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Marijuana used to treat seizures.
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Published: 10 years ago

Marijuana used to treat seizures.

Since the beginning of recorded history, marijuana has been used as a medicine. It has been used for the treatment of many ailments. It has been used to treat many ailments from childbirth, to cancer.

Personally, I was in an automobile accident when I was 13. I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury. The jarring of my head caused the brain tissue in my skull to become torn in many places. There was a tear large enough that a golf ball sized blood clot formed on my right frontal lobe. I was in a coma for 2 days. I have made what seems to me, and others around me, a miraculous recovery.

As good as that sounds there have been some bumps and hurdles in my recovery. I was told by doctors that the human body can remove most materials from left over from an injury from the brain. However, there is a difficulty for the body to remove the iron left over from blood on the brain. This process and result is called hemo staining. And the residual amounts of iron, may cause interference in the ability for the brain to function and may increase the likelihood of seizures to occur.

For a number of years after the accident, in the beginning part of my recovery I sometimes would experience awkward movement. This is characterized by for example my intention of moving my arm to a desired location along a specific path. However, it would seem that the messages in the nervous system were sent to the wrong muscles or some sort of mis interpretation or mis communication occurs and the resulting movement is not the same as the intended. This was not so bad.

Worse than this, after a while this problem spread from my arms to my legs. At times, that I thought this would happen I would fall to the ground. And wait for myself to regain composure. I am obstinate so I would not stop doing my normal daily functions. I did get concerned when I had to fall from standing to regain composure when I was on a roof.

So, I researched what I could do to prevent this from happening. I increased my water intake. This improved my well being and ablity to function seizure and awkward movement free.

But, I still had some problems. So I began a serious excercise regimen. I was frustrated with the problems I was experiencing. From the car accident, I also sustained damage to my ligaments and other connective tissues. This makes movement sometimes difficult if the bones in the joints do not line up. So my excercise regimen took this into account.

I needed a goal to push myself to the limit and beyond. I wanted results; I wanted to stimulate enough growth and healing that my body would overcome these problems. So, I decided to set a goal of exceeding my maximum heart rate.

I did reach and exceed my maximum heart rate. Its possible, I do not recommend it for any long duration, though. If that level of heart rate is maintained for too long I may begin to lose consciousness.
This exercise regiment, a bit extreme was very effective.

A few years later, I began to have problems with seizure like activity again. This time I went to Stanford Hospital, and they gave me an anti epileptic drug, Carbatrol. This drug made me feel ill and very tired. And it did not stop seizure like activity, to a significant degree I believe it caused some seizure like activity. However, the doctors nor my parents wanted to listen to me about it.

I began to be so tired, that I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. I was given a prescription for Synthroid it helped me be awake more, but I still felt ill from the Carbatrol.

I had been experimenting with Marijuana since after the car accident. Previously I was programmed that marijuana is evil and will ruin my life.

After I tried it, I realized it was not going to ruin my life. It helped me manage my migraine headaches from the car accident.

And I had been using marijuana up till this time. It dawned on me. I feel more safe from awkward movement and or seizure like activity when I am "HIGH" on the marijauna than when I am on the Carbatrol. In fact, the Carbatrol just made me feel ill, and did not stop all the seizures.

I did notice that stress and or anxiety did increase the likelihood of awkward movement or seizures. So minimizing stress is good. This is confirmed my Epilepsy literature as well.

So, the marijuana helped me with anxiety and not having seizures and awkward movement. I began using marijuana as my medicine, to prevent anxiety and seizure or seizure like activity. Over the course of months actually spanning over a years time I weened myself from the Carbatrol.

I used marijuana as medicine instead. I stopped using synthroid. In my case, the marijuana is much safer and more effective than the prescribed drugs.

I still use marijuana as medicine; I honestly can say I will use it the rest of my life.
Because, I do not like seizures.

I have found that hydration, exercise, and medicinal marijuana were more effective methods at treating my type of seizure disorder than the prescribed Carbatrol.

I think it is time for the species to wake up. Marijuana has been used as medicime since before the beginning of recorded history, and during recorded history marijuana is the most commonly used medicine. That is the most commonly used medicine in history, ever (period).

I have found it effective in treating seizures, migraine headaches, arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

And, there is research coming out these days that shows that THC and possible other cannibinoids can aid the body in fighting cancer.

When the THC or other cannibinoids are floating around in the blood stream, they attach themselves to cancer cells. Similar to how anti bodies attach to other pathogens in the body. Basically, what happens is that when the THC or other cannibinoids attach to the cancer cells it helps the body's immune system identify cancer cells and allow the body to dissimulate the cancer cells through a process of Apoptosis. I was talking to doctor about this, he said a way to described THC to treat cancer is like using a sniper rifle, and using chemotherapy is like using a 50 cal. The THC is more precise.

I think there is am immense amount of potential for the research of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

In fact, I am going to medicate after I post this post.

Have a nice day

be kind to others


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