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Humanity& Humanitarianism Vs Law of The Jungle-What Say You?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Humanity& Humanitarianism Vs Law of The Jungle-What Say You?

Moral Principles, Humanities & Humanitarianism Vs Law of The Jungle - What Says You ?

Included below is an excerpt of a conversation between me and the other person about the issues of human rights which are in theory, rightfully and naturally deserved by the mentally-ill people and the practical problems faced by these pitiful people who are mostly denied and deprived of such basic human rights either in histrionically subtle or brazenly overt ways by the other incompassionate, callous and unfeeling people who just apathetically, self-righteously and spontaneously treat them as the inferiorly underprivileged ones rightfully deserving only any sorts of unfair treatments from the rest. So, the main issue here is that :

"Do human values and moral principles mean anything at all to most of the people nowadays ?"

Remarks made by ther other person :

Mentally ill people are ignored and cast-aside (and mental issues in general are brushed under the carpet);

My Replies :

On the contrary, for the mentally-ill people, especially the ones who have difficulties to relate themselves to the others, they are thus unable to safeguard themselves against any purposeful malicious and malignant acts of others. In short, they are far more vulnerable and susceptible to the attacks, abuses, maltreatments of the others, especially those scoundrels who would simply treat them as easy targets / preys for bullyings. And for those scoundrels doing such hurtful things to the mentally-ill people, their viewpoint can actually be summarized as such " well, since such mentally-ill people are totally defenceless, what's the harm for me to abuse them or to do anything I like or I want with them for my personal enjoyments and amusements".

Next, that particular remark is actually very much a gross understatement.

For those, especially the ones dealing with the institutionalized mentally-ill in-patients, they will surely know that such scenarios of inhumane and cruel treatments to mentally-ill people are simply the harsh reality of the real-life for such so called " mental asylums". Next, as social workers providing free counselling assistances and emotional supports to these incarcerated / institutionalized mentally-ill people, we can assure you that there are a great variety of brutally vicious unkind treatments than what you or the others could really imagine.

Next, apart from such sinisterly deliberate subtle maltreatments involving the abuses of chemical injections which exist pervasively in most of the public psychiatric facilities, we as social workers are actually very much more concerned with the deliberate physical abuses, tortures, maltreatments, brutalities etc inflicted in the forms of bashings, punchings, beatings, whackings, clobberings, batterings, cudgellings, kickings, slappings, smackings and whatever forms of purposeful physical grievous bodily harms, wounds and injuries done against the mentally ill in-patients kept in the public psychiatric medical facilities.

Saddeningly, all these physical acts of brutalities are actually and mostly "practiced" merely for the sheer amusements of those salaried sadistic medical operatives and paramedics involved.

And such acts of atrocities are actually acquiesced, condoned and connived almost totally and automatically by the authorities and other law enforcers who are not bothered at all with the physical pains and sufferings of those mentally ill in-patients kept in those medical facilities.

Just how inhumane they are.

And in fact, on several occasions, I had secretly taken some real-time photos with my hidden cell phones of certain paramedics bashing up the mentally-defunct in-patients of certain psychiatric wards before and complained such incidences to their superiors. But that actually turned out to be a complete disappointment when those evidences were accepted and then obliterated by those persons-in-charge whilst then those incidences of physical abuses and all my complainings, well, they were then just getting written-off as "non-existent" matters as if they were having at-will selective amnesia. Well, what a serious social ill and what a hypocritical social structure system that promises equal rights for every human being. Just how pathetic and saddening it is.

Remarks made by ther other person :

I want to say that people find it easy to forget that others around them have emotions.

My Replies :

Well, I quite agree with that point. And I wish to remind you and the others that under every single normal circumstance, such acts of deliberate aggravated assaults, other purposeful abuses and maltreatments etc done to anyone would definitely give rise to serious criminal charges and actionable legal proceedings as well as eventually, jail sentences for the ones perpetrating them. Whilst saying such thing as " I / other people find it easy to forget that others around them have emotions" is simply not an excuse for such hurtful things to be inflicted on anyone, especially the mentally-ill people. And neither that will be deemed as a defence against such offences in any courts of laws.

Therefore, I would very much like to remind you all that it maybe quite simple and natural for anyone to forget that others around them have emotions, but laws and orders do exist in any societies and communities, and hence, to forget about these laws and orders so as to violate them and do anything one wants to hurt other people, the consequences will surely be grave and dire. And I wish to remind you all that in terms of anyone breaking the laws and getting prosecuted, they are presumed to know the laws in the very first place, and hence, any offenders saying that " I forget or I do not know about such laws etc" would not help them in any way at all.

Remarks made by ther other person :

"Behind everyone is a brain with emotions."

My Replies :

That's a matter of course. Well, in contrast to the normal mentally sound people, the mentally-ill people have very much fragile minds and weak emotions. And as such, if it is simply a norm, fully rightful, justified, warranted and natural for anyone to prey on these pitiful people as easy targets, then how should we define our societies ? The ones being run based on the law of the jungle ? And if that's simply the case, why should we bother at all with all those moral principles and human values which are exalted as the pillars of any societies and communities ?

In a nutshell, if moral principles and human values do worth or mean something to anyone, they should be emotionally conscionable enough to treat the mentally-ill people with compassions, patiences and kindnesses such as the merits and virtues advocated by all those moral principles and human values.


Further information for the conversation above :



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