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Share this answer from Yahoo about bad breath, when to drink water, lemon juice in the water is NO
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Published: 9 years ago
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Share this answer from Yahoo about bad breath, when to drink water, lemon juice in the water is NO

The short answer is to expect to have lost an average of one pound per day of water fasting.
I've fasted several times over the years on only distilled water for 28 consecutive days to cleanse the garbage of modern living. I generally lose about 35 pounds over the 28 day period, but about 7 of those pounds is water weight, which is regained in 2 or 3 days after breaking the fast.
You can lose 15 or more pounds in only seven days, but expect to put on about 6 pounds of water weight once you start eating again.

I chose 28 days only because that's the amout of fat I can afford to lose. If you're 50 pounds or more overweight you could go for 40 days if you have the free time to do so. Water Fasting for long periods is difficult to do while earning a living as your body is repairing itself, and your energy level is lower than normal on most days. Those fat cells have more than just fat (expect a high cholesterol level while fasting) to release into your bloodstream. Chemicals in our food, air and water have built up in our bodies and these chemicals are going to be dumped into the blood for processing.

During the first few days of a true water-only fast you can lose several pounds per day, which is due to rapid water loss along with about a pound or so of muscle mass. The muscle loss is to fuel your brain until your body goes into ketosis. You enter into ketosis usually during the third day.
I mentioned a TRUE Water Fast because this is the only way to enter and stay in ketosis, which is the process by which your body is fueling itself primarily on fat stores. You will not stay in ketosis if you have anything other than water. No juice, tea, coffee, gum, etc. Even adding some lemon juice to your water will reawaken your digestive system and stop the ketosis process. If you stop ketosis it will take another 3 days on water only if you want to continue your fast and back into ketosis.

Signs that your are in ketosis include your tongue taking on a white fuzzy appearance. This is normal. It doesn't scrape off so don't try. A by-product of ketosis that your body does not use is acetone. Yes, the stuff that removes fingernail polish. Your lungs will be expelling acetone and your body will have an unusual order to those around you.

Drink water as you feel thirsty and increase your intake if you start getting nauseous as this is most likely your liver sending excess waste to your kidneys. Depending on the toxicity of your body, you could experience nausea for a couple of days if you're fasting past seven days. Regular users of caffeine or nicotine may experience headaches for the first few days.

The general rule for breaking an extended fast is to switch to low-acidic juices with one day of juice for every 5 days that you fasted. So a 20 day fast should be followed by at least 4 days of juice before you start eating a regular diet.

Bowel movements while Water Fasting are sporadic and don't release much after the second day of fasting. You may go four of five days without having a movement. Don't panic a try to force a movement. If your body needs to move something it will.

The first day that you break an extended fast by moving on to juicing you should not venture far from a restroom. Material that has been clinging to the walls of your colon will break loose and there isn't much warning that you need to find a throne. This usually happens within a few hours of breaking your fast. A few small movements and then you're OK.

Hate to point out the obvious, but you absolutely will gain all of the weight back in a short time if you've fasted to lose weight and don't switch to a healthy Diet with some exercise.

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