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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Liver flukes

I started giving my advice after seeing people try and try and try for months or years with no relief. How much longer should they try? How many more potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals or herbal formulas should they experiment with?

I've seen no evidence the CDC are so wrong on the issue of flukes. You want me to believe the word of anonymous people who you even admit could be lying and also caution me to not believe everything I read on a website. I assume that includes curezone.

If there is any conspiracy, it's herbal cleanse salespeople here posing as sick and encouraging people to think they have a problem they sell products for.

I don't own any fruit orchards.

So what makes you think you have parasites and which ones do you think you have? What have the doctors said?

So because the person is not cured by pharma or herbal this means they don't have it? That is not true at all. Which I would like to see some information where a person thought they had flukes (Did they have pictures of passing flukes, what were their symptoms? Did they get diagnosed?) and pharma and herbal did not help them.

Do you understand how biology works? It is a parasites job to find a host and live in the host for however long it can. It doesn't care about the host, The host could die for all the parasites cares. It just wants to live and continue it's cycle of re-infesting the host.

You need to understand something. When a sample is given to a Dr, That Dr takes the sample and sends it off to the lab. How do you not know the lab technician even did his job? How do you even know deep down he tested the sample? Do you think the Dr said "This is a parasite sample, Just send me something back saying it was negative.

You really have no clue how that sample was done.

Why is it that it's rare for a human to have flukes but not for cattle and sheep? Do you agree people eat those meats? Do you understand that they can get parasites through those meats?

You do not need to own fruit orchards for this to happen ^

I would agree with you on the sales pitch of certain individuals but I cannot agree with your logic on parasites.

They are alive for a reason. I have even seen surgeries of people getting liver flukes removed.

So please start opening up your mind.

If your motive is to help. You never disprove unless you can actually sit down with the person and disprove their assumption.

By simply saying "The government says it's rare blah blah blah" only puts you into a worse position. Specifically for people that agree Pharma and Government don't really care about you.

If anything they want to depopulate. This is the obvious.

Like I said, Don't believe everything you read on the internet or hear. Regardless of the source

Unless you can sit down and use your knowledge and understanding and bring yourself to the best estimated guess.

But you need to put aside your personal beliefs before you make the assumption, Or else your personal belief is biased.


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