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Continued parasite treatment
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Published: 7 years ago

Continued parasite treatment

I've been following this forum closely and reading posts about treating parasites.

I have a photo but am not able to figure out how to upload to this site.

On March 7, I went to the hospital (I'm in Canada) with terrible indigestion and bloating. I was diagnosed with pinworm and given 100 mg of mebendazole with 100 mg for followup in a couple of weeks. The diagnosis was made based on an itchy anus and a description from me. They did not see the worm.

I started a cleanse the following morning (Dr. Clark formula with 18 day treatment regime that I found on this site). I'm also treating my son in the same fashion.

On March 10, I found what I think are Tapeworm eggs (white seed-like things and littered with tons of it) in the stool along with skins. I took a sample to my family doctor and he gave me four more mebendazole. My doctor only works three days a week so I didn't see him until the following week when I got 8 more mebendazole. And, exactly one week later he gave me an additional three mebendazole.

I continued to cleanse with Dr. Clark formula as well. During this time, I have seen little tiny worms that look like they are out of a garden (I have owned both cats and dogs). My digestion doesn't work well so lots of food and other stuff comes out undigested.

I also saw lots of yeast, eggs and skins. I was excessively bloated and in a lot of pain. The mebendazole helped me sleep (as I have been sleepless for years now). But, now two weeks after the last mebendazole, I have eggs again in my stool. I'm not sleeping as soundly either. I'm waking up at 2 am again.

I've been to the emergency and they laughed at me. Literally. They claim that it's unlikely a parasite but something else. My stool sample keeps coming back inconclusive. The doctor in emergency said that 15 mebendazole was enough to kill a monster. So, not to worry. But, I am worried.

My doctor is out of the office until next Tuesday. I just started seeing eggs again this morning (I'm doing a Colon Cleanse and am also seeing what looks to be yeast. The volume of these eggs is quite high). I'm feeling a pinching in my upper intestine and the bloating has returned a bit.

My son received 6 mebenazole and looked ok for awhile. He finished these sooner than I did. And he has eggs in his stool for a week already.

I had him sleep with me for one night and he grinds his teeth for a really long time while sleeping. My mid section distended but his is excessively distended. He complains of bloating and heart burn (which ails me too) but his is worse. He has a blackish/dark brownish lump in his stool which is about the size of the tip of the baby finger (I don't have this). His blood work shows inflammation in the liver. My blood work is perfect.

What do I do next? My doctor keeps giving me mebendazole. I'm not sure that it effectively treats everything. Could someone comment on this?

Is there a recommendation that I could take to him and see if he'd follow it. I've seen so many different treatments for tapeworm, I'm not sure which one to follow.

Also, I ordered ozonated olive oil online a few days ago. I don't know how long it will take to arrive. How effective is it? How long and how much should I use? What is the combination with L-cysteine? Ideas? Comments?

Should I complete another herbal parasite cleanse right away or should I wait?

I apologize for all of the questions. I'm getting a little desperate and a little scared. Any advice is most welcome.

Many thanks :)


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