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Candida is symptom not cause.
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Published: 9 years ago
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Candida is symptom not cause.

Don't fight the symptoms, fight the cause. I'm amazed that so many people are in the Candida Forum when Candida is a SYMPTOM.

For me, treating the underlying heavy metal problem with the chelators DMPS, DMSA and (later) ALA (by an M.D. in a University clinic(*), accompanied by lots of lab tests and tests for other possible causes) over three years resulted in amazing and unexpected successes - lots of small things I had accepted as natural part of (my) life are gone now.

Fighting Candida is foolish. I did it, the doc even gave me the "heavy artillery", the systemic antifungals, with great Candida-killing success. It was a pyrrhic victory though, I suddenly had acute heavy metal poisoning symptoms and Candida came back. Using the chelators for the heavy metals in my body worked, over a period of several years, slowly. Other people may have different causes, don't interpret my comments as "he said I have a heavy metal problem". And don't expect a doctor (or an Internet forum!) to tell you what your problem is, you have to TRY many things and see what works. Broken bones, cardiac arrest, etc - EASY for doctors. Subtle long-term issues - don't even ask.

Most important advice: if it does not help, STOP. Ignore ALL advice from books, forums, other people on what you should do, EAT(!!!), etc. Your body - your very own problem. YOU suffer if you follow bad advice, the people giving it have no disadvantages. Example (and it is just that!): if your guts get worse and worse when you follow "healthy" diets, STOP and try something else. Your guts can't read (dietary guidelines) and may have other ideas.

(*) That may sound as if you can do this "officially". Not so easy. My lab test values and symptoms where in the "gray area", the doc said - he treated my with chelators because it MIGHT be an issue, but he believed there was another one (never found one though, I improved on chelation alone). After a year and a half I positively left the area where "official" medicine could prescribe chelators, so the doctors role changed to prevent me from hurting myself, but he let me continue chelation because I said it helped. I did lots of on/off tests (several weeks periods) to see if it was just my imagination, but LOTS of strange things happened that could not be explained except one accepted the "heavy-metal" thesis (at least as a working hypothesis).

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