood pressure though. After a few water fasts, and changing from a pretty good veg. diet over to a normally one meal per day & plant-based (with a bit of fish, and the odd egg), I can tell when a food is not good for me, by the feeling of the blood pressure going up. Your system becomes more finely-tuned, and if you choose to listen, then you can monitor things. The keyword here is "choose". But then too, nothing re-sets one's appetites better than a few water only fasts. My experience is,
you need far less food, and you only want what is actually good for you at any time. I also don't take any supplements these days, the nutrients come for whole foods, and, in my opinion, having better assimilation.

When I was fasting, my BP sometimes went up, and sometimes went down. I never felt worried though--i think, since I had prepared my mind for the fast, by reading, mainly, and
using EFT if I ever felt scared or 'bad'. -- I would strongly urge anyone wfasting, to learn EFT and use it as the main tool.

In the end, i believe the most important thing in the "kit" is preparedness, lack of fear, having read one or more of the publications in the Soil and Health Library, and understanding "Natural Hygiene", because Water Fasting is just forced deprivation, (as many people have experienced) unless you are able to view it from within a larger context, and feel essentially relaxed about it, no matter how many ups and downs there are. The EFT REALLY helps.

Also, boiled water-- i found i couldn't stomach plain water, for very long on the wfast, and drank almost exclusively boiled, hottish water. I drink spring water,
as a rule, and not distilled. Tried it once, but didn't like it. Although, if I had my own distiller, I would give that a try,for a wfast.

If I were starting out, I would also be open to some Bach Flower Remedies, that sort of thing. This you can take on your crown, or add to a bath, and never have to even ingest it. If you are someone who's quite sensitive, you could find "rescue remedy" or "mimulus" (which is for fear), for example, quite useful at getting over some of the moments when the body is undoing a toxic knot. Such knots can hold a lot of fear.

* I don't own a scale either. I think really, life can be a lot more simple than we make it. We have eyes, and clothes
(to see how loose or tight they are) and mirrors.


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