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Re: scenerio, waking between 3:30-4:30AM

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: scenerio, waking between 3:30-4:30AM

So, I've been earthing while I sleep for about 8 weeks now. First I invested in a multimeter, to see if grounding really would neutralize any charge on my body. Once I determined that this was true, I decided to try a DIY approach before investing a significant amount of money. I bought an 8ft electrical grounding rod from Lowes and 100 ft of 12 gauge 2 wire landscape wire. I went with the heavier wire to maximize the effect. After driving the grounding rod into the ground outside of the house, just below a water spout, so I could also keep the ground wet, I attached one end of the two wires to the grounding rod with a grounding wire clamp and ran the wire under into the house under a door. I then used the DIY process at this website to create my own set of two small grounding plates
By doing this, I could at least test the earthing process to see if I could see any health changes. I did see positive changes and wanted a more comfortable solution. At that time, I decided to purchase Earthing sheets for my bed from a website like this one
The grounding plates that I used above when placed in my socks at the bottom of my feet at night would kn0ck my body charge down to less than 0.010 VAC, and I was disappointed that the Earthing sheets only reduced my body charge down to 0.100 to 0.300. That's a lot better than the 2-4 Volts without the sheets, but I wanted to be as close to 0.000 as possible. If I placed the copper plates in a foot soak bath with salt, and placed my feet in it, I could get the number down to 0.000.

I conducted a bit more research and came across some very conductive, yet soft fabrics at
The Argenmesh and the Soft & Safe fabric specifications are equally as good (low resistivity = high conductivity). I chose to purchase about 9 ft of the Soft & Safe fabric. Instead of the sheets, I layed the 59 inch strip along the length of my bed. I then took one of the copper plates attached to the ground outside, and wrapped a corner of the fabric around it 3 or 4 times, and secured it with a rubberband wrapped around the combination. I then layed on this and my charge went down to 0.007 and less. If I lightly sprayed the fabric with water, It would drop to zero. So, I've been satisfied that by sleeping on this grounded fabric, I am essentially sleeping on the ground outside. It's effectively the same, but much more comfortable.

I'm not gonna lie, I've always been a sound sleeper and never remembered my dreams, if I had them at all. As soon as I started earthing at night, two things happened. My dreams became vivid and memorable and I consistently woke up at almost exactly 3:00 every morning. I could fall asleep relatively quickly afterwards, within 10 minutes, but the nightly timing was consistent to within 30 minutes. That's when I learned about the circadian clock and the regeneration of the liver between 1 and 3 AM.

At first, for a week or two, I was waking up more tired than without earthing, but learned through reading that there is often a cleansing reaction that causes one to be more tired after earthing, at least for the short term. I stuck with it, and sure enough, it turned around and I am now waking up with more energy, and being a runner, noticed a higher energy level and increases in distance and speed that I haven't seen in a long time.

That is where I am right now. A company that makes earthing shoes called Juil, sent me a free pair of earthing sandals of my choice for evaluation, so I can be earthed during the day as well as at night, when I have time. Earthing by connecting your feet directly to the ground works best on wet grass or soil, wet beach sand and such, and also works to some degree on concrete especially if it's wet. if the concrete is painted or if you'r walking on asphalt, there's almost no earthing effect. I'm in the process of evaluating the Juil earthing shoes now, and they're very comfortable, but the outside weather hasn't cooperated enough for me to gather any meaningful data on their effectiveness, but I will get to it.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I've done some additional reading independent of Sinatra's and Ober's book and there are many theories that our increasing disconnection from the earth and increasing EMF's and Radio waves in the atmosphere, are a major contributor to numerous modern day health issues. The car is another location for high EMF exposure particularly as more and more electronics are present and controlling virtually everything necessary for the car to operate, and the electric cars and hybrids are the worse offenders. I'd like to test some of this out myself before deciding though. you can supposedly ground yourself to the chassis of your car, but I'd like to measure if this is at all effective, since the tires do insulate the car from the earth.


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