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MontrealHomegrown diet.. Nate Burnett (PICS)
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Published: 10 years ago

MontrealHomegrown diet.. Nate Burnett (PICS)

This link won't work anymore once the DNS updates.. couple weeks max so I'm making a backup of everything Nate posted in the comments section.

This is for people questioning the diet - saying it won't work - or just too pussy to try it or wtvr your excuse....:


Nate says...

Thought Iíd post my progress so far, because my lips have definitely been improving. Keep in mind that I havenít healed 100% yet, I just wanted to share what Iíve been doing.

I started on June 23rd, and for the most part I followed the diet plan for almost 3 weeks {if you want to see my grocery list just email me at and I can send you an excel spreedsheet}.
I also have done a little research myself on natural hygiene and found out that it is best to eat all your fruits, vegetables, and nuts raw. Cooked and roasted food contains all the same nutrients but it doesnít contain live enzymes, so your body has to use itís own enzymes to digest and process the food. If you eat raw, your body has less work to do because you preserve your own enzymes, which allows your body to heal!

Anyways, Iíve been doing the breathing exercises everyday for at least 10 minutes, and doing some type of Cardio workout at least 3 times a week.

Hereís the pics starting with the day before I started the meal plan, then at day 7, and then at day 22.

6-22-10 (day before started meal plan)
6-29-10 (Day 7 of new diet plan)
7-13-10 (3 weeks after changing diet and doing breathing exercises)

My lips used to look much worst than in the pictures. It wasnít until about 5 months ago that I started trying to eat healthy or what I though was healthy anyway. The change helped a little, but not much. The main difference with this plan was the elimination of dairy products, eating raw vegetables, and about 2 to 3 times more fruits than what I was eating before, along with trying to reduce stress.

Unforunately, Iíve wasnít been able to stick with it over the weekend while I went camping. After eating a bunch of garbage Iím sure they will peel in the next few days.
But I do plan on following everything all the way through in the months to come and hopefully my lips/body will completely heal.
Posted on: 14/Jul/2010@9:10 pm


Nate says...

ÖUh, not sure how to post the pics yet.
Posted on: 14/Jul/2010@9:15 pm


Nate says...

If you would like to see my progress, youíll have to copy and paste the direct link into your address bar, or simply click on the link (if itís there).

*Admin note: Nate I uploaded and posted the pics for you ;D great job tracking your progress!*

The day before I started the meal plan:

Day 7:

3 weeks after changing to the new food plan and doing breathing exercises:

Hereís a link to a motivational video on raw food (Go Raw Now Trailer), if you need a boost to get you going.

Go Raw

Posted on: 15/Jul/2010@1:14 pm


Nate Burnett says...

Couple of things that Iíve been doing to that help tremendously:

First, always expect the best outcome in life. Not just your lips, but anything that bothers you. The more positive your thoughts the better you feel. What you think about it what your life becomes. Your mind is the link to unlock your bodyís potential to heal.
I look for Joy and Happiness in new places everyday (hiking, walking around campus, walking around my neighborhood and actually talking to my neighbors.) I also have been able to become more creative and enthusiastic just by realizing I have complete control of my reality.

Second, Superfoods make it easily to allow you to create a positive and healthful mind and body.
Vegetables in general are superfoods, but the real magic is in raw chocolate.
Thatís right you can eat chocolate without any affect on your lips. Itís more expensive, but itís worth it.

You can buy whole cacao beans at most health food stores. (The cacao bean is the original nut, that chocolate is created out of). Eaten alone it has a bitter flavor, but at the same time it has around 1,500 different flavonoids that you can taste and enjoy (but you must train your mind to tap in to those subtle taste buds to truly enjoy eating it raw like I do.) You can also get it in powder form, and mix it with raw honey or fruit as a sweetener, and cold pressed coconut oil or cacao butter. (Very Yummy)

I also use and eat Aloe Vera leaves (the actual plant itself)[you can buy it at WinCo]. Cut it open and scrap out the clear gel, straight into a salad or what ever you want to eat it with. I also put the gel on my lips and rub it all over my body. Itís the best thing for your skin in my opinion.

I recently found a local spring about 5 minutes away from my house, by searching on the website

Itís is truly amazing. the water is free to the public, and itís the best water to drink. You may need to filter it, depending on where the water comes from. but the alkalinity from the spring I found was right around a PH of 7 which is perfect. The great thing about natural spring water, is that is contains the natural minerals from the earth, which is essential for truly re-mineralizing your body (You are made up of 70% water or something like that, why not drink the best water?)
There is a whole list of superfoods to choose from, (that is if you got some extra cash to buy it)

This Website has so much good information, itís ridiculous.

The best Super-Smoothie you can make is from this list:

Choose the Liquid Base:
ē Coconut water, Coconut milk, Almond milk, etc. Water (Spring water), Organic freshly squeezed fruit juice, orange juice, etc.
ē Herbal Tea (15 super herbs, grown at home, blended in spring water).
ē Aloe Vera

Choose the Powder:
ē *Cacao powder or nibs/beans in a grinder
ē Cayenne pepper powder or *live cayenne peppers
ē Goji berries powder or *live goji berries when in season
ē Maca powder
ē Pure synergy powder (high herbal component)
ē Spirulina
ē *Marine Phytoplankton

Choose the Fat:
ē Coconut Meat
ē Raw Cashews
ē Almonds

Choose the Sweetener:
ē **Raw Honey
ē Yacon Root Sryup

After you have decided what to use, throw it in a blender and blend that stuff (it will vibrate with a life-force from out of this world)

I truly hope for the best for everyone out there. If you canít afford any of the food, donít sweat it. (try growing your own food and herbs at home). Just do what you can, keep your mind positive and joyful, because that comes before food and doesnít cost anything.
Posted on: 26/Oct/2010@8:23 pm


Nate says...

My lips will heal when Iím eating mostly organic, fresh, ripe, fruits and vegetables. Eating as much fruit as I can for breakfast and lunch followed by plenty of leafy greens and other veggies that I care for, for dinner. There was a whole week last month where they didnít peel at all. As soon as I start to stray from the fruits and vegetables, which I do (eating sandwiches and cereal, etc.), the peeling cycle starts back up. Iíve just been livíin it up though, not caring whether they will ever completely heal or not (Iíll eventually be 100% committed, once the right circumstances are present in my life).

@ previous post.
As far as the superfoods goes, Iíll have to admit I got a bit hyped up experimenting with them in smoothies and stuff. The powdered form of anything probably doesnít have any curable effects. Eating something like a goji berry, in itís natural wholesome state, is what your body most likely needs, and not a processed powder form of it. So the superfood post was probably a bit misleading. Iíve found organic ripe fruits to be the most satisfying thing to eat, if I ever feel hungry I eat some fruit, which also quenches my thirst as well.
Posted on: 13/Dec/2010@9:14 pm


Nate says...

Has anyone heard of the 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Doug Graham?
Not trying to give it a review or anything, but itís a good read. Gives you a whole new perspective on the foods humanís evolved from the beginning of our existence as a species and what we ate if we still lived in a tropical jungle/forest, with lush and abundant amounts of fruit along with leafy green veggies (spinach, and lettuce).
Itís also great, because its not just about eating healthy. It about how itís possible to improve your athletic performance (world class athletes thrive on this diet), your social interactions with others, and a true appreciation for nature.
I also like it because it supports everything on this website. The correct foods are critical for true health, but food is just one of many factors, such as human interaction, play, sleep, etc.
Posted on: 22/Feb/2011@5:42 pm

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