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Re: Water fasting gave me Hypoglycemia
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Water fasting gave me Hypoglycemia

"On day 6 I was suffering from confusion and a weird mental state at work. I took a break and decided to break my fast with soda."

So, essentially, you were working, not resting (which is the preferred state), and when you hit a low point, (which usually signals a wave of detox--and the clear call to rest), you broke the fast with "soda".

Perhaps you got scared, or maybe thought to go back to a tried and true, quick pick-me-up. Is this the high-fructose (or "no-calorie") drink in a can or bottle? I ask because I don't know, but I do know what soda usually means. That in itself, amounts to an attack on a water-fasting body, and would throw the system into high alert, and upheaval.

You don't say what you did after that, but the first point is, you broke the fast on a low--one thing NOT recommended, which is why people are cautioned to rest as their main activity: so that they can weather these changeable 'waves'. So often a low is followed soon by a high, longer lasting, and each successive low that is overcome equals actual healing.

So what you were doing, once you broke fast, (and broke it with non-nutriment), and even before this,(with the working, and what sounds like a lack of enough preparation in terms of understanding what happens on a water fast), this means you were not really doing a water-only fast, you see.

Maybe this will be useful:

my 'hypoglycemia' story

I was diagnosed with low-blood Sugar as a child. I'm not sure if this was based on tests or something else. It was thought -and taken- to be true. A fact. Anyway, fast-forward decades, during which I didn't have a lot of vitality, usually, and suffered many of the 'normal' onslaughts--such as a lot of dental work, for one, and some seriously poor nutrition;

the bad nutrition was par for the course -- This was the era of white bread, the magic of margarine!, Velveeta and Cheese Whiz, and baloney. Thankfully, my mother had a garden, so we did eat vegetables, which I preferred to all the other stuff, yet I still was controlled by my beliefs about hypoglycemia.

I always believed myself to be hypoglycemic, it was like a weak part of me; and I would have that sinking-stone feeling in the pit of the stomach, often. And the light-headedness, headaches, and just the 'all gone' feeling that would come up, with shaking, nausea, etc.

(The wonder is, it got better - often, the less I ate, as long as I was eating good, live food.)

The classic advice was to eat every three hours. And to eat more protein. Cheese, Nuts. . . Do this and the digestive system is always working, and nothing gets a chance to complete! This is creating a form of slavery in the human being, and sets them up for feeling that everything is attacking them, and that they have to defend, all the time. (Like, even to defend, perhaps, from someone saying, this is not a water fast, what you did. Which I say only with the best of intentions.)

I had to work toward believing a Water Fast was a good thing. (And some/a lot of that work is in re-thinking food.) I tend to feel it's NOT something to be jumped into, and that the ones who do that, are very often the ones who 'jump out', just as quick. Also, almost all of us are 'starved' in the sense of nutrition, and running on empty.
The Water Fast doesn't fix that, but it can make the assimilation of the right nourishment much better; by the dame token, it can mean you react more suddenly to what amounts to as junk, or non-food. Then you get people saying, hey, I'm worse! I used to be fine--when in fact they were not fine, merely treading water.

We, as a society, are far too conditioned to leap from blame to blame. I got sidetracked for a number of years in blaming all the ills of the world (and my health) on the ones with dark intent--for there are some. But what you focus on, you get more of. And finally, I let that low-vibration stuff go, and was able to experience for myself the healing of various conditions, including hypoglycemia. By Water Fasting AND liver-rebuilding AND pH-balancing through a plant-based diet ...
And EFT and associated energy-based tools for restructuring the whole being. But crucial is this:

It's vital to take the Water Fast very seriously, and to understand it is not to be used as a way to deprive yourself, or punish yourself, or make a quick shift, nor a way to prove your toughness or ability to deal with a lot.

The rare individual -in these times- can keep on working--and not cause themselves harm, but that is a rare person. Very well prepared, or greatly blessed--which has a lot to do with having let go of all blame, of self and other. The rare person (who can work, away form home, and water fast)is the exception, which is why all the good fasting literature will tell you, rest is paramount. And that supervision is too--because too many people do something they call a water fast, and then spread dis-information about how it went wrong; which can sow seeds of disharmony.

The body at rest is another entity entirely, from the one at work. The water fast itself is enormous work for a body to undertake--(the more you read about what goes on in a water fast the more your respect this as a fact), and it needs the assistance of a calm mind, and muscles that are not engaged in fight or flight, (which is our usual mode, that we flip back and forth into).

I recently posted one of my favourite fasting manuals... It might not appeal to everyone. I like it for its depth and a certain uncompromising compassion. If it doesn't appeal, try reading Shelton, who is quite wonderful, also. Many 'old-timers' have read the literature several times, and you do learn more, every time!

It's up to the water faster to do the necessary self-study to prepare themselves for what CAN be a life-changing, life-enhancing experience; literally one of the best in a person's life.

certainly one of the top experiences for me, and very much an unfolding journey, rather than a brief flash. So much depends on what goes in the mouth after ...
That you still were drawn to have a soda, says you interrupted a process, and the results are naturally, quite skewed.

Wishing you better results in the future,
(please pardon typos etc. I'm out of time to check this)


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